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bucky’s unusual career path left some gaping (and perhaps bloodstained) holes in his work history. (original post here.)

Katie Rogers-Barnes, “Sunny” to everyone else, was three years old when the Incident happened. 

She was being held by her Aunt Wanda and a certain person who was going to lose their job at Stark Industries that very same day had stiffened up at the sight of the Scarlet Witch and said, “Abomination.”

While the little girl didn’t quite understand what that word meant, she definitely could tell the intent behind it. 

Her eyes narrowed and tiny fists came up.  “Say sorry!”

Wanda tried to defuse it, “Sunny, it’s okay… ”

However, since no “sorry” was forthcoming and the person was stupid enough to have invaded Wanda and Sunny’s personal space, Sunny let fly with her fists. 

She had an impressive left cross. 

“MEAN!"  She declared.

Bucky would’ve told Sunny that it was Not Nice to hit people (even if they were Being Mean) but he was just too proud of his baby girl.   Also, he strode right over to grab Sunny while Wanda gave an impressive telling off to said Idiot.  Not that Wanda needed help, but he figured putting on his best Winter Soldier glare would be useful. 

But, yep, Sunny was definitely a chip off her Daddy Steve’s block.

—  In which Sunny Rogers-Barnes proves that she does not like bullies.  Just like her Dada. 

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Republican state senators in Georgia attended a four-hour closed door briefing last month in which they were told that President Barack Obama and the United Nations are using “mind-control” practices to force through a land use agenda. The briefing, organized by state Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), consisted of a presentation by birther activist Field Searcy regarding Agenda 21, a sustainability plan adopted by the United Nations in 1992.

During the briefing, part of which was recorded by Better Georgia, an Atlanta-based watchdog group, Searcy accused the U.N. of using socialist practices to force a relocation of Americans from suburbs into cities, and seeking to implement mandatory contraception to curb population growth, Mother Jones reported.

Rogers, who has pushed anti-Agenda 21 legislation in the past, did not seek reelection as majority leader during a GOP caucus meeting on Thursday. Searcy, who had a falling out with a Tea Party group earlier this year, told state senators that the U.N. and Obama are using mind-control techniques to push the plan, which does not have the force of law in the United States.


Agenda 21: Georgia GOP State Senators Attend Briefing On U.N. Sustainability Program

Best news of the day: Chip Rogers did NOT seek reelection as the GOP’s majority leader. Not that we have much hope for the rest of the Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly. Wake-up call, anyone?