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The Grinch (Derek One Shot)

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You were hosting yet another holiday party. The living room had been lit up with garlands and Christmas lights, decorations here and there. Derek sat with a scowl on his face, his arms crossed, his brooding manner never wavering.  

“Oh come on, Derek.” You said, placing a bowl of chips down on the coffee table. He rolled his eyes, and turned ever so slightly away from you.

“Come on, it’ll be nice to have the pack over.” You add. He shakes his head, and uncrosses his arms. He goes to say something, but the doorbell rings as he does. He groans, and you laugh as you go to answer the door.

A few teens stumbled in, smiles on their faxes as they came in. You took the few gifts from their hands, and placing them under the tree.

“I hate Christmas.” Derek muttered. “Come on kids!” You exclaimed, turning to look back at Derek.

“Come meet the Grinch!” You heard a few laughs as you pecked Derek’s cheek, and, proceeded to play some music.


You danced around the coffee table, grabbing a few empty glasses, Christmas music playing softly in the background. You hummed along, as you placed the glasses in the sink, feeling Derek’s presence behind you.

You turned, and smiled up at him. He gives a half smile, and wraps his arms around you, a most sentimental moment for the two of you.

“Whoa, you ok?” You ask, laughing a bit as he pulls back. He nods, and looks down for a moment.

“You don’t really think I’m the Grinch, right?” He asked quietly. You laugh, and shake you head, your hands resting on his shoulders.

“Of course not. Only at Christmas.” He rolls his eyes, and leans in for a kiss. You smiles, as his lips find yours, connecting in utter bliss. You pull back after a moment, and sigh.

“Maybe Christmas isn’t so bad after all.” He mutters.

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Throwback to when it was hot AF because its cold as hell rn. Querencia is an amazing company that makes their clothes out of recycled plastic in Guatemala via a biomass-free factory powered thru wood chips and coffee extract. Also there’s no dye used on their pieces so they save up to 9x the amount of water as the usual dye process. Wish more brands would be as productive and respectable.

Shot by Lumia Nocito
Blonde model, Charlotte McKee

Alexis Ren Fitness Guide

Some of Alexis’s favorite foods to buy:

• raw cashews and other types of raw nuts
• hummus + carrots
• kind bars
• vegan plant protein powder + almond milk
• perfect bars (her favorite is the blue one)
• avocado
• apples + almond butter
• raw trail mix
• kale chips
• turkey bacon
• coffee (hazelnut is her fav)
• fruits. her favs include: strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, raspberries, mango, kiwi, blueberries

Food Examples: 


• Yogurt with fruit or almond butter mixed in
• Scrambled eggs with kale or spinach
• Smoothie or a shake

Typical Dinner for Alexis:

• Quinoa with avocado

A healthy choice of salad dressing: 

• lemon juice with pepper

Daily Diet:

No bread
No fast foods
No red meat
Try’s to stay off of sugar (minus fruits)
No alcohol
Organic, and raw foods

Alexis’s workout habits:

She works out 5-7 days a week

She loves running

She practices yoga every day

She goes to pilate classes in the mornings

Her workouts include: yoga, hiking, boxing, and self defense

Exercises either 6 am or 10 am

She tries not to lift too many weights for the reason being she doesn’t want bulky arms

Healthy Tricks/Tips:

Always have a full glass of water before a meal

Have dinner before 7pm and don’t eat unnecessary food after that

Honey and lemon mixed in w/ hot water before breakfast is amazing for the digestive system

Make sure to eat your vegetables

Water water water!

Wise words from Alexis herself:

“A crappy workout is better than no workout.”

Just know that you will not magically get a body that looks exactly like Alexis’s because you were born differently than her, and your bone structure may be different as well as your genetics. Please keep that in mind. To get rid of fat from your body, incorporate cardio into your workouts and to tone your body up, do strength training workouts. You will see results whenever you lose unwanted fat.  

If you have any specific questions regarding this, feel free to ask me. X

The Cullens Starbucks Orders
  • Carlisle: green tea (iced green tea in the summer)
  • Esme: black coffee with steamed milk that has a "design" in the foam (she prefers a heart)
  • Edward: caramel Macchiato
  • Bella: "drinks" Edward's caramel macchiato
  • Renesmee: tries everyone's before asking for her own creation
  • Emmett: Java Chip Frappuccino Blended Coffee
  • Rosalie: Gets whatever's "in season" (Pumpkin Spice in the fall, Peppermint in the winter, etc)
  • Alice: Espresso (in those small white cups)
  • Jasper: black coffee