Been meaning to post about these since I bought them but I saw someone else posting about them on the digimon tag and thought I would give my own shout out about them.

They are really good quality and nice looking. I think they are only selling them individually right now but they are interchangeable which is awesome. Also, the people that run this shop are awesome too. I met them in person at a convention where I bought these and they had already sold out before I even arrived on the Saturday but they were nice enough to let me buy their display version and even hold it for me for the next day. Really great people.

Anyways, just wanted to give a shoutout for these. Go buy them fans!


Mt. Moon terrarium that I made with some of the cool things I found online and in shops around town! The fossils, Pokeballs, and mushrooms were an easy make with my spare polymer clay.

Plants include: Echeveria compressicaulis, Crassula “Baby Necklace”, Lapidaria margaretae, and Echeveria haworthii.

Pokemon figures courtesy of Ash (TokusPocus) on etsy.

Moon Stone from ChinookCrafts and lamp from SHareStudios on etsy.