Recently I have found some comments talking about how sasuke is a “konoha´s slave” or that “He gave up his dreams in favor of Naruto´s” and while I understand how one could come to that conclusion I think is an unfair take on Sasuke´s story.

I believe Sasuke decided to be the Shadow Kage as his new ninja way and that goes not only for konoha, but the 5 great nations. But what exactly is the Shadow Kage?

I will begin by saying that it´s really important to Sasuke to remember what his dream was before the massacre, because that´s an integral part of him, That was pushed away in his seek to avenge his clan. Sasuke wanted to be a police officer because he admired his father and the work he did, when he was a child.

After the Fourth Ninja War Sasuke is now an international criminal who could have been executed if it wasn´t for Kakashi and Naruto taking his side, but I think, What could have them said to the Raikage to make him less muerderous towards Sasuke after he tried to kidnap his brother, took his arm and tried to kill all the kages? The Uchiha Massacre.

I believe post war all Kages know about it and took that in consideration to spare Sasuke´s life, but what really begun to make ammeds to them, specially in the the raikage eyes, was what Sasuke was doing in his journey for redemption. What did he do? From Sasuke shinden novel we learn that he:

- Teaches orphans from the war how to defend themselves.
- Keep communications with all great five nations by letter, not just konoha, to see if he could help them in any way, that´s how he found out about the human bombs.
- Rescue ninjas from the Mist and Kiri from Chino´s genjutsu (This actually gained him the Raikage´s pardon which make Sasuke respect him as a village leader in the novel).
-Freed Ninjas that were made slaves to fight for fun by the rich people in the world (As a consideration to Chino who said to him that just feeling disgusted by it but not doing anything about it was the same as being part of the problem).
- Helped Chino (the main antagonist in Sasuke´s novel) out of her own darkness even after she tried to kill him and his dear people, because he felt personally responsible as an Uchiha for their part in the exile of the chinoike clan.

The main line that Sasuke seems be following here is that he WANT´S to take care and help the people forgotten by the shinobi system, just like he and the Uchiha were pushed away, killed and left forgotten by Konoha Leadership

He found a mission and a cause that was neccesary, nobody else was doing it,helped him understand other people point of views, and make him remember who was he before everthing in his life became darkness. He´s the Shadow Kage who seeks to bring what´s in the darkness towards the light and I believe that´s a beatiful ninja way.

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For: @captain-cate
Pairing: Kakashi x her OC Ayami Hisae
Word Count: 1635 
Rating: Teen
Type: Angst, angst and more angst.

it killed me writing this xD i hope you like it ;D

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Kakashi was unable to focus this whole time, his mind elsewhere, focusing on Ayami, herself struggling to stand. He wanted, no, needed to keep her safe. This mission was going as smoothly as was possible and of course these people had to show up looking for him. Maybe even for her.

Kakashi’s eyes darted back and forth between Ayami and the enemy. Her arm was across her waist, holding it, as she had a few broken ribs. It was getting increasingly difficult to breathe. Kakashi wasn’t all that better.

“Kakashi, I…” Ayami’s voice was quiet, brushing her hair out of her tired brown eyes. She just wanted to go back home, home where she was able to have fun creating her little tools, maybe take up her dream with helping others, whatever. She just wanted to go home.

Kakashi moved so that he stood between his enemy and Ayami, his feet feeling like lead, like they were coated with cement. His tired eyes never left the enemy. “Ayami, get away from here…”

“I’m not leaving you here, alone.” Ayami’s voice was firm. I got us into this mess, and I’ll get us out… If she was being honest, she wanted to. She wanted to go home, she wanted to get away, but she wanted to take Kakashi with her. No way was she going to leave him here to clean up her mess.

The enemy was continuing their advance, Ayami and Kakashi losing their ground. Ayami’s sword hand shook, as were her breaths, long and shaky. There was no way she’d be able to take these people down without using that jutsu… She had no choice, there was no other way but to use it, in order to keep Kakashi alive and kill the enemies here.

Her eyes looked at Kakashi, whose eyes haven’t left the advancing enemy in front of them. Whispering a silent prayer and a “I love you” to Kakashi, she activated her clan’s Kekkei Genkai. She hasn’t used the Chinoike clan’s jutsu in a while, and even though her mother taught her how to use it, she still despised it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, Ayami guessed. She had no choice, and if she did, she, nor Kakashi, saw an open one that was simpler, easier. She felt her eyes burn with the Kekkei Genkai as it activated.

The enemy halted their movements, stalling to the point where she was able to place them under a powerful genjutsu. Despite her hatred for this “gift”, Ayami found herself using it, killing them in their genjutsu state by strangling them with their own blood. Kakashi had long since finally fallen unconscious, and, while she wanted to wake him up, she knew he would remember this, knew that she’d used a dead clan’s forbidden jutsu.

Ayami’s strength had been sapped by the time the last enemy had drawn their last breath, their eyes glazed into the back of their skull. Limping, she made her way over to Kakashi, making sure he was still breathing. Her katana was some ways off, just managing to grab it and stick it into the dirt in front of his unconscious body, leaving her headband loosely tied onto the hilt.

Her muscles felt like they were burning as she forced herself to stand. She couldn’t go back now, she hated this. She wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that she had resorted to that… thing.

“Forgive me, Kakashi…” She left.

*             *             *

Kakashi’s eyes struggled to open. He heard the distant sound of the EKG machine, making a steady beep-beep-beep. The sounds were getting clearer, more succinct. Smacking his lips open under his mask, he saw a figure next to him, a figure he assumed was Ayami.

His throat burned as he swallowed. “Ayami…”

“No. Sorry, ‘Kashi.” Gai’s voice sounded. Kakashi’s vision cleared, remembering completely clearly what exactly had transpired during the fight. His eyes snapped open, sitting straight up, eyes scanning the room for her.

“Where is she…? Is she alright? Is she here?” Kakashi’s voice was getting steadily louder, steadily getting more worried by the second.

“She wasn’t with you when we got to you. All that was there was her katana and her headband.” Gai admitted, handing him her headband. It was caked in blood, blood he hoped wasn’t hers.

“Fuck…” Kakashi gripped her headband tightly. He saw his eyes in the reflection of the metal. It was scratched, dimmed, and was in desperate need of a clean. The cloth it was attached to, despite being caked with blood, was still soft to the touch, yet sturdy to remain in a knot during some of the worst fights. “Where did you find me? Maybe I can get-”

“It’s no use, Kakashi…” Gai’s voice went quiet. “Neji couldn’t find her. I’m sorry.” He left the room, leaving Kakashi to his own negative thoughts.

Not… No! This can’t… No! Not another person, not her too! Kakashi’s thoughts were as sour as a lime. His jaw shuddered and shook, lips quivering. He couldn’t lose her too. Not the woman he opened up to, not the woman he trusted. Not the woman he loved more than he loved himself.

He tried to remember the last thing he’d heard, only coming up with a faint whisper of her saying “Forgive me”, but forgive her for what? For saving his skin? For…

Kakashi’s legs ached almost unbearably, his limbs feeling like they would snap at any given moment. He found himself nearly gasping for air once he was standing straight up. He needed to look for her, find her, keep her close, tell her to stay, tell her that there was nothing to forgive.

Little did he know that she wouldn’t be able to hear him.

*             *             *

“We found her!” Gai’s voice was the loudest he’d heard since then. They’d been looking for nearly two months. It was mind numbing, constantly going back to where they were, retracing steps, thinking of other placed she’d have gone. Each lead turned up nothing. There were hints, traces of where she’d been, but nothing so far. Until now, however. “We found her, Kakashi!” Gai’s smile was contagious.

“What? You’re serious?” He’d never tossed one of his beloved books before, but God knows he did this time. Damn thing nearly broke the window.

“Yeah. She’s not too far away, but…”

“She’s alive, isn’t she?” Kakashi shoved past Gai. “Where is she?”

“At the hospital, but Kakashi?” Gai stopped his friend. “Be careful. We’re here for you.”

If that’s not ominous, I don’t know what is.

The moment he got there, he asked for her room. He was lead there, flowers in hand, happiness almost overflowing. The moment he got there, he felt his happiness draining, the flowers drop from his hands and fall into a small heap in front of him, leafs and petals of the flowers and their stems falling. Wh… What’s… Why isn’t she awake…?

“How long has she been here…?” Kakashi asked the doctor.

“Just came in today, but… The damage done to her was too much. We were able to…” The rest of what she was saying was dulled out. He caught a few snippets, but none were what he wanted to hear. He wanted to hear “She’s doing fine, she’ll wake up within the hour” not “She’s in a coma”.

“The moment she…” Kakashi let slip a few shaky words. The doctor looked up at the jounin, wondering what he had said, only to see how terribly shaken up he was. “Is-is it medically induced…?”

“No… Unfortunately, the team that found her, found her unconscious. Alive, but unconscious. We tried to wake her up, tried to use the jutsu we were taught to use. Even asked the interrogation corps to try, but they’ve had no luck. There’s no response to her consciousness. I’m deeply sorry, Mister Hatake.” She explained. Perhaps the words were meaningful, but Kakashi felt as if they were empty, shells of words hurled at him to try and help him feel better.

Kakashi’s eyes lowered to the flowers at his feet, finding himself picking them up. The doctor had left his side, tending to other patients. He listened to the beats of Ayami’s heart through the EKG machine. He should have done more, more than simply stand there, more than gasp for air, more than wonder what else he could do in this situation.

He set the flowers in a nearby vase, watching as the sun set, painting the room a glow that was supposed to be warm but felt cold. The flowers were baked in the sunlight, the water of the vase sparkling. Kakashi tugged up a nearby chair, sitting next to her, unable to force words out of his mouth.

Without her, he felt dead. Without her, he felt as if there was nothing left for him. He’d spent so much time with Ayami, it was close to unbearable to see her like this, eyes unmoving, the only sound coming from her was from the machine next to her.

He began to recite their first date together, his voice quiet, unsure if this was the wisest thing to do. He knew nothing else. He recalled the time he’d made her laugh so hard she fell out of her seat, remembered the time he’d gotten her drunk for the first time, remembered the time he’d helped her feel better during her hangover the next morning.

He reached over to her, holding her hand tightly. “I miss you, Ayami… Wake up… Please…” Kakashi begged to whatever deity was toying with his life. “Please just let me have her…”

He completely broke down when her grasp tightened, just slightly, but enough to know that she was still listening to him.

She was here.


Sasuke Shinden Capitulo 3-2 (Coleccionista de Kekkei Genkai)

Sasuke al fin descubre la identidad del enemigo junto con Orochimaru, y es alguien ya conocido…