chinko no tsubuyaki

I finally read that “shy penis” manga

it’s actually pretty good, for a yaoi

funny, but not at all for any of the jokes, but more for the ridiculousness of the plot

and it’s fairly tame too (again, for a yaoi)

I’m pissed at the ending though, because with the number of chapters that I’ve found, there’s NO RESOLUTION AT ALL


So I started reading Penisman, a comic also by Ishida Sui, and I thought, “wow the last time I read about a personified penis, it was Chinko no Tsubuyaki…” Chintsubu is basically dead high school boys reincarnated into their boyfriends’ dicks. Which lead me to wonder, “what if Tsukiyama died and was reincarnated into Kaneki’s penis??” My girlfriend told me to go to bed, but the next day, here I am at work, drawing penis!Tsukiyama.

This is about 3% serious so please don’t correct my penis anatomy. Or any anatomy for that matter… /shamefully hides in a corner