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anonymous asked:

If you could have your story converted to another format (movie, game, etc.) which would you choose?

Ahh!  Wow, what a question.  I assume this excludes novels (since that’s what they’re currently attempting to be.)

For my main story (Cathexis), I’ve always imagined it as a film, either in live action or naturalistic 3D.  (I never really considered 3D before I saw the leaps and bounds made with motion capture and what they were able to do with Tin Tin, where they managed to keep the cartoon physics and form fluid with the inclusion of slightly more realistic rendering in the scenery and textures etc. etc.)  If CTHXS was to be animated in 2D I’d want it done up by the likes of Madhouse, in those really slick heavy blacks.  Dang.  A lot of my stuff is a little too heavy for much in the way of whimsy… maybe Sivern could be a little bubblier.

I’m not sure what of my existing projects would work well as games… can I mod MGS to have my characters’ heads?  That’ll work. Hey, maybe a silly turn-based RPG with a bunch of final fantasy garbage slapped on there, they already have hells of buckley boots.  Next up, RAILGUNBLADES!

No.  I take back everything I said.  I want a telenovela.