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1. Who’s your favorite sim in your own game and why?

Tomàs :) because I don’t know, I think I have a crush or something xd

2. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

the new song of M.i.a.

3. Pizza or Burger?

Pizza.. the good one

4. Favorite TV show?

I don’t watch tv

5. Are you in any fandom?

don’t know..

6. Favorite video game?

The sims of course

7. Your biggest crush?

Chris Cornell

8. Age?


9. PC or Mac?


10. Favorite Color?


11. What would be your sims traits?



My questions:

1. Name?

2. What’s your first memory of playing the sims?

3. Who’s your female heroine? And why?

4. Favorite book or comic?

5. Last thing you bought?

6. Your family knows what a simblr is?

7. What do you collect?

8. How did you choose your username?

9. What’s your lifetime wish?

10. What’s the sims cheat you use the most?

11. What’s the best trait you have?

Well I got tagged too - by chingy & Sandy,

Chingy’s Questions:

1. What’s your all-time favourite expansion pack?

World Adventure - really love to explore. :)

2. What’s your favourite world to play in?

Moonlight Falls.

3. What’s your favourite career in Sims 3?

Five stars chef.

4. What’s your favourite skill in Sims 3?


5. What music genre do you like?

Pop,blues,rock ballads…

6. Do you prefer building a house or decorating one?

Building a house…lol…I’m a house builder addict.

7. Do you like Lana Del Rey? :D

So and so.

8. Which country/city do you wish to visit the most?


9. What’s the longest household generation you’ve ever played?

Didn’t get to play one. :P

10. What are your traits if you’re a sim?

Green Thumb, Neat, Natural Cook, Friendly, Family - Oriented.

11. When’s your birthday? :3

7 of October

Sandy’s Questions:

1.Do you play mostly with one sim/household, or with several?

None at the moment but usually just one.

2.What kind of Sims “player” are you? (player, decorator, builder, Sim creator, CC maker…)

Builder & CC maker.

3.What’s the last thing you have downloaded for your Sims?

A wall set made by Alexpilgrim (MTS).

4.What’s the last thing you’ve done in your game?

Build a house. :P

5.What do you like in the Sims that you wouldn’t like in real life?

The house getting on fire from the fireplace.

6.Would you let someone playing with your Sims saves?

Sure,why not.Think it will be fun.

7.Where would you like to be if you were a Sim (it can be a lot of yours, of someone’s else, a world… what you want.)

I would love to live in Eltham Drift world.

8.Do you allow “anons” on your Ask? Why (not)?


9.How many Tumblrs do you follow?

456 :)

10.Do you use Tumblrs for other things than the Sims?


11.Do you remember which was the first Simblr you followed?

Sure - the lovely Dee (deelightfuldelights).