Yeshh… another drawing of Merlin’s profile… At least I made this one a bit different by including a process gif! Not at all a tutorial, but it does basically show how my layers develop into a finished piece… (using Paint Tool SAI/Photoshop.) Eh, I do plan to set up a proper step-by-step some day, when I am less lazy have more free time to dedicate! ^^’ BUT please feel free to ask questions if you’re curious about anything in particular about my process, and I’ll do my best to explain. (My Art Tag) *Please do not repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, thank you.


(Most recently updated Feb 11th) 
New and improved commission post time! Featuring a brand new pattern!

I’m Tiff, a self employed artist living in Canada! I spend my days making cute dolls that you might be interested in buying!

My commissions are open!

What are you commissioning from me?

A plush of your favorite character or OC!
A lovingly made, custom high quality doll!

What are the average costs of these cute plushies? 
all prices are in USD

9" chibi - 80-120$

12" detailed (example 1,2,3) - 150-250$ (Minky hair included in the base, as well as a very basic armature.)

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the character, less pieces to their outfit the cheaper, plainly put!

Shipping costs

Shipping costs for 1 doll: 14$ to Canadian and American addresses. 18$ to european. If you fall outside those please contact me and I’ll get a quote for you!
Shipping costs for 2+: 18$ to Canada/USA, variable for everywhere else

Shipping within Canada gets a tracking number. If you require a tracking number for a package going to the USA it is 5$ extra

Upgrades and extras for 9" chibis

Minky hair. Minky is a very soft, lightly furred material that is commonly used in making animal plushies. It’s a very popular among my customers, and costs 10$ extra to have it for your doll. Colours on hand vary and may not be available for all dolls.
Hoods: Some characters are defined by having their hoods up. If you would like a functional, removeable hood for your doll it is 15$ extra.

Dolls requiring unnatural skin tones(eg blue, green, ect), will be made out of minky. Dolls requiring these colours will be 5$ extra, but if the customer wishes to upgrade to minky hair as well it can be combined for 10$.

Upgrades and extra for 12" detailed dolls

Removeable clothing. If you are interested in a part of the outfit being removeable please let me know at the start! if unspecified I’ll include it where I see fit.

How to order:

Please send references of the character,  as well as who the character is/what series they’re from, and any other relevant information  to plushmayhem @ gmail (dot) com

Please attach images to the email as sometimes orders with hyperlinks get misplaced in my spam

Before ordering, please take a look at my terms and conditions, as ordering a doll from me means you are in agreement of them

And again, thank you so much for your love, support and especially reblogs! I wouldn’t be able to make this my living if it wasn’t for you!

I also sell premade dolls and smaller cute things on my etsy, take a peek!

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