tattoo artist!luke wanting desperately to make a good impression on your parents, cause he knows what he looks like; he knows the the ideas people get about him when they see the skulls across his knuckles, his body covered in pictures, so he pulls the only shirt he has from his wardrobe – a white button down he hasn’t worn since his mum forced him to go to his cousins wedding that time – and when he turns up his ink covered hand is grasping a bunch of flowers and you have to bite your lip to stop from grinning too hard cause big bad luke who can usually scare away anyone with a glance looks absolutely terrified of your mum, especially when she asks, ‘so why all the skulls?’


Photographer Puts Pics Side By Side For Funny Results                                 

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This is photo manipulation at its most basic: stephen mcmennamy ’s #combophoto project takes two pictures and aligns them as two halves that give a quirky whole. It relies more on photography than editing skills. Plus, it lets McMennamy indulge in his love for construction machinery. no photoshop via: demilked