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what makes you ship yoonseok more than, say, jihope/vhope? why is it your fave hoseok ship? is it the whole dynamics thing?

Ah…I blame it all on Yoongi, actually. I enjoy Hoseok with pretty much everyone but Yoongi…if it isn’t with Hoseok (or Jin) then I don’t really see it romo that much. And it all comes with the way Yoongi changes when he’s with Hoseok. I don’t deny Yoongz has a pretty cute rel with all Bangtan but Hobi is different and really no one can deny it. He is the only one that can bring that playful part the Yoongi is always hiding,

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Yoongi smiles the brightest when he’s with Hobi. 

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The whole SOPE (they ship themselves) and Hwagae market,

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That hand holding moment jesus TT

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And like a bunch of small details that together show what a freaking beautiful rel they have. To list some: Yoongi’s big impression on Hobi when they met (he was only wearing boxers lol), “I gain strength from looking at you”, Yoongi tearing up when Hobi had to bungee jump, they recognize each other by the sound of their sighs, Yoongi staring at Hobi, Yoongi falling effortlessly on Hobi’s lap, the bathrobe selcas, Yoongi giving Hobi his food, they both love hand holding, Yoongi spending new years at the dorm so Hobi wouldn’t be alone, “SeokSeok”, Yoongi can’t say no to Hobi, wearing matching tracksuits and jackets, “The prince of the forest”, singing together, Hobi moaning for Yoongi, they are fire on stage, Jhooooooppeeee, SOULPARTNERS!!!!, that whole bday timeline (I died)

I honestly think Hoseok is good for Yoongi. I believe he takes him out of the dark moments and at the same time, Yoongi grounds Hobi when things get too much. They are just perfect together, I mean look at them!!!

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Also, their FFs are beautiful and this is one of my most fave FF ever. So gorgeous <3

So in summary, Yoongi when he’s with Hobi is my fave Yoongi. Everything is soft and loving. They are beautiful and they warm my heart. 

Thanks for asking anon!! Excuse my emo self.