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footsie part 2; danball senki - jin/kazuya/ban

Warning: foot fetish blurgablurga

A couple of feet that had been on his legs for a while now had started venturing higher than what Kazuya was comfortable with.

There was no mistaking it. The offending feet belonged to Ban and Jin, who were sitting across him (again, why). A Seekers meeting was going on for crying out loud, and Kazuya himself was on the very verge of crying out loud, especially when someone’s toe nudged his inner thigh.

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welcome to artemis; danball senki - jin/ban, AU

a/n: sorry I kinda set it in the Bar Kazu verse, not that I don’t think Jin can top in canon but yeaaaah also no porn :(

Warning: eating food from another person’s mouth kink what do you call that

“Welcome to Artemis,” greeted the waiter with a bow and Ban gave a little nervous nod of acknowledgment. Tonight’s performance had already begun.

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