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Fancast for the upcoming Mulan movie

1) Celina Jade, Jessica Henwick OR Chloe Bennet as Fa Mulan

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2) Lewis Tan, Remy Hii, Ludi Lin OR Harry Shum Jr. as Chen Honghui 

(codename for Li Shang???)

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3) Keegan-Michael Key as Mushu

(if Eddie Murphy doesn’t reprise his role) 

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4) Chow-Yun Fat as Shan Yu

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5) Lucille Soong OR Wai Ching Ho as Grandmother Fa

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6) Ming-Na Wen as Fa Li 

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7) BD Wong as Fa Zhou

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8) Jackie Chan as the Emperor of China 

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9) Lucy Liu as the Matchmaker

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10) Benedict Wong as Chien-Po

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11) Stephen Chow as Yao

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12) Archie Kao as Ling 

(admittedly, I don’t actually have a pick for this role. Archie was just the first one who came to mind) 

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13) Ken Leung OR Louis Ozawa Changchien as Chi-Fu

EDIT: Chin Han would also make a great Chi-Fu

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14) Donnie Yen as the General / Shang’s father

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Sunlit Garden and Sexuality

It might be probably an unexplored topic, but I started to wonder how Sunlit Garden views sexuality.

While searching through my bookcase to decide whazt to read, I stumbled upon “1984″ by George Orwell (which I read when I was 14, quite a while).

The protagonist Winston Smith lives in an totaliaran capital where sexuality is restricted to/defined as procreation. There were actually prostitues if I remember correctly, but sexuality wasn’t seen as an expression of love or as a means of affection, the defintion as an act of closeness didn’t exist.

Winston Smith is a misogynist at heart and does basically stated his wish to violate them, to humiliate them, to finally killing them as he cannot copulate with them. He is also calling them names like zealots and is mistrustful of them, being very harsh when it come to their appearance, so his hostility towards women is made clear in the very beginning. Winston Smith also had no female authority figueres in his life or any female influence for that matter (he actually did have a mother, father anda  little sister but he had only a vivid recollection of them). He also mentioned in the beginning after remembering certain moments in his life that

my mother and my sister had to die for my sake, because I was up here and they were down there. It was an unspoken and accepted truth.”

I don’t remember how education was handled in “Ozeania” but I remember that Winston could only do the basics, writing and reading. And we already know that Sunlit Garden soldiers receive no basic education (probably to make the “children” less able to question them). Winston basically also envied (well, I don’t think he admitted it) Julia for her sexual liberation, which further fueled his anger.

The reason I write this is because it is possible (note: not the only reason or maybe even not the reason at all) that Furuta dislikes women for reasons as follows.

Eto and Rize are both dominant women whose sexuality wasn’t restricted to an authority (anymore), they were free and therefore free to express their sexuality as much as they wanted.

But Furuta’s sexuality may be restricted to procreation or his mother was reduced to that as well. It could be in fact, considering that Arima, Hsiao and Hairu somewhat don’t display any romantic or sexual attraction towards other people that sexual restriction affects basically all of Sunlit Garden’s children and not just the women or the breeders.

What we do know though that all of them are socially akward and have sometimes a complicated relationship with the opposite gender.

Rize, for example, got pleasure in killing her male mutuals and couldn’t live under any authoritarian roof for that matter. Now that we know that she was a “child bearer” this sadism might be tied to her fear of feeling reduced as a procreative means and being powerless in the grasp of men (I think power meant a lot to her seeing that she enjoyed having an upper hand towards men).

And then she ended up like that.

I actually made a post about that and displaying her in such a twisted manner is an odd way to do as it is completely unnecessary. After all, she is completely naked, displayed publically, her limbs cut off where she couldn’t go anywhere, this looks to me more like a shaming and humiliation attempt. While I can see why he tends to crush people down (past memories), displaying her like that is indeed done in with ill intent. It is possibly a backlash, a backlash at her sexuality, a backlash at a woman’s sexuality and probably also a recreation of his past experiences in Sunlit Garden.

Who knows how breeders were handled when they refused to abide to their laws, especially in regards to procreation. And how females were overall treated, that is. While we can definitely see that women are often treated as equals in skills, I wonder if does extent to Sunlit Garden’s overall view of them.

I can’t say much about Arima, though. Arima’s shows little affection to his peers, no matter if female or male. If his lack of affection is due to his asexuality or long supression of his sexuality, I don’t know. And I can say even less about Shao and Hairu so I apologise for that.

But at the end I want to say that Furuta’s need to dominate powerful women might be just that. Envy, unsatisfaction, self-consciousness and a pinch of past experienes.

Thanks for the read.