ching i chang

Variant Cover of New Super-Man #11 by Bernard Chang featuring some of DC’s Asian Super-Heroes.

Seated at the table, clockwise from 12 o’clock…

New Super-Man (Kong Kenan)

Wonder-Woman (Peng Deilan)

Master I-Ching

Cassandra Cain

Judomaster (Sonia Sato)

Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)

The Element Woman (Emily Sung)

Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro)

Mister Unknown (Jiro Osamu) a.k.a. “The Batman of Japan”

The Flash (Avery Ho)

The Bat-Man (Wang Baixi)

Not seated at the table…

The August General in Iron, standing behind Wonder-Woman and Master I-Ching

Grace Choi, in the background, behind August General in Iron

The Atom (Ryan Choi), in Doctor Light’s hand

OMAC (Kevin Kho), behind The Flash

Crazy Shy Lolita Canary (Yes, really), floating between Katana and Mister Unknown


I am a huge fan of Ching I Chang.  Ching I Chang’s Sexy Witch is so sinuous and delicate, it is like watching smoke curl up from a fire – seductive, but always with a little danger lurking beneath. I caught up with her at the candy shop dancing with MacDuff amongst the bon bons. Her dance is that of a woman who knows how much she is wanted and now tantalizingly withholds. Sexy Witch taunts both Macduff and the white masks with feigned offers of her sweet candy – both figurative and literal. I cannot enter the store or touch her, but watching her dance, I wish I could just taste (just a little nibble) one of these candies she so suggestively offers.

**Spoilers ahead** read at your own peril

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It’s come to my attention that I am Asian
and I’m just not that great at math. 
This just in, I am from China and
I don’t want to be a doctor.
Ching chong chang cheng–
I have no idea what the fuck you’re saying. 
Yeah, I grew up with strict parents who
breathed their culture and origin into me
but since when did that give anyone the right
to think they can assume anything based on what they see.
I’m writing this from the perspective of a student
in a school composed of about 51% Asians/Pacific Islanders
and it’s kind of hard to believe that even with
a majority of these kids, we are still treated like
foreigners and people still slow down their words
when they talk to us in class and at the end of the day
we’re the butt of the joke and they all laugh behind our backs
and it seriously pisses me off that someone’s race can
be seen as a punchline because you are laughing at
a long line of my ancestors who lived as they did
to make a better life for me, you’re laughing at how
my grandfather went from rich merchant to refugee,
you’re laughing at how my father saw his family die
off one by one and how as a young boy, he was 
being chased by guns, you’re laughing at how my
family decided to move to a land of opportunities,
you’re laughing at how my parents just want me
to be the best that I can be so that they wouldn’t feel
like they risked their lives and their own families for
nothing but a new world that still seems like a mystery,
you’re laughing at their attempts to preserve their
culture, you’re laughing at an entire population of
human beings who live and die like the rest with 
red hearts beating in their chests– I don’t understand
why it has to be this way, why I can’t walk down the hall
without someone asking, hey do you speak English at all, 
because this land is one of diversity so why can’t you
just let the stereotypes drop and let me be me.
—  A rant because ching chong ching chong means nothing and I literally wanted to push that guy who said that to me into the rush hour streets

I really hate it when some people are like “asian language is only ching chong chang”
i sure as hell can shove these 700 languages actively spoken in Indonesia up to your ignorant ass
and it haven’t even covered all of the languages Asia have