I went to the local pet store again and made a tiny baby friend. He wanted to go with me and I wanted to take him!

My next ham will definitely be a Chinese. Note the climbing peehands (versus the Russian hams’ mittens). The agility opportunities will be boundless.


(I didn’t know which one better, so here 2 pics)
Hey, @shypurple remember that we all love and care about you! So don’t be upset because of one bad comment! You don’t know me, but I’d be happy if you’d be happy and like my present :3
And again, you’re beautiful and talented artist, remember that!
All of you remember that! You all are gorgeous, beautiful and talented people, love you all no matter what!
٩(●˙—˙●)۶ Fú belongs to @shypurple (also he’s a cutie)