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Funny Story!

So my godfather got home late the other night and there was no dinner ready, so he was gonna order Chinese from the same place he always orders from. He had to make several calls first for his jobs and when he finally got to call, it was half an hour past their closing time, so no one answered.

One minute later, THEY CALLED BACK! They had been in the processes of closing everything up and decided that because they knew us personally(five years of ordering at least once a week) they’d make everything he wanted and bring it on over… at eleven thirty at fucking night!

It pays to be a good customer I guess.

Sutton hated waiting mostly because she felt like she had such a short time for herself in one day, so even waiting for her way too much Chinese take away delivery to come came as a big bore for her. She looked her watch and blew the strand of her blonde hair from her face and let out a sigh for the nth time since the first time she sat on one of the chair on the lobby while she wait for her food to arrive. “I swear if this food doesn’t come in 5 minutes, I’m going to cry from hunger…” she grumbled.

Marvel Preferences - How you spend your days off together.

Steve- He would do whatever you wanted to do which tended to involve ordering a chinese take-away and marathoning friends.

Clint- You two would try and get stuff done around the house- complete one of his projects. But it would always end in play fighting.

Thor- You would try and convince Thor to do something but he was more intrested in stayig at home and cuddling with your puppy since they didn’t have them on Asgard and he found them adorable.

Tony- You would want to go and do something but Tony had ways of keeping you at home.

Bruce- Every time, no matter the whether, you would go down the beach together since you found it beautiful and Bruce found it relaxing.

Natasha- You would try and make a nice, romatantic meal together but it would always end up burnt or under cooked. At the end of the day, you would resolve in ordering take-away and renting a film.

Bucky- Instead of going out and doing something, you would cuddle in bed all day and show him all of your favourite films and T.V shows.

Loki- You would spend the day sitting on the sofa with the Tellie on for background noise, just talking about bitching about everyone and everything.

eight times (meeting #1)

Sara’s plans for New York City didn’t work out. Now, she’s just trying to make ends meet and hoping for the best. Luck seems to be on her side.

1200 words, The8/Minghao x OC

By the time they reached the door of the hotel room they were delivering to, Sara’s arms were getting tired. Running deliveries was not how she’d wanted to spend her birthday, and she knew–she knew–that Benny had given her the heavier of the two boxes of Chinese take-away. She also knew she shouldn’t complain. Not only would it not make a difference, but it would only irritate him. He was already in a foul mood, grumbling the entire trip from the restaurant to the hotel.

She understood most of what he was saying under his breath–she was too slow, he didn’t want to be on this delivery with her, and who the hell ordered this much food anyway.

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Prompt: “It’s three in the morning…. Taco Bell or McDonalds?”

Character: Jake Peralta 

Warning: N/A

You and Jake had been kept back at the precinct till the early hours of the morning working on finishing up the paperwork for a trial that was going to be happening soon, a very important trial. Both of you hated paper work and both of you hated staying at the precinct till late, you’d had a practically 20 hour day and all you could really think of was food and sleep. 

You shrugged your jacket on and grabbed your bag, walking in companionable silence next to Jake before reaching the elevator. You were so incredibly tired that you didn’t catch him talking to you the first time and had to ask him to repeat himself.

“I said it’s three in the morning…. Taco Bell or McDonalds?” To be perfectly honest you were planning on going home to the chinese take-away that was shoved in your fridge, and the pancake roll that you really wanted to just heat up and eat. 

“I was going to go home to my chinese…you wanna stay over? I have more than enough and I can pull out the sofa bed?” It wasn’t uncommon for Jake or any of your colleagues to stay over at yours if you’d had a late night/early morning or they needed somewhere to stay for whatever reason, Rosa stayed over more often than not because she needed to change apartment or something equally as strange. 

“Sure, you still got my overnight bag from like ages ago on that case?” You both walked out of the elevator, walking in the direction of Jake’s car, he’d driven you to work…actually he drove you to work most days seeing as it was easier than public transport and cheaper for you, and he needed someone to help pay for the petrol. 

“Yeah, I think so!” You were pretty sure it was hidden away in your closet, and that you’d forgotten to give it back over the last few days. You seated yourself in his car, pulling the door closed.

“Cool, alright, buckle up then.” The drive to your apartment was a relatively quick one, the traffic was relatively quiet in the early hours of the morning and the drive was a nice one with Jake’s music being the main sound. 

The two of you ate the chinese that you heated up and made sure to sort out the pull out bed for him before going to bed yourself. You always felt safer when Jake stayed over, despite being a detective who could probably beat up people twice your size there was something reassuring about having Jake in your living room…probably because the first time he stayed over someone had actually tried to break in and he’d dealt with it with amazing efficiency for someone who’d just woken up. Yeah, you felt so much safer with Jake in your apartment, even more so when you knew he’d crawl into your bed in a couple of hours and you’d wake up to being cuddled against him. So maybe your relationship wasn’t a conventional working one…but you liked it.

Joe Sugg imagine || Knock Knock part 4 ||

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

- - -

Finally, you were back in London on you’re school summer holiday. It was about two weeks into it and you were glad you didn’t have any school work to focus on or anything else related to your studies. 

Just finishing the dishes you had dirtied from eating a late supper of Chinese take away from yesterday night. You yawned. “I’m getting old.” You whispered to yourself - it was only ten o'clock and you were exhausted. 

“And who the hell is that?” You asked out loud hearing a knocking at your front door. You glanced over your iPhone sitting on the kitchen counter and pressed the home button to see if you had gotten any messages from someone saying they were coming over… Mainly Caspar who randomly always showed up with little warning. 

Walking away from your phone as you heard knocking again, you got to your front door, you unlocked it and opened it slightly to peer out into your flats hallway. 

“Uhm, hello?” You stared blinking slightly as Joe stood in front of you. “I know I’m the last person you expected to see.” Joe started.

“Last person I wanted to see more like.” You interjected and he sighed, “I need to talk to you.” His hands were in his sweater pockets. “I don’t wanna talk to you.” You admitted honestly. 

“Please? (Y/N) I need to talk to you.” He looked over your face, you noticed the whites of his eyes were reddened. 

“Look, Joe - I have nothing to say to you - nor do I wanna hear anything you have to say.” You didn’t try coming across as a mean old Bitch or anything… But you were trying to move on with your life and Joe popping up randomly wasn’t helping. 

“I need you… I need your advice.” His voice lower. “So, if you need advice go talk to Caspar he is your best friend.” You crossed your arms. 

“No… I need your advice. Caspar is great but he always tries to solve anything with a game of FIFA. I need you..” He continued. 

You just continued to stare at him. “You’re the only person I’ve ever known to always be able to help anybody with anything. I only need five minutes… Please?” He asked again staring into your eyes.

Staring back after moments of silence you sighed uncrossing your arms and moving aside. “Fine.” You muttered, allowing him into the flat. “Thank you,” he said walking in…

… Bringing two cups of tea from the kitchen to your living room you handed one to Joe and put yours on the coffee table. “Okay, so - talk.” You sat on the edge of your couch. 

He sighed again. “Jamie thinks she might be pregnant.” He whispered and you suddenly felt how Joe looked - slapped in the face. 

You narrowed your eyes and your tone got dark as you spoke: “What advice do you want from me about that Joe?” You quizzed. “How to change a diaper? Like… What the fuck.”

“No, I mean - I don’t know.” Joe put his mug down. “Well? I can’t help you with this, I don’t know why you even came here. What did you think was going to happen?” You wanted to slap him upside the head. “Did you use protection?" 

“Sometimes.” He nodded, before looking from his hands to you. “I’m sorry.” He said. “You should be.” You admitted. “I can’t help you because this doesn’t involve me. And I’m going to be a little bitter about it because of the fact you’re talking about the woman you cheated on me with.”

“I just… Didn’t know who else to tell or talk to about it… I can’t talk to anybody else like I can talk to you.” Joe was looking at you. “I know I fucked everything up… But I don’t know what to do right now… I just – I think I’ve ruined my life.” He started to cry.

You stared, watching tears coming down his cheeks, he looked away from you to try and hide it. “Oh christ… Joe.” You muttered, looking at him being emotional.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have bothered you… This isn’t your problem. This is my problem.” Joe sniffed, rubbing his eyes. “You’re just… You’re my rock. You always have been. God I’m such an idiot.” He put his face in his hands, shaking his head.

“Well… Kinda.” You admitted, before clearing your throat. “It’ll be okay… I guess, I mean maybe.” You didn’t know what to do. You were mad at him but at the same time, seeing him upset was making you feel a bit upset. “It’ll work out.” You suggested now. “You can’t really make any plans until you know if she is or she isn’t. So the first step is finding that out and then you can go from there.” You pointed out and he nodded, still crying.

“Please stop crying.” You muttered, you carefully put your hand on his shoulder and lightly squeezed it assuringly.

Uncovering his face, Joe looked at you, he moved and he wrapped his arms around you pulling you close against him. You felt weird, “Uh.” You held your hands up not sure what to do with him, “I’m so sorry.” Joe started crying again, you moved your arms to hug him back loosely. “It’ll be okay.” You patted his back.

“I still you love… I should never have fucking done what I did.” He muttered. “No. You royally fucked up there.” You agreed once again. “(Y/N?” He asked. “Yes?” You answered. “Do you still love me..?” He wondered.

Imagine Dean and Sam offering to buy you a takeaway after a mistake on a hunt...

You crashed down on the motel matress with a groan. There was a spring uncomfortably pushed into your lower back but you weren’t moving for anyone - your feet were actually throbbing.

“Head out in 10 minutes for a meal?” Dean said, dumping down his bag on the other bed. You made some sort of indignant huff and dramatically throwing an arm over your face.

“I think that’s a no,” Sam said, smiling to himself.

“Laugh all you want,” you muttered, “You weren’t the one hiding in a 2 foot square cupboard for an hour - you were tucked up in the impala.”

“We distracted the woman in the end? No harm done,” Dean said, barely concealing his own smile now. “Fine. How about a take away?”

“Chinese or pizza?” You said, propping yourself up on your elbows.

“Whatever you want. Consider it an apology.”

You made a point of screwing up your nose, looking to Sam who was miming the word “Chinese”.


Shit APH China Does #93

Overheard Hong Kong saying that the Chinese government takes away passports after you climb the Great Firewall of China too often.

The Thing with the Peas

John is a terrible cook. He knows this, Sherlock knows this, and John knows that Sherlock knows this. However, Sherlock doesn’t know that John knows that Sherlock knows this. When John cooks, he doesn’t know what spices or sides go together, and, beyond that, he never has the forethought to go shopping before getting dinner started, so he just has whatever leftovers are in the fridge. And often, ‘whatever leftovers are in the fridge’ consists of half-eaten Chinese take-away and toes. But if they aren’t on a case and John cooks, Sherlock eats it and says he likes it, regardless of how it tastes. mrsJohn eventually decides to see just how much Sherlock will lie to him about his cooking by mixing stranger and stranger things together. And Sherlock, though not known for being considerate, dutifully gulps it down. If he also gulps down a lot of water to get it down, John pretends not to notice, and as Sherlock’s praise over his meals becomes more and more effusive, he schemes about what his next disastrous meal will consist of. 

This leads to The Thing with the Peas, as Sherlock put it, a dish so awful John can’t even eat it – and John ate MREs for a good long while. Halfway through the meal, Sherlock becomes as green as the peas he’s trying to hide in his napkin, and John cracks up laughing. He tells Sherlock to stop before he makes himself sick and explains the game he’s been playing over the last few weeks. Sherlock, of course, gets ruffled and defensive, and says ‘that’s the last time you’ll see me trying to spare your feelings’ as he goes to his room to sulk in solitude. The next day, all was forgiven, and John had completely forgotten about The Thing with the Peas until Sherlock mentioned it at the wedding. After the honeymoon, he tries to replicate the terrible recipe whenever he has the kitchen to himself. He can’t figure it out until he’s back at Baker Street, but it’s the first meal he makes Sherlock after he gets back (with a backup casserole from Mrs. Hudson in the oven -  Sherlock just got out of hospital, there’s no need to send him back in!).