v app etiquette

hi everyone, im making this post after noticing some *questionable* behavior on some kpop vapps.

if a member/members of a group are on vapp—


  • ask them where another member is
  • spam them with comments like ‘come to XX’ or ‘say hi to XX fans’
  • make sarcastic comments like ‘you guys are idiots’ or ‘oh my god stop’ because sometimes they can be unclear and lower an idol’s self esteem
  • fangirl endlessly ‘OMFG YOU’RE SO HOT’.. idols get on vapp to have genuine interactions with fans, not to be drooled over
  • ask them to speak your language (it gets old, and idols actually usually answer questions in multiple languages without being spammed)


  • ask them nice questions about their day, if they’ve eaten, if they’re well rested, etc.
  • ask them questions that relate to their activities (’who in the group best suits the concept you’re doing?’ or ‘do you have any funny stories about the mv shoot?”)… interesting questions will ensure that they also have fun
  • compliment them on something other than their looks (’you were a great MC last week!’ or ‘you always make me smile’ or ‘your voice sounds amazing in the new album’)

everyone loves their idols and sometimes that love can become overwhelming and come out wrong. since vapp is one of the few platforms where fans can directly communicate with idols, please make sure that you are careful of what you are saying to them. always post comments that are meaningful, kind, and encouraging rather than obsessive and demanding. 

okay but please imagine

lao as a dad

imagine lao being the embarrassing dad that takes photos of anything and everything his kid does

imagine lao being kinda standoffish and awkward around people but?? as soon as his daughter shows up?? he just SMILES and LAUGHS and everyone is like… what is this witchcraft…

imagine lao hauling charmaine and chenshi along for a FAMILY BONDING CAMPING TRIP but none of them have a clue on how camping works and they just cuddle up in the suv for the night

imagine lao and doug meeting up for coffee and lao is just ‘lemme tell you what chenshi did today YOU WON’T BELIEVE’
'did she look at you’
'she was CUTE ABOUT IT’

also imagine

imagine lao always hugging his kid because he’s a softy and she’s embarrassed by it but!!! she loves it really!!

imagine lao seeing a bit of his daughter in lin and him trying to look after her when it’s actually… her… looking after him…

just imagine

papa lao

and then
imagine him after his family dies

the great thing about Chinese spam is that it’s not for dubious pills or anything, it’ll be some aluminium manufacturing company asking if you’re interested in purchasing an aircraft fuselage

and you’re like well I wasn’t, but now you’ve got me thinking about it