20-Foot Tall Bamboo Lanterns Light Up San Francisco


These Chinese lanterns entitled Sui Sui Ping An – Peace All Year Round by Hong Kong artist Freeman Lau were so mesmerizing in the dark. They were magical  against the majestic San Francisco City Hall back draft.

I enjoyed taking pictures and walking among the tall 16-20 foot colorful  lanterns while breathing in the cool air.

The exhibit is free and will be around until March 2017.

01.30.17, San Francisco Civic Center

*Sony A600 mirrorless camera, unedited photos


For my character design class - we had to do the same character in three different styles inspired by non-animated mediums! From left to right - Faberge, Mexican Wooden Sculpture, and Chinese ink painting/Japanese wood block hybrid

(Totally not based off of a certain girl and dog I know)