A Moral Code for Teachers?

China recently celebrated Teacher’s Day, a day when students and their parents are given the chance to show their gratitude to teachers, usually by sending them gifts or cards. However, there has been considerable controversy surrounding teachers and their behavior in recent years. In response to this issue, Beijing’s Dongcheng District is set to issue a ‘morality code‘. This policy will place restrictions on certain disciplinary methods used by teachers. Any teacher not following the code will risk losing their job.

These disciplinary methods are thought to have been used in schools here for some time, but slowly they are being increasingly viewed as problematic.  Unfortunately, some of the teachers employed take their methods a too far and recent instances of physical and verbal abuse have placed the profession in a bad light and caused a public outcry both in China and, in some cases, the rest of the world.

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160721 Fansign

Fan: Winwin, I’m learning Chinese in school
Winwin: Wow, you’re good at Chinese, “How old are you”?
Fan: I’m a university student
Winwin: Your pronunciation is really good
Fan: Ah, really? Thank you, based on what you think, who’s the best in Chinese in NCT?
Winwin: I think…Junnie
Fan: Hmm???
Winwin: Jjunim…Jjunim
Fan: ??ㅠ
Winwin: Youngho!
Fan: Ahhh I got it, how is Kun-hyung lately?
Winton: He’s doing well

trans by fywinwin
take out with full credit.

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HIII about the 'wo ai ni' incident, i personally do think nini rlly did say that ;; oHO lemme calm down first o m g first of all, im chinese. i speak the language, i have ppl who speak the language ard me, i have chinese lessons often in school, (1)

(2) my whole family speaks chinese, u get the gist. secondly, no matter how many i watch the vid, nini still looks like he said ‘wo ai ni’ like om g i try so hard not to be biased bc im a kd shipper myself, but it rlly did look like he said those

(3) words. sooo yea, idk if my opinion helped but i just wanted to share w u and get the kaisoo feels off of my chest like oMG I LOVE THEIR INTERACTIONS AND THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE LIKE LOVE IS IN THE AIR PPL sorry for this long post i love your blog ♡♡

Hi Anon! Thank you for liking my blog!

Firstly I’m sorry I didn’t respond last night, I was honestly such a jumbled mess that I didn’t think I could form any coherent sentences. Exo’rdium had me on the floor the entire time 😵😵

I’m still learning to function again omg

I agree though, he does look like he said those words because it’s broken up into three syllables and the probability of seeing someone pronounce those three syllables one after the other isn’t as likely as one would think if the person wasn’t saying ‘Wo ai ni’. I would say there are high chances he said the words, but hearing it from a native Chinese speaker is really reassuring, thank you for sending this in!

Have a good day! 

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I love your hp post, but have you thought about small NYC schools (similar to the neighborhood Jewish/Chinese/etc schools that kids go to on weekends)? Also, just historically I feel like Florida's gotta be super Spanish influenced and I have a hard time believing that Utah(Deseret) didn't start their own thing

Probably. And people don’t get that north Florida is very very very Southern. I’m from Florida, trust me, we have some magic shit going on here!


24 in October. RA for Chinese students during the school year, scholar relations for international students during the summer. I live in Elmira about an hour south of Cornell.

Creating a webseries with a hard focus on intersectional feminism in my spare time.

Pan, Sub, & Poly and I’m in an open relationship but not trying to get threesomes. Ready for a primary to lock down and settle down with. 💍




As I’m writing this, it’s 12.36 am, so excusez-moi if it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Today I attended two high school graduations; both took ages, both were at my old high school, both were high school friends’, both were fun, and both made me think about how much I miss some aspects of high school. Especially certain friends.

After the first graduation ceremony, we had dinner at a chinese restaurant near school (two teachers unexpectedly joined us), then we met up with more friends, and went to the second one, after which I managed to find all my graduate friends in the ginormous crowd to hand them each a sunflower as a congratulations. I hugged lots of people, congratulated more, and kissed a select few on the cheek.

Everything felt familiar and formal at once, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake the weirdness I feel while walking through my old school, or while seeing people (especially seeing them there) to whom I used to be much closer. I don’t think I’ve felt this nostalgic since my own graduation. Until I’m able to beat the feeling (one does not send people messages asking to hang out at 1 am after one has just seen said people), I’m not sure what I’ll do. Sleep, probably.


@phoenyxar @ofbonesandink

The lovely friends who I attended with: @handoodlina @theparadoxtrigger @infjente (and some more)

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Are you fluent in Chinese? :D

I can’t read or write well because I dropped out of Chinese school XD

But speaking / listening, I would say I’m fluent :)

also my grad school (!!!) offers chinese and ASL among other languages. I want to take at least some of each language while i”m there

I’m gonna complain about J.K. Rowling

The new schools are…not great. 

Ilvermorny barely feels like the American school it’s supposed to be. If I didn’t know better, I’d guess it’s in Britain just like Hogwarts. And that’s not just because its founder based it off of Hogwarts. J.K. Rowling just didn’t do well with the American world-building. It doesn’t feel American, even putting aside the appropriation issue.

Also it’s dumb that the only named school in Asia so far is in Japan. I find it hard to believe that people in China and Southeast Asia would send their kids off to Japan. I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure the Chinese thought of Japan as a backwater. Either there’s a Chinese school she hasn’t revealed yet or she just shrugged and thought that everyone in East Asia would go there or homeschool.

Also why isn’t there a wizarding school in the Middle East? 

Looks like it’s time to say farewell once again

Hey lovely people~

I just want to thank everyone for making these last three weeks a blast because I’ve had such fun talking with you all, even if it was just a single exchange through comments
or a simple interaction through a note or like, It was really great fun, and I’m so grateful to have your company!

I’m about to leave to Chinese School in twenty minutes give-or-take, and the following day I return to school for Term 3 of Year 12. This term will definitely be a busy term, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to shut down social media for all days, except maybe Saturday; I’m not too sure, but we’ll see.

Thanks for all your support and kindness, I’ll see you all later!

Bye for now~

~Windaura, the Ice/Wind Dragon.

highlights of my trip to Japan so far:

1. nearly getting shot by some transphobic dickhole in the TSA in LAX

2. the Beijing airport, where I was mobbed by a pack of Chinese elementary school students on a class trip who had a tenuous grasp of English and absolutely no concept whatsoever of personal space. They asked me many questions and told me that I was very handsome and I look just like the real Captain America, and I got to practice my Chinese, which was also fun

3. Fumi has gotten lost twice already since I arrived at about 11:30pm local time last night (it’s currently about 9:15am)–first he got confused about the train platforms and then this morning he went the wrong way trying to find the post office

Japan is awesome