Future breeds list: (I haven’t researched the temperament yet, so some will most likely be crossed off)

Labrador retriever, powderpuff Chinese crested, miniature schnauzer, standard poodle, Tibetan terrier, Alaskan Klee kai, greyhound, Pomeranian, papillon, APBT, borzoi, olde English bulldogge, Australian shepherd, some kind of hound (maybe redbone?), Scottish deerhound, pariah/Carolina dog, cane corso, American staffordshire, American bulldog, boxer of course, German shepherd maybe, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Baylee met Mak, the 4.5 month old powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy, for the first time during this weekend’s trial! Mak was absolutely smitten with her and desperate for her attention. Baylee was bewildered and unsure yet very tolerant of him, which is a HUGE improvement on her part! She was also slightly more interested in Chico the Chihuahua than poor little Mak LOL


On Saturday, Toby and I went for a walk with a friend and her three dogs. One of those dogs is Becks, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff, who is just the cutest boy.

He likes to run ahead with Toby while walking, they are really cute together, and of course he posed for me for a few photos. It was really foggy that morning, and Becks was amazing. It was his first time modelling, but I think he enjoyed it - there were a lot of treats involved, after all :)