Okay but Holtzmann will sleep anywhere and it’s not cause she can but because she’ll stay awake till she literally can’t anymore and will deadass sleep on anything

The find her cocooned around the bottom of the fireman’s pole, sprawled across the the incredibly volatile and half finished redesign of the proton packs, in the back of ecto-1 but with her feet propped up on the seats and her head under /something/ - “seriously Holtzmann what the hell IS that?” “If I tell you before its done you’ll say no” - and a hammer in her hand. She goes missing and they all freak out until the Chinese places calls them and says they have to pick up the blonde one she’s on the roof and why was she there?? No one knows. Holtz doesn’t even know. Erin walks by her standing in front of the newest gadget and she’s asleep standing up like jc Holtzmann you have a bed

how to survive an hr lunch tmr at work….. sitting in the little lunch room alone awkwardly while other people talks in Cantonese…. They are probably too lazy to talk to me because I spk mandarin/english .. and I cant even join their convo even though I understand.. because I can’t say it in Cantonese…

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Lick my Communist clit

I operate on a third date system. Here are my thoughts:

Date one: Starbucks. You can tell me all about communism while we sip our chai lattes.

Date two: I take you to my favorite Chinese place and then we go window shopping for knives and flannel shirts.

Date three: Brunch. Then we go for a walk in the park. Then I take you to a 50s-style soda shop. Then we go to a Trump rally.

And then I’ll consider licking your communist clit.

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"It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!" With Bucky Barnes.

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The city was quiet as you and Bucky went for a walk. It was something that you two enjoyed doing together. It took Bucky’s mind off of everything that been going on around him and you just enjoyed his company. He had his metal arm around you, holding you securely towards him. Bucky had become very protective of you though you two weren’t actually dating. Though every Avenger was in favor of you two dating. “So are we still on to try that new Chinese place down the block tonight?”, Bucky asked. “Of course. I haven’t eaten anything today so I can try everything”, you said excitedly. “You know how I feel about you not eating”, Bucky said sternly. “I know, I know but they’ve been booked for weeks and I finally got a reservation. Also, I swiped one of Tony’s credit cards so we can get as much as we want.” Bucky just smiled as you continued walking on. Just as you turned a corner, a light rain drop pinged off of Bucky’s arm. “I didn’t bring an umbrella”, you said putting Bucky’s arm on top of your head as the drops starting coming down heavier. “It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt”, Bucky said with a laugh. “I know but I just did my hair”, you said now trying to tuck yourself up under his jacket. “You are ridiculous”

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Lauren had been having long weeks, and the previous weekend gave her a break, and some alcohol. Now it was Monday and her workday had been cut short. Since Myah was at daycare, Lauren figured she would come home to Ross and have some alone time with him. Knocking on his door, she opened it, seeing him finishing up some work. She shut the door and came in, setting the food she picked up from her favorite Chinese place on his desk. “I brought you lunch.” She spoke quietly, coming up behind him, she began massaging his shoulders, and hugging him from behind. “How has your Monday been?” She asked quietly, rubbing his bicep. @ross-ffs

Cheaper dolls don’t get recasted. Why? Because recasters aren’t going to slash the price of a ~$200 doll. It’s just not profitable for them. Anti-recasters are all like, “People who buy recasts are stealing from legit companies, because they make a living off these dolls.” I’m sure that’s true to some extent, but why are the dolls so expensive in the first place? Chinese companies that sell cheaper dolls are probably making a living off of them, too. But they don’t sell their dolls for ridiculous and inflated prices, so there’s no reason for anyone to even consider getting them recasted because it’s reasonable to buy them legit.

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There are a million parallel universes out there where Sherlock and John are together, Sherlock thinks. There have to be. He knows there has been talk in certain scientific circles of the “multiverse theory.” Normally, this would be the type of wishful thinking at which Sherlock would scoff and roll his eyes. But now he believes, no doubt. For his sanity, he has no other choice.

It is a small comfort to think that somewhere, Sherlock doesn’t have to feel like he does in this universe. Somewhere, he and John do it differently. Do it right. Are happy.

Somewhere—are happy together.

In one of these universes, John comes home from the A&E with takeout from their favorite Chinese place. Sherlock is sprawled on the couch, fingers steepled above his nose. He turns to the open door when John steps into the flat and they beam at each other. In one fluid motion, Sherlock gets up, dressing gown fluttering behind him as he strides to John, leaning down to tickle his fingertips along John’s jaw.

Sherlock slants his mouth against John’s, kisses him with feeling, long and deep. Shuts the door behind them, traps John’s body between his own and the wall.

Breathes, “I missed you,” into their joined airspace and feels John’s laugh reverberate through his entire being.

“My shift was only ten hours,” John says, and Sherlock kisses him harder.

“Actually, you were gone for exactly twelve hours and forty-three minutes.”

Sherlock smiles against John’s lips. John dips his head to nibble at Sherlock’s jaw. “You nutter.” John laughs again. “You absolute nutter. I love you,” he says.

In this universe, Sherlock has the courage to say, “I love you too.

—  polyommatusblues, the knife I turn inside myself

Today, as an early birthday present, Emanuel took me to a nature park to rock climb up a mountain, we then had to walk back down a very craggy path. I even got to pet some dogs people brought to the nature park. Once we got back into town, we then ate at a Chinese place only to get ice cream afterwards. We had to walk back home from the town which was pretty tiring since the buses there are incredibly irregular and stop running after 3pm and keep in mind that what we did earlier took up a lot of time and was pretty far out of town, so…

All in all, very fun day albeit very tiring and exhausting. Especially with the sun being pretty strong and hot today.

Climbed up this thing B).

Me and Family and Overwatch:


  • Thinks Genji is a Power Ranger
  • “Dragons! They must be Chinese.” An actual quote from my dad.
  • “The place is Chinese, they’re Chinese.”
  • “They’re Japanese? Oh.” Not interested anymore.


  • Likes the “Hero” short
  • Wants to know what happened to Solider 76 after.

Little Sister:

  • Rewatches “Dragons” and “Alive”
  • All about Handsoap and Xbox360

Older sister:

  • Husband is Hanzo
  • Only in it for the Shimadas
  • And Mei
  • And Widowmaker
  • And Tracer
  • And Ana Amari
  • And Zarya
  • And Reaper


  • Favorite female character is Symmettra
  • Favorite male character is Junkrat
  • Not quite sure about everyone’s story and shit
  • Still wants the game to throw some balls
  • Also Omnics, why do they have to die first?
  • Look at Mondatta
  • And that Omnic in that “Hero” short.
  • And that other Ominc in “Dragons”
  • Why???? They had awesome designs too.
  • Heard that everyone was gay and gay for each other so was onboard.

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Frederick comes home after Zeller and Price showed up. Freddie's there with takeout, but he's pissed off.

He wasn’t even particularly sure who he was pissed off at. He felt angry with Zeller and Price, felt angry with Freddie, and but mostly, he was angry with himself. He had been so foolish to think that this – this thing they had going would ever be anything more.

She was sitting on a stool at the island in the kitchen with his favorite takeout from that Chinese place she said overcooked their rice. She smiled when he walked into the room, “Hey, Fred.”

“Do you even like me?”

“What?” She asked and then laughed. “I didn’t take you for the insecure type, well actually-“

“Answer my damn question, Freddie,” He snapped, forcing himself to breathe out, to calm down. “I gave you a key to my place, do I have to worry about you using it against me?”

“What are you talking about?” She asked, smile gone altogether. “Why are you asking me this?”

“You used Brian Zeller for information,” He said. “You told me that and you were – you were proud of it. You capitalized on the trauma I suffered at the hands of Abel Gid-“

“You were not the only person to suffer that night,” She snapped. “What the fuck are you asking? Am I using you?”

“Well, are you?”

“No.” He rolled his eyes and she did too, “Do you actually think so little of me?”  

“Do you think so little of me?”

“I suffered too that night,” She said. “Abel Gideon didn’t come after you first. And you were not the first fucking person he hurt that night that I couldn’t do anything about.”

“You were lucky,” She told him, standing up. “That doctor, Carruthers, he was a better person than the both of us and he died. And I – all I wanted from you was your company so – so fuck you, Chilton.”

She pushes him when he stands in front of her, “Freddie, wait, I-“

“What?” She asked. “Want to ask me if I kick puppies too?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sure,” She laughed. “Now you’re going to have to actually talk to girls to get someone to suck-“

“Price and Zeller, they said something,” He cut her off. “I’m – you’re right, I’m insec-I like having you around, I like you being here. I don’t want to have that taken away from me, Freddie.”

“Please don’t go,” He said with a sigh. “I just – I don’t want to be hurt.”

“And you think I’m going to.”

“I don’t know,” He admitted. “I never thought about it before but they said – they said so things and I…I got concerned.”

“Because of Zeller and Price?”


“They’re fucking each other,” She said, “Just so you know.”

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my friends dad was offered a chance to own part of this pizza place in New York and he said no bc he didn't wanna get "involved with that" and then a couple days later one of the chefs were killed mafia style and I can just imagine them meeting up there like a kind of place that they use for alibis bc the whole restaurant is involved.

my favorite chinese food place got shut down only after three different stabbings happened there. 

they definitely have places to go where everyone knows who they are and what they do and no one cares because everyone there is involved in some way too