Nonsensically Inscribed Sino-Siberian Knife, 1000-500 BC

An incredible example of the bronze work of the ancient Siberians, a cast bronze curved-blade knife with a ridged back and the pommel in the form of a moose head. The inscription makes no sense, indicating that the craftsman that made this knife was probably copying the inscription from a southern culture’s knife, most likely Chinese, but making it for the Siberian culture.

Why the game Far Cry 3 is fucking scary.

Alright, listen up hermanos.

So yesterday I actually returned to Vaas’ island. I was bored and cleared every outpost and done almost every side quests except the medication quests.

Alright, so I get there and I hear fighting sounds and themes and stuff. Which made me nervous, okay. I mean I was completely done with the game. No pirates.

I was kinda sad, because there is no way you can get up the huge ass tower. Then I wandered around outside of the camp and noticed: The walls have all realistically painted eyes. I notice two Rakyat dudes who had killed and hanged up a pig. Then it started to rain and I heard the Rakyat dudes’ screams which scared me. It actually started to thunder, too which just made it worse. And the next time I go and look, those Rakyat guys and the pig are gone. Just what the fuck.

Okay so I return to the place where you go to get inside that house to kill Vaas. The doors are closed and there is this weird eye drawn there. I felt fucking watched and the eerie music kept playing and changing, too.

So then I just started thinking, thinking, thinking. I think Vaas could be alive but fled. Far Cry 3 is just Jason Brody’s memory. When you go inside the house to kill Vaas, Jason’s sight becomes blurry. That means, he was drugged already, but everything happened so fast, that instead of the syringe with the drug, Jason sees that Chinese knife which is Vaas suddenly holding to stab him. Jason falls over, drugged. That all creates the illusion that Vaas is dead, but maybe he is not. Maybe he did get shot somehow and fled to hide for a while.

Idk, but I feel very uneasy when I just think about going back to Vaas’ island after he is gone. I felt watched due to the painted eyes and just really nervous.

In that moment I felt like Jason Brody, who is sure as fuck disturbed.

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The cleaver is the most used knife in Chinese cuisine. Chefs generally use it for everything! (Just wanted you to not freak out about the safety of his fingers)

Thank you for this!! But cleaver aside, I’m always worried about Kris because it’s Kris and he would manage to trip on air if he was in space cuz he’s that clumsy. 😫

–Lily, who feels like she’s been enlightened🙌🏽