The Zodiac Meets Chinese Face Reading: Speculation

Chinese face reading is an ancient oriental art form based on physical features, used to reveal one’s character, health, and ethnic origin. It is also known as physiognomy.

As far as I’ve read up to this point, I know that the forehead represents intelligence and wisdom, the cheeks represent emotion, and the chin & jaw represent aggression and assertiveness. The eyes are supposedly associated with leadership qualities & expression of feelings, the nose is associated with wealth, the ears with luck, and the mouth with elegance & charm.

I imagine that the Ascendant, the Ascendant’s ruling planet, planets in the first house, and planets in aspect to the Ascendant go hand-in-hand with subjects like Chinese face reading, so here are a few of the connections I’ve made.

(Planets in the tenth house and the Venus sign may also play a lesser part.)

Fire signs commonly have prominent chins/jaws & eyes.
Earth signs commonly have prominent foreheads & noses.
Air signs commonly have prominent foreheads & ears.
Water signs commonly have prominent cheeks & mouths.
Cardinal signs commonly have prominent chins/jaws.
Fixed signs commonly have more “balanced” features.
Mutable signs commonly have prominent foreheads.

Masculine signs commonly have more prominent chins/jaws than Feminine, though Fire signs have more prominent cheeks than Air, and Air have more prominent foreheads than Fire. Likewise, Earth signs have more prominent foreheads than Water, and Water have more prominent cheeks than Earth.

Individuals with notable Aries/Mars influence tend to have very pronounced jaws, protruding or square chins, and sharp eyes (both in shape & expression).
Individuals with notable Taurus/Venus influence tend to have large & plump lips, round eyes, pronounced cheeks, and square but averagely defined jaws.
Individuals with notable Gemini/Mercury influence tend to have thinner lips, large & defined foreheads, small but prominent ears, and large eyes.
Individuals with notable Cancer/Moon influence tend to have round faces, large eyes, plump lips, very prominent cheeks, and smaller foreheads.
Individuals with notable Leo/Sun influence tend to have prominent jaws, large or otherwise remarkably pronounced eyes, and well-formed lips.
Individuals with notable Virgo/Mercury influence tend to have smaller eyes, thinner lips, very well-defined & prominent foreheads, and either very small & round or very large, defined, pronounced noses with thinner bridges.
Individuals with notable Libra/Venus influence tend to have well-defined foreheads, prominent & graceful lips, nice cheekbones (although the cheeks themselves are rarely very pronounced), larger ears, and thinner noses.
Individuals with notable Scorpio/Mars/Pluto influence tend to have very prominent chins/jaws/cheeks, and smaller but very sharp eyes.
Individuals with notable Sagittarius/Jupiter influence tend to have square jaws, larger foreheads, large & round eyes, possibly crooked noses, prominent ears with large earlobes, and less prominent cheeks but high cheekbones.
Individuals with notable Capricorn/Saturn influence tend to have remarkably large/defined/straight/high noses, square jaws, small but sharp eyes, possibly prominent ears, thin lips, possibly high cheekbones and/or prominent cheeks.
Individuals with notable Aquarius/Saturn/Uranus influence tend to have smaller eyes, large & prominent foreheads, higher noses, and thinner lips.
Individuals with notable Pisces/Jupiter/Neptune influence tend to have VERY large & prominent foreheads, large & round eyes, small but plump lips, pronounced cheeks with usually low cheekbones, and large/prominent ears.

Face Reading (Physiognomy): Smiles and Teeth

The art of determining character or personal qualities from the features or form of the body, especially the face. 


  • A. Natural Smile (lips relaxed, full smile, teeth, but no gums showing): You are comfortable with your sensuality, neither flaunting nor hiding it. You also feel comfortable with your own sexuality.
  • B. Gums Showing (gums show in a full smile): This indicates that you believe you are desirable for what you can give and do. You may be inappropriate in how much you give, finding it difficult to accept that you are lovable for just being yourself. You try to earn love through what you give and do for others. You may be one of those people who wants to give everyone a Christmas present whether you receive one in return or not. 
  • C. Stretched Tight Smile (upper lip tight across teeth): This “overly sincere” smile is a mask that hides the owner’s true agenda with an attempt to communicate an unfelt sincerity or caring. It is a deception flashed to make an impression.
  • D. Pursed/Kissy Lips (lips are naturally close together when smiling): You are communicating that you want to maintain your distance. Your smile says, “I’m being polite, don’t rush me. It takes time to get to know me, but don’t stop trying”
  • E. Crooked Smile (one side higher than the other): You have a practiced performance smile that is designed to make a good impression but doesn’t reflect your true feelings. You may just be “smiling for the camera.”
  • F. Even Teeth (all teeth are same length): You have a logical approach and learn life’s lessons quickly. You make decisions with poise and self-confidence. (America’s obsession with straight teeth pays off)
  • G. Gap Between Front Teeth (space b/t teeth): You are willing to take risks even when you are not sure of the outcome. In fact, given a choice between playing it safe or going for it, you will choose to go for it. The larger the gap, the stronger the trait. Your friends may see you as something of a daredevil because you make intuitive decisions in the moment and don’t hide from danger. (Well, this explains my adventurous teacher who is almost always in a cast.)
  • H. Big Front Teeth (much larger than other teeth): Once you finally make your mind, that’s it! You can be stubborn as a mule and someone has to show you that you are wrong before you will change your mind. You have the ability to hang on to your position when faced with opposition.
  • Small Even Teeth (no image): Simply indicates a quick learner, -or- a person who may shy away from leadership positions.
  • I. Crooked Teeth (especially bottom teeth): You see both sides of every issue. While you might be good at debate, you hate to be wrong, so you will often double check your facts before proceeding. Your challenge is that you hold yourself to impossibly high standards, weighing every decision. (I know a family who’s four kids are all involved in Speech and Debate… and their bottom teeth are very crooked)
  • J. Buck Teeth (front teeth protrude/stick out): You have had to overcome the shyness you felt as a child when you would lean over backwards to please and try to get along with others. Your challenge is that you have had to struggle to become more outgoing. 

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About Urie..

So, given Kanae’s reappearance at the Lunar Building, I’ve been thinking about what Kanae called him a while back after Urie broke his mask: 

“Sanpaku Eyes Dude” 

Sanpaku eyes basically referrers to someone who has too much white showing either underneath (Yin) or on top (Yang). 

So if you’re like our boy Urie here, it’s a Yin imbalance, or in other words a physical one. 

A description of this from WIkipedia says:
According to Chinese medical face reading, when the bottom of the white part of the eye, known as the sclera, is visible it represents physical imbalance in the body and is claimed to be present in alcoholics, drug addicts and people who over-consume sugar or grain. 

It is also suggested that someone with yin sanpaku eyes can often unwittingly place himself or herself in dangerous or threatening situations.

We’ve already seen Urie do this twice in so far in :re. 

Once when he confronted Serpent: 

And again during the auction raid. 

Urie And Kanae’s development are definitely turning out to be intertwined according to Ishida’s art, and that’s definitely what we’ve seen so far. 

I can’t help but feel that whatever the “situation” turns out to be, things won’t be looking good for Urie once Kanae pulls out his newly received “bone” from Eto. The last time they met Urie was able to fight on par with Kanae, and he may be so blinded by his ambition/addicted to credit that to kill Kanae that he’ll put his life in danger in order just to get one kill.