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This year I'm moving into a school owned apartment on my school's campus, but the kitchenette only has a microwave. I'm kind of having a hard time looking for ways that I can cook myself more meals than just the frozen stuff at the grocery store and I wondered if you had some advice ?

Check out your college’s student handbook, and see if they allow any of the following cooking appliances. These can get expensive, but are well worth the money and will give you more dining options:

I would also recommend you get some cooking supplies like this set sold on Amazon. There’s also this microwave cooking set. I’ve scoured the Internet and found you the following recipes. 

Microwave Cooking Recipes

Apple Pie


Baked Potatoes/Yams

Banana French Toast Sticks


Cauliflower Rice

Cheesy Flatbread

Chicken and Rice Wraps

Chocolate Cupcakes

Cookie In A Cup

Corn on the Cob

Egg Sandwich

Egg White Omelettes

Espresso Mug Cake


Gluten Free Muffin

Green Bean Casserole

Grilled chicken + veggies

Ham, Cheese, and Chicken Rolls 


Mac + Cheese

Mac + Cheese 2

Mashed Potato

Microwave Mochi

Microwave Breakfast Mug

Mug Lasagna 

Nachos for One

Nutella Cookie


Omelette In A Mug


Pita Pizza

Peanutbutter Mug Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pork Chinese Bun

Pork Chow Mein

Pulled Chicken Sandwich 

Pumpkin Cake


Rice + Veggies

Scrambled Eggs


Spaghetti Squash

Spiced Apple Cake

Stuffed Zucchini 

Sweet Potato Chips

Tuna Melt

Vegan Mug Brownies

Compilation Posts

“18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug” by Buzzfeed

“50 Healthy Microwave Recipes” by

“Dining Hall Blues” by Michelle Ma

Ree Drummond’s “Dorm Room Dining”

Low Calorie Foods Master List

Thanks to JadeBambiRose on for this Low Calorie Foods Master list!! I’m putting it here so I can use it for future reference. I’ll be finding some other things from different websites soon though.

  • Shirataki Noodles (20 cal)
  • Coconut Milk, Vanilla unsweetendened (45 cal)
  • Almond Milk (Almond Breeze is only 40 cal) 
  • Sliced Deli Turkey Meat (50 cal)
  • Miso Soup (30 cal)
  • Low cal Apple Cider (10 cal packs)
  • Cup-a-soup (50 cal)
  • Banana Peppers (5 cals per 15 rings)
  • ½ banana (50 cals)
  • Coke Zero (0)
  • Vanilla Coke zero (0)
  • Powerade Zero (0 cal and has a nice amount of B Vitamins)
  • Green tea (0)
  • Black coffee (0)
  • PB2  (45) 
  • Strawberries (48 cals a cup)
  • Miracle noodles (0)
  • Miracle rice (0)
  • Sugar free jelly pot (10 cal)
  • Weight watchers yoghurt (50 cal)
  • Kallo corn/rice cakes (26 calories)
  • Tesco lighter choices soup (Chinese chicken noodle)  (48 calories)
  • Options hot chocolate (40 calories)
  • Pickled onions - 10 = (20 calories)
  • Mini fabs (50 calories)
  • Weight watchers brown bread (48 calories) 
  • Snack a jacks (40 calories)
  • Lettuce (15)
  • Laughing cow spreadable cheese (35)
  • Black olives (25 for 4)
  • Plums (30-40)
  • Honey (10 cal for a teaspoon)
  • Steamed veggies (25-40 cals depending what type of vegetable it is)
  • Celery (5)
  • Magic pops (15)
  • Melba toasts (30 for two)
  • Any kind of broth (10-20) 
  • Croutons (the fat free kind are 30 for two tablespoons)
  • Cherry/grape tomatoes (fun to snack on, 15 for half a cup.)
  • Egg whites/egg beaters (20 for 2 tbsp.)
  • Baby carrots (30)
  • Mustard (5-10 for 2 tbsp.)
  • Ketchup (20)
  • Swiss Miss diet hot chocolate (25)
  • Healthy Choice wheat bread (35)
  • Fat free cool whip (15 for 2 tbsp.)
  • Plain rice cake (25)
  • Bell peppers (24)
  • Cucumber (47)
  • Morning Star veggie hot dog (50)
  • Weight Watchers american cheese (45)
  • Canned green beans (15) per 2/3 cups
  • Canned sliced bamboo shoots (10 - 20 cal)
  • Seaweed sheets (5 - 10 cal depending on size)
  • Eat Water rice/pasta/noodles (7 cal)
  • Bullion cubes (5 cal)
  • Salsa (10 for 2 tbsp.)
  • Cottage Cheese (100)
  • Oat Milk (45)
  • Green Tea (0)
  • Regular Peanut Butter (94 for 1 tbsp)

B99 + Marriage Pact AU: in which Jake and Amy make a pact to get married if they’re still both single by when they turn 30. 

The pact is made at 3 in the morning, at the tail end of a stake out that’s been going on forever. Amy’s just about done recounting the disaster that was her last blind date when Jake brings up the suggestion.  

She scoffs, rolling her eyes, but the corners of her lips curl upwards. (She’s been awake for far too long to pretend she isn’t just a teensy bit charmed.) “Are you proposing to me, Peralta?”

“Well, it was totally conditional, and I’m not sure lifelong commitments should begin this way, but -“ He lets out a breathless chuckle, like he can’t believe they’re actually having this conversation even if he started it in the first place. (Perhaps he should’ve had more coffee before they left the precinct… Or less, because he’s definitely having weird heart palpitations right now.) “Sure, why not? Consider this a proposal.”

She regards him for another moment before sticking out her hand. “Alright, I’m in. Conditional fiancés it is.”

They shake on it, and if this weren’t so ridiculously monumental, he would be saying something about how firm her handshake is.

A comfortable silence settles in the car after that, and it’s only after several hours of much needed sleep that Jake wonders why things weren’t even remotely weird between them.

The perp still hasn’t surfaced by 5 in the morning, so they let the relief team take over and drive back to the precinct.

They part ways in the parking lot, and Jake’s about to get in his beloved mustang when Amy calls out to him. “For the record, I still expect an engagement ring six years from now.”

His face breaks out into a grin. “Glad I have that long to save up for it then. Have you seen my bank account?”

They go over four years without bringing up their pact.

Amy is 28 when Luke Mueller breaks up with her. Technically, they weren’t in an actual relationship at that point – they had only been on three real dates, but they had hung out at trivia night for six weeks before that, and Amy was very into him. Apparently he had met someone new and was no longer interested in seeing her.  

Jake finds her nursing a beer in a corner booth of Shaw’s. He slides into the seat beside her and offers her a half smile. He had heard the news from Rosa before making his way over. “You okay?”

She sighs and takes a swig from her bottle. “I just­- I thought everything was going so well! I don’t really understand what went wrong- what I did wrong.”

He puts a hand on her forearm, urging her to look up at him. “Ames, this isn’t on you. Mueller’s an idiot, and you shouldn’t be beating yourself up for anything. You’re an amazing detective and person, and you’re going to meet the right person one day.” 

It’s the mix of heartache and alcohol that makes her chuckle bitterly instead of thanking him for his kind words. “Or I won’t, and I’ll end up marrying you when I’m 30.” 

His heart stutters in his chest, and his mouth goes dry. He had thought she had forgotten about their little (big) agreement, considering they had never brought it up since that fateful overnight stakeout. (Of course, he had never forgotten about their conversation, and it’s almost shameful how often he’s imagined what being married to her would be like.) 

He takes a swig from his own drink, trying not to think about how disappointed she sounds. “Well, you’ve still got about two years. That’s a lot of time.” 

Jake is unsurprisingly single on his 30th birthday.

Beyond the occasional one night stand, he hadn’t been seeing anyone over the last year and a half. Even before then, none of his relationships had amounted to anything serious. (Turns out it’s hard to commit after you realize you’re in love with your partner slash conditional fiancée.)

There had been a brief period of time after Amy’s failed “thing” with Luke when Jake had thought that maybe something could actually happen between them, romantic stylez. (Their banter seemed to be more flirty, and her looks seemed to be more filled with longing but –) 

She started dating Teddy at some point, and they just seem so happy and settled and long-term.

Amy brings Teddy to Jake’s surprise party at Shaw’s, and Jake decides he’s finally going to get over her. 

(He doesn’t.)

Amy and Teddy break up three weeks before she turns 30.

Even if the conditions are met, Jake doesn’t dare bring up their pact. Partly because he doesn’t want to be a douchebag about it – he knows it’s way too soon since the split to expect her to move on. But mostly because he meant it the first time he said it: lifelong commitments aren’t meant to be based on stupid pacts made three hours before sunrise. 

He pretty much avoids all talk of Teddy until they’re on a stakeout a month after her birthday, and she’s the one bringing him up. 

“I ran into Teddy earlier.”

He swallows uncomfortably and keeps his gaze locked on the building they’ve been watching. “Yikes. I’m sorry that happened. I remember running into Sophia after she broke up with me. Not my best day. I feel like it’s always a lot weirder when you’re the dumpee.” 

Amy’s eyebrows knit together at that, and she’s about to say something, but their perp gets out of a nearby car, and the conversation is lost. 

There’s a knock on Jake’s door the night after their stakeout. He puts down his box of Chinese chicken salad and makes his way over. A quick look through the peephole tells him it’s Amy. 

She starts speaking as soon as the door swings open. (Replaying the memory in his head later on, Jake wonders how many times she rehearsed what she had to say.) 

“Yesterday you said something that made me realize you thought Teddy broke up with me, but he didn’t… Jake, I was the one who ended things. I didn’t want to be dating anyone on my 30th birthday.”

“Wh- what?”

“I’m not saying we should get married tomorrow. I’m pretty sure my parents would probably disown me if we did. But you’re my best friend, and I really like you, and I want to give this, us, a chance. And then, maybe, if things work out…” Her voice trails off as she recognizes the glint of amusement in Jake’s eyes.

He grins widely, closing the gap between them. “Are you proposing to me, Santiago?” 


His lips are on hers in the next moment, and she can taste the soy sauce and ginger from his unfinished dinner. They pull apart with a smile and spend the rest of the night cuddling on his couch while watching Property Brothers.

A year or so later, he buys her an engagement ring as promised. He would’ve gotten one sooner, but the crushing debt was sort of a limiting factor. (He really should’ve started saving right after the pact was made.) 

He proposes to her in the middle of the bullpen, in front of the entire squad. Everyone cheers, and Holt wins the betting pool. 

They get married before her 32nd birthday, and Jake’s vows revolve around pacts and promises and unconditional love. (Charles sobs through most of it, but so does everyone else.)


Summary: Sebastian has a secret that threatens to destroy your relationship

Warnings: angst, fluff, angry reader, sad Sebastian

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

A/n: I just wrote this now in like one or two hours so sorry if it sucks 😅

You moved in with him only a couple of weeks ago and since then everything went wrong. Sebastian was always a very attentive person, caring and doting but lately he just didn’t try anymore. It was like you moving in with him was some sort of security for him. You felt like he took you for granted and didn’t care anymore. 

You wouldn’t mind if he would at least show a little interest every now and then but there was nothing. All he seemed to care about was his job and workout and you ? you were somewhere further down on the list. It made you angry to think about it. It made you feel like you weren’t worth it and none the less it made you feel insecure. 

You reached the point where you didn’t even know if you wanted to continue the relationship with him. 

You sat on the couch of your shared living room waiting patiently for Sebastian to come home. You were reading an article on a newspaper but you weren’t focused on it as you tried to hold back your tears. 

You tried to bottle everything up for to long and it all came up now. The anger. The fear. The worries. 

Because today was the day on which you would say goodbye to the love of your life and move on. You decided you didn’t want to feel like this anymore. You wanted to be appreciated and special, not just someone who is here now and gone later. 

Of course it was a hard step, you loved Sebastian like on the first day but you didn’t feel right with what the two of you had anymore. It was time for you to stop looking back. 

Hearing the keys you quickly whipped away the tears that threatened to spill and composed yourself for what was about to happen. Sebastian walked into the room immediately spotting you on the couch and his eyes landed on the magazine you were reading. You ripped small cracks into the page a sign for your nervousness but he forced himself to forget about it. 

He knew you weren’t feeling alright. He knew something was on your mind. He knew for a while know and he was about yo make it worse. He knew that too. 

Trying to keep himself steady he walked over to you and kissed your forehead. 

He held the paper bag in his hands up and smiled proudly at you “date night tonight”. 

You closed the magazine and laid it onto the couch next to you as you opened your mouth. 

“ you better get ready honey no excuses" 

He told you before you were able to do something. 

“Sebastian I need-“ 

“I told you no excuses” he warned playfully with small smile playing on his lips. He went away and into the kitchen grabbing onto the counter to support himself. A sigh left his lips as he ran his hand through his hair. 

He knew you. He knew what you wanted to do. He had to clear this of. 

It pained him, seeing you so hurt and concerned and he was so stupid doing this to you. He pretended he didn’t care. He pretended it was all alright. He pretended that you were just nothing special when in fact you were everything he ever needed and it was all about to fall down. 

He steadied himself and made his way to the kitchen table. 

You were sat in the living room. He left you in confusion and totally insecure about your next step. You decided to give in and get dressed in a nice outfit for date night. It was the last little piece of hope you had. Maybe tonight was the night where he’d start to care again. Maybe after tonight everything would be good again. 

You took a long shower, you hoped it could soothe your sore muscles a bit and would make you feel better but the result was pretty disappointing. 

You stepped out of the shower with a sigh and got dressed. You didn’t know if you should put much effort in how you looked like or not. You simply decided for a jeans and a plain black plain shirt, leaving your hair open and putting on only a little make up. You figured if he really still loved you he wouldn’t care about what you looked like, and if he stopped loving you you wouldn’t be disappointed in yourself for putting too much effort into tonight.

 You left the room and your bare feet tapped down the stairs. The small noises you made caught Sebastian’s attention as he silently watched you going over to the table he set up.

 He watched you look down in sadness for a short while, a sigh leaving your lips before you looked up again and  smiled. He knew you weren’t in the mood for smiling and it hit him like a rock.

 He was so stupid but at the same time so afraid. He wanted to put up candles and he wanted to cook but instead he just sat up plates and take away. He cursed himself for being like that. 

He needed to tell you.

 He noticed you walking over to him and he set up a tight smile. You walked to the fridge without even looking at him and took a bottle of water. He looked after you as you left and sat down at the table playing with the hem of your shirt and taking a sip every now and then. 

He couldn’t help but stare. You always told him about how you didn’t like your eyes and your nose. You told him how you wished you had another hair colour and you wished for another face shape. He never understood where all that came from, he found everything on you beautiful from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. He was in awe every time he looked at you and he wished you would see yourself the way he sees you. You were beautiful I’m anyway and he wished he could make you believe it. 

Another sigh left his lips and he made his way to the table sitting across from you. He opened the food boxes and gave you one with Chinese noodles and chicken.  

You glared up at him and pushed the box away, the anger boiling again. “I hate chines food"you growled angrily and he looked up to you wide eyed "you do?" 

Your index finger tapped a beat on the table trying to calm you down "yes I’m that kind of girl”  you hissed. 

You looked at him for a while, your finger stopped tapping the beat and now, now you just waited for any sign of response. But he didn’t say anything. 

A tear escaped your eyes as you realized what that meant, a sad sigh escaped your lips as you stood up from your chair.  "Everybody knows me except you” you whispered softly and walked away. 

He looked down onto the table and buried his eyes in his palms. 

He heard steps again and looked up to see you walking across the room with a bag in your hand.

“What are you doing?” He urged in confusion.

“I’m leaving Sebastian, I’ll come and get my clothes when you are at the gym tomorrow.“ 


"Its better this way Sebastian.”

 He shot up from his chair and he didn’t trust his voice when he said “please don’t go” you looked at him sadly.

He looses you. He had to tell you know. 

He had to.

 "Please I… Don’t think I can make it without you.“ He told you as he came closer and closer.

 "Make what” you questioned.

“Y/n please I need you.” He urged and took both your hands in his as he leaned in and rested his forehead against yours. 

“Sebastian… You don’t even want this anymore” you muttered in sadness.

He leaned back and looked at you in concern. 

He had to tell you. It was hard but he had to. 

He let go of one of your hands and started walking to the bedroom and dragged you with him. Once there he gently pushed you down to sit on the bed as he walked to his closet. 

You looked at him in confusion. You saw that something was wrong, his whole body was tense and he moved slow. 

He opened the door and reached for the upper shelf where he took out two boxes. He came back to you and sat in front of you. 

“I had a couple of girlfriends over the last few years.” He started his eyes already watery and now you felt a hint of guilt and you couldn’t stop yourself from scooting closer and laying your hand onto his arm for comfort. 

He smiled at you as he continued. “And with some of them it felt like it was a really good thing. I thought they were the one.”

He opened the first box and it revealed a couple of pictures and jewelry. Your eyes widened and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about how much money he must’ve spend on them. 

“This is stuff I bought them I never got to give any of it to any of them tho. I was really in love with them” he paused and you looked up into his eyes. “ but they weren’t honest with me, just together with me because of my career. Most of them broke up with me and told me. Some of them just played with my feelings and never wanted something when in fact I told them I loved them.”

He looked down at the jewelry, not even noticing the tears that slipped out of your eyes. You couldn’t believe all this was true. It was horrible to even think about this, you wondered how some people were able to do something like this.

“I swore myself that I’d never make a mistake like that again, I didn’t trust a woman and I didn’t fall in love anymore.”

He looked back up at you and just then noticed the tear, whipping it away with his thumb.

“But then I met you” he smiled softly.

“And you are so different. And you have that glow, and you are such a polite person. And you made me fall in love with you y/n. I just love everything about you.”

 He opened the second box and placed it in your lap. You looked down and your jaw dropped. In it were at least three times more jewelry than in the other box, it was too much to count. Necklaces, earrings, little things to show his affection. He didn’t need to get you anything, you always told him and it was fine. But still he got all those little things, which you were sure didn’t have a little price.

“But then I remembered what happened so often and I got so insecure. I asked myself ‘what if I’m wrong again?’.

And I tried to push you away. Because I need you.”

He took both your hands in his and tilted your chin up with his thumb. 

“I didn’t want to depend on you because I knew, if you’d break this of like all the others did, I wouldn’t survive it. And that’s why I started pushing you away, I tried to make sure you weren’t able to break me." 

You looked into his eyes before he dropped them, simply ashamed of his actions. You couldn’t stop yourself as you leaned in and kissed him. He kissed you back softly but you could feel how sad he was. 

"You should’ve told me seb” you whispered softly.

“I was too scared” he mumbled against your lips. “I love you too much y/n I can’t loose you.”

 "You almost did” you stated making him look up to you and you kissed him again. 

“You made me feel very bad seb… I can understand where you come from now but I don’t know if I can handle that again.” You said a tear slipping from your eyes.

“I promise I will tell you what’s wrong from now on.” He kissed your tear away and looked at you again “I know you hate Chinese food, your favourite is Italian.“ 

He told you making both of you chuckle. 

He soon became serious and brought his hands up to your neck and pulling you closer so he could rest his fore head against yours. "I love you”. He waited for a response but instead of telling him, you kissed him deeply, your hands resting on his chest as your lips melted together.

“ I love you too” you told him as you pulled away. 

And in that moment both of you knew, you couldn’t survive without each others love. 

It would kill you. 


And you. 

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Making sticky Chinese chicken. Recipe in development but here’s what I did:

First of all I mixed about half a cup of tamari soy sauce, ¼ cup mirin, a splash of water, a good squeeze of lemon juice and a couple of spoons of soft brown sugar, and put to one side.

I put some finely diced white onion in a frying pan with a little coconut oil and let it cook for a few minutes until soft before adding crushed garlic and crushed root ginger. Then I cut some organic chicken breasts into thin, strangely strips and tossed them in a little Chinese five spice , dried oregano and dried chilli flakes before sautéing briefly in the pan to seal.

I sliced some bell peppers, baby sweet corn and chestnut mushrooms and added them to the pan along with some sea salt, black pepper and the sauce mixture I combined previously.

The chicken will be cooked very quickly so just let the sauce bubble and thicken slightly and the vegetables cook along with the chicken, then serve with noodles, quinoa or brown rice as you prefer. Some sliced spring onions or fresh parsley are a nice garnish.