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i mean i dont disagree....but come on man i wanted that cute older sheith i expected QUALITY 😂😂


older/adult sheith headcanons (real edition):

  • they own multiple dogs. like the big bloofy kind. just let me have this.
  • shiro thinks he likes horror movies but every time he watches one he ends up living in total terror for the next week. like “can you come with me to the kitchen” scared. and he lies in bed thinking to himself, i’m an adult, there’s no way i’m too scared to go the bathroom but he is. he really is.
  • keith likes overboard chinese action/gangster films and watches them obsessively. like the 80s kind with the tinny out-of-sync dub.
  • keith definitely owns a motorcycle. he’s not one of those guys that names it, but lbr he would be heartbroken if anything happened to it. and by anything i mean “it got scratched keith. it’s not the end of the world.” “i know….” “wait, are you crying?”
  • shiro tries to grow a mustache at least once but concerned friends have to put their foot down and tell him some hard truths about it. 

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Disney’s “Mulan”

With Disney announcing a live-action version of Mulan, there’s been a lot of talk over who will play the lead female role. I saw the Chinese live-action film Mulan: Rise of a Warrior years ago but I’m excited for a Hollywood take on the story (that is, hoping they don’t butcher the film) as I loved the Disney animated film growing up.

Taking into consideration their acting chops, appearance and fluency in English, here are some of my personal picks for Mulan:

1) Yifei “Crystal” Liu

2) Rila Fukushima (Yes, highly unlikely because she’s Japanese but I still love her and will include her. And hey let’s not forget, Zhang Ziyi did play a geisha.)

3) Tang Wei

4) Zhu Zhu

4) Grace Huang

Who are your picks?