Disney’s “Mulan”

With Disney announcing a live-action version of Mulan, there’s been a lot of talk over who will play the lead female role. I saw the Chinese live-action film Mulan: Rise of a Warrior years ago but I’m excited for a Hollywood take on the story (that is, hoping they don’t butcher the film) as I loved the Disney animated film growing up.

Taking into consideration their acting chops, appearance and fluency in English, here are some of my personal picks for Mulan:

1) Yifei “Crystal” Liu

2) Rila Fukushima (Yes, highly unlikely because she’s Japanese but I still love her and will include her. And hey let’s not forget, Zhang Ziyi did play a geisha.)

3) Tang Wei

4) Zhu Zhu

4) Grace Huang

Who are your picks? 


Zhang Lanxin
Zhang was born 21 June 1986 in Beijing. Zhang was graduated from Beijing Sport University. Zhang was serving in the China National Taekwondo Team before she entered the entertainment industry. In 2004, Zhang won the champion in the National Taekwondo Championships (55 kilograms).
In 2012, Zhang made her film debut in CZ12, a Hong Kong-Chinese action film co-produced, written, directed by, and starring Jackie Chan. Zhang won the Best New Performer at the 9th Huading Awards, and was nominated for Best New Performer Award at the Beijing Student Film Festival and the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards. At the same year, Zhang won Most Potential Movie Actress Award at the LeTV Awards and Best New Performer Award at the MSN Fashion Party Awards. Zhang was cast in Police Story 2013, a Chinese-Hong Kong action crime film directed and written by Ding Sheng, and starring Jackie Chan.
In 2014, Zhang starred in a romantic comedy film called Who Moved My Dream with Leon Jay Williams and Viona Wang Xi-Yao. She also co-starred with Donnie Yen, Wang Baoqiang, Charlie Young and Michelle Bai in Kung Fu Killer.