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法律 (fǎ lǜ) - law

  • 法庭 (fǎ tíng) - court room
  • 律师 (lǜ shī) - lawyer
  • 诉讼 (sù sòng) - court case/ lawsuit
  • 嫌疑犯 (xián yí fàn) - suspect
  • 证据 (zhèng jù) - evidence
  • 犯罪 (fàn zuì) - to commit a crime
  • 被告人 (bèi gào rén) - defendant
  • 公诉 (gōng sù) - prosecution
  • 陪审团 (péi shěn tuán) - jury
  • 法官 (fǎ guān) - judge
  • 证人 (zhèng rén) - witness
  • 控告 (kòng gào) - charge
  • 抗辩 (kàng biàn) - plea
  • 保释金 (bǎo shì jīn) - bail
  • 判决 (pàn jué) - verdict
  • 无罪 (wú zuì) - innocent
  • 有罪 (yǒu zuì) - guilty
  • 判刑 (pàn xíng) - sentence
  • 监狱 (jiān yù) - prison
  • 无罪释放 (wú zuì shì fàng) - acquitted
  • 假释 (jiǎ shì) - parole
  • 上诉 (shàng sù) - appeal
  • 我要见律师 (wǒ yào jiàn lǜ shī) - i want to see a lawyer

hope this is helpful!! lmk if there are any mistakes :)

(vocab words are from the mandarin chinese to english visual bilingual dictionary)

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Wait I briefly saw the raws, what did seb do that makes everyone hate him now?? I'm probably blind or smth but hey (also lol I never liked him from the beginning so i guess Im blind bc I can't be disappointed lmao)

i’m not entirely sure bc i haven’t seen much of the chapter either, the chinese ver is up on manhua163 but u gotta b a VIP to buy them and. i honestly struggle to make an account so i doubt it’ll let me buy anything on there lmao, HOWEVER i guess he’s just ?? bein a dick, as always

GOT7’s Jackson Confirmed To Attend AMAs As Guest

GOT7’s Jackson will be part of the audience at the 2017 American Music Awards!

On November 17, a Chinese streaming website called Youku announced that Jackson will be attending the AMAs along with several other Chinese stars. According to fans, the AMAs are working with China’s Alibaba Group this year, and Jackson will be attending the event as one of Alibaba Tmall’s representatives.


Chinese Resources

+ MandarinChineseSchool: I think this one is ESSENTIAL to learning and mastering tones. It’s really the best way to not only get used to how Chinese sounds but to learn how to pronounce tones properly and see how they all fit into a sentence.

+ Learnchinese Huajie: This channel gives you a lot of vocabulary and it’s great for preparing for the HSK test.

+ Learn Chinese Now: A foreigner who’s really good at Chinese explaining words, grammar, and he also teaches a bit about Chinese culture.

+YangYangCheng: Watch the tone pair video, again it’s very helpful for learning tones. Overall she just teaches Chinese, she also has her own website.

+ ChineseSkill: Very similar to duolingo and includes a phrasebook and a multitude of other vocabulary when you finish the initial levels. Additionally, the app has a speaking practice option at the end of vocabulary themes that scales how your pronunciation of tones are.

+ Learn Chinese Daily - Awabe: Not like duolingo but it does give you themed vocabulary, although there’s not as many as ChineseSkill and less options than it.

These are both good for gaining vocabulary but make sure you double check definitions in a dictionary.

Dictionary apps:
+ Pleco: Extra features cost money, it has audio of native speakers, example sentences which are very helpful when learning a language, and you can add cards to a deck
+ Hanping Lite: Shows you the definition but not all possible definitions, no example sentences, no audio, but it shows you character strokes which Pleco doesn’t offer for free and it let’s you favorite cards like Pleco as well.

Messenger: If you really want to practice with native speakers then I suggest downloading wechat (a.k.a “weixin” 微信). Pretty much all Chinese people use it

Websites:, and
What more can I say? They teach Chinese grammar

I’m browsing a Chinese shopping website and they have a Father’s Day page with the greatest section headers I have ever seen.

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Hey love your blog :) I've been trawling through tumblr trying to find mandarin langblrs lol I've been learning mandarin for about 2 years now (but I'd class myself as an advanced beginner tbh) do you have any recommendations for any books or apps or websites or anything where you can read stories/any texts in mandarin? preferably at a beginner (but not too easy) level? thanks a bunch! Aliyah :)

I don’t have many beginner resources sadly, but i do have a few suggestions for things you should definitely check out and maybe save for later:

  1. Du Chinese: This is an app that has a bunch of short readings that range from easy to difficult. The readings are organized by HSK level so you can pick what level you want to read at. While reading, you can click on words you don’t know and the definition will appear on the top of the screen. Also, if you hold down on the word, a couple bubbles will pop up above the word and one of them gives you the option to save the word to a vocab list that you can review. Reading the stories is free when they come out but, after a week or two, you have to pay to view each story. It would be nice to have free access to all the stories, but you still have access to the vocab so that’s a plus.
  2. 漫画人 Manhuaren is an app i’ve talked about on my blog before. It’s an app where you can read manga translated into Mandarin for free. It’s a Chinese app, so everything is in Mandarin. Also, I was unable to find it in my phone’s app store, so I had to go to the app’s website on my phone and download it from there. It’s a resource intended for native speakers so the manga might be difficult to get through but if you’re interested in this it’s definitely something you should check out.
  3. 短美文 Duanmeiwen and 短文学 Duanwenxue are two websites where native speakers post short pieces of writing. The content ranges from poems to short essays about almost any topic imaginable. These are also made by and for native speakers of Mandarin so the website is in Mandarin and the content will be slightly more difficult to understand, but there’s definitely some interesting stuff on here. (A really simple piece I recommend is 你知道我喜欢你吗. I made a vocab list here if you’re interested)
  4. 成语故事大全 Chengyu Gushi Daquan is a website that has the stories behind a bunch of 成语 chengyu (set expressions that are typically four characters long that refer to a story or historical event; they’re like idioms but a little different).
  5. Chinese Reading Practice: this website has short stories and poems with English translations and relevant notes. It was created to help people learning Mandarin so it’s a little different than the other resources. Everything is divided by level of difficulty. It also has a scrollover dictionary feature, so you can see the definition of words when you scroll your cursor over them. 
  6. 童话故事 tonghuagushi: this has a bunch of fairy tales. I haven’t really explored this site much but it looks promising.

Another suggestion I have is to find some Chinese or Taiwanese musicians, actors, models, etc., that you like and follow them on social media. They’ll usually make really short posts and they sometimes use slang or more colloquial expressions that you might not learn when using a textbook.

Like I said, I don’t have many beginner resources for reading so I’m sorry if this isn’t helpful right now. If anyone else has some other suggestions though that would be great!

One of the things I am most impressed about Daehwi is that he never cried. Although the Knets have had their pick of the week when it came to trainees they hate, everyone knows no trainee has had it as hard as Daehwi.

He was hated for being “too ugly to be center”, hated for “being too ambitious” (as if this isn’t a competition), hated for “putting others down” (by saying something that every other team also said), hated for being feminine or excited or dancing. Even when people explained that the plagiarism thing was probably an evil edit, people still hated him so much that random comments telling him to screw off leave the show would be top voted with thousands of upvotes.

Heck, go onto Chinese websites today and people are still reluctant to praise him for his great performance in the last episode, they would sourly say stuff like “now that he is quieted down I guess I can stand him”, “he seems less ugly now that he is put in his place”, “just continue to go down, Daehwi I don’t hate you but 12th is just right for you". It makes my blood boil. Haters can suck on their bitter “praise” and just screw off.

Through all this, through the hardest of times, Daehwi never cried. (I am not saying that crying is wrong.) A 16-year-old who could have just debuted happily through his own company came onto this show, got smashed for everything he did and still stood firm. He quietly admitted his mistakes and he quietly said he will improve.

And when it is time to stand on the stage, he confidently smiled and blew a handful of confetti and won the hearts of everyone. He said “Sewoon hyung has the guitar and Dongho hyung has center and me and Minki hyung will figure something out to grab their attention just once.” And he did.

He doesn’t need your pity. He won’t cry for it. He needs your vote and he will grab it with his talent. Wait and see.
China bans depictions of gay people on television
Content that ‘exaggerates dark side of society’ is banned from TV – from homosexuality to adultery, showing cleavage and even reincarnation
By Hannah Ellis-Petersen

Is 2018 just 2016 redux?

Last week the Chinese government pulled a popular drama, Addicted, from being streamed on Chinese websites as it follows two men in gay relationships, causing uproar among the show’s millions of viewers.

The government said the show contravened the new guidelines, which state that “No television drama shall show abnormal sexual relationships and behaviours, such as incest, same-sex relationships, sexual perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, and so on.”

The ban also extends to smoking, drinking, adultery, sexually suggestive clothing, even reincarnation.

So today it was confirmed that there would be an 8th Character Song (picture taken the Chinese website to follow up the Levi and Erwin songs, and that is the Beast Titan’s Song titled “Ceaseless Animosity”! It’s set to release on August 1st as a bonus to the Season 2 Blu-Rays. Coincidentally, that is also Zeke’s birthday in the manga. At the moment, it’s unknown if it will have a separate release like the remaining songs.

And of course, the song will star the Beast Titan’s voice actor, Koyasu Takehito, who hasn’t done any music-related work in a while, so this should be exciting and definitely something to look forward!

As with the other releases, Ceaseless Animosity will contain the song, its Instrumental version as well as two monologue sequences, unlike one like the other songs. The information (Be aware, that some translations may or may not be inaccurate) states that one of them will be the typical monologue we get in the other songs, while there is no information about the second one. It could be a Part 2 or some other type of content. Really excited for it!

Please refer back to this original post if there are any uncertainties!

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Hi, I found your yt channel a few days ago serching for language learning tips. I'm italian (hence my not-so-good english) and I've graduated two weeks ago with a BA in Foreign Languages. I speak EU Portuguese and a bit of French, but I'm completely fascinated by Mandarin. My problem is: i don't know where to start. What was you method? Thank you, you really inspire me :D

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, my inbox has been very full! I hope you didn’t wait too long :( And thank you so much for watching my videos! Also, congratulations on your graduation! It’s also great that you want to start with Mandarin. 

Here are some practical tips that I hope you will find useful. Good luck! 加油!
EDIT: I’ve answered this question in a video format here! <3

Where to start when learning Mandarin Chinese?

1. Learn basic Hanzi (Chinese characters)
Learn some basic Chinese characters. It’s a good idea to learn the stroke order from the start so you get used to writing them correctly and that you don’t suffer down the line. Start on the right foot. I suggest you learn the 100 most common Chinese characters as a start. Keep in mind the tips for stroke order, like left to right, left vertical stroke (usually) before top horizontal stroke etc (source).

2. Learn basic grammar structures
Chinese grammar is remarkably simple and similar to English. Learn grammar online or from textbooks and write down the grammar structures with as many different words as you can. 

3. Get a textbook and dictionary
My favorite dictionary app is Pleco. It’s great! A paper dictionary is good too, especially if you have to look up radicals. A good textbook I can recommend is New Practical Chinese Reader.  Integrated Chinese is good too. I also used Berlitz Basic Mandarin Chinese but it’s quite basic and slow, but the audio is great. If you can’t afford a textbook, there are many free resources online. Memrise is great for learning vocabulary quickly. The BBC also has online lessons.

4. Up your vocab by translating songs
You can check the pinyin and translation of song lyrics (if you have the Chinese original) on a website like Purple Culture. I like translating songs because the lyrics stick in my memory, so I remember them better. Writing the song down in a notebook and writing the meanings above the words is also a good way to learn. You can also replace words in sentences if you learn new words, as long as you keep the grammar correct. If you need lists of Chinese singers, feel free to ask me or just conduct a Youtube search for most popular songs in China or Taiwan :)

5. Watch movies and TV shows in Chinese with subtitles.
You can learn new words from the subtitles and you’ll be exposed to a natural accent a lot. Listening is excellent practice. You can repeat the words too to test your pronunciation. Speaking of, if you don’t know if you’re saying something right, Forvo is a fantastic site to hear natural pronunciations of stuff. 

6. Get a language partner 
Make sure to find someone who is serious about pracrticing and will fix your mistakes and teach you. You can find a partner on mylanguageexchange, interpals or HelloTalk app. 

7. Download apps to practice
HiNative: Ask questions and get quick answers from natives
iTalki: Write a diary entry and get corrections
LingoDeer: Excellent app for learning Mandarin Chinese from scratch
HelloTalk: Good to meet native speakers with and practice
WeChat: Chinese chatting app where you can meet people and chat, but not specific to language learning
Chinese Skill, etc. Tons of apps in the app store!

8. Keep track of your progress
Write a diary, even if your sentences are basic. It will force you to look up and learn new words, and you’ll be using the language and learning without actually studying. Tracking your progress will keep you motivated, too!

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I've read that author release MDZX book? Do you know where I can buy official book and official merchandise please?

Hi! Yes, Mo Dao Zu Shi is originally a novel and here is the official site where you can purchase its latest version. Do note that it’s in Chinese and we rely on the amazing exiledrebelsscanlations for the english translations (currently still in progress). As for the official merchandise, I haven’t heard of it being shipped worldwide? If anyone has an idea, do tell!

EDIT: Check out these posts here and here.

My take on bought vs made costumes

I would like to start off by saying: Cosplay is stupid and we’re all stupid and we want to dress up like fictional characters so none of this really matters in the long run. We all want to be a part of this big dumb community and whatnot so, whatever.

That being said

Who Fucking Cares. Wear what you want. Just don’t be an asshole.

My personal opinion:

I don’t buy any of my cosplay stuff from Taobao or Aliexpress or Miccostumes or anything mainly because like, I know that shit’s mass produced and often questionable quality.

if I’m going to buy anything cosplay-wise its going to be from another cosplayer who I know has experience in the field, and who I know has done a great job with their work.

My bodysuit from Captain Marvel? This bodysuit that went fucking viral after Katsucon:

I commissioned that from Too many Heroes because I saw their work up close on someone else’s spiderman suit and I was really impressed by it.

The Medusa cosplay I’m currently upgrading? I bought it from a cosplayer who didn’t want it anymore.

The Cynthia cosplay i’m waiting for in the mail? I found that through a cosplay for sale group on Facebook.

So like, go ahead and buy costumes. Professional level cosplayers still buy some costume pieces. Some profesional level cosplayers buy whole costumes. A lot of the people who have popular cosplay Patreons do nothing but buy their costumes. Buy them from wherever you want I don’t give a fuck. But if you know you can get something from a good crafter and not an overpriced chinese mass selling website or a company like Miccostumes, then by all means please support other cosplayers.


Official Oni Mask art taken from the chinese version of the website since the US and other countries I tried weren’t updated yet.

According to Tommy A.
Purple - Mask of Hatred
Orange - Mask of Deception
Red - Mask of Vengeance

From a magazine…
Mask of Hatred - gives you invincible ‘lavastone” for skin
Mask of Deception - gives you the ability to control objects with your mind
Mask of Vengeance - makes you a master swordsman with two extra arms