chinese yo yo

What do Chinese people say when they just can’t even? 心塞 (xīn sāi)! - literally, “Heart attack!” Say this when something unexpected (but not serious) happens to you, and you can’t even think of a way to react. Like when you spill hot coffee on your pants, step in a puddle, or find a hair in your food!

What makes you feel 心塞 (xīn sāi)?

Example sentences:
我踩到口香糖的时候,我就觉得很心塞!(wǒ cǎi dào kǒu xiāng táng de shí hou, wǒ jiù jué de hěn xīn sāi) - Whenever I step in gum, I just can’t even handle it!

我好心塞!我新的iPhone掉进水坑了! (wǒ hǎo xīn sāi! wǒ xīn de iPhone diào jìn shuǐ kēng le) - I can’t even! My new iPhone fell into a puddle!


It was a pleasure to be able to work on the Ladybug Zine with all the talented artists involved. Thanks May for organizing this for a very good cause. These are my submissions to the zine! I hope everyone will get their copy safely.

#1 was inspired by tarot cards obviously! The lily of the valley is a flower associated with luck in France so I wanted to enclose our protags in it with the appropriate card.

#2 was Chinese inspired, I really wanted to draw Ladybug wield a Chinese yo-yo in lieu of her usual one, so this piece was born.  

Who needs Valentine’s Day?! Show your disgust for this love-crazed tradition with 肉麻 (ròu má) – cheesy; nauseating.

If you overhear a friend talking to his or her Valentine, you should say: 你说得太肉麻了!我要吐了!(nǐ shuō de tài ròu má le! wǒ yào tù le) - “You’re too cheesy and nauseating! I’m going to be sick!" 

This is long overdue, but I promised Xingese that I would doodle her some Ling/Lan Fan! I didn’t know which Ling you preferred so I added both owo

Use this easy phrase to tell people what you’re wild for!

我为____疯狂 (wǒ wèi ___ fēng kuáng)!

我为披萨疯狂 (wǒ wèi pī sà fēng kuáng) - I’m wild for pizza!

我为学习中文疯狂 (wǒ wèi xué xí zhōng wén fēng kuáng) - I’m wild for studying Chinese!

我为王力宏疯狂 (wǒ wèi wáng lì hóng fēng kuáng) - I’m wild for Wang Lihong (a Chinese pop star)!

What are you wild for?

Don’t judge a book by its cover! 不要以貌取人 (bú yào yǐ mào qǔ rén)!
This Chinese idiom, or 成语 (chéng yǔ), is super useful when telling someone not to judge someone or something by appearance only. Use it on the next friend that tells you Chinese is too hard to learn. 😄
不要以貌取人 (bú yào yǐ mào qǔ rén)!