chinese typo


Lok Ng (吳文華) typography design / 2 

awt design Inc. Founder

between 2008 - 2013 

Lok Ng (吳文華) 字體設計 / 2

芸術廣告設計 創始人

2008 - 2013 之間作品

『聖誕海報 Christmas poster』

『新 ever changing』

『花 art flower』

『兒童節 Children’s day』

『驚 be frightened』

『芸術設計公司 字體海報 awt design Inc. Typo poster』

『愛廣州 Love Guangzhou』 

Tbh, JP also has somewhat mixed responses when it comes to junshi. Some took it as it is and wondered which SC would be involved in such an act, some thing it might be a typo and it should’ve been ‘killed in action’ (which is what Chinese scanlators did).

Typos happen in magazines and they usually announce it around a couple of chapters later but I also wonder if it was meant that way or if it was a typo;;