chinese tarot

I need to talk about this Tarot deck I bought a while back…

it was from Ebay, a Chinese Tarot deck for 5 bucks plus free shipping, I collect odd tarot/divination decks so I swiped it up!

Oh my, idk why I was expecting something better…but here we go. 

The cards range from “copy the same design and use different colors”:

to “Where did your arm go?”:

to idk fam what is this?:

I don’t even know which card is which and I found no info on the deck itself (it’s called the “Constellation Tarot”) but they give me a great laugh when I need it!

What the Signs can expect from 2015:
  • Aries: A dark and brooding lesbian Virgo will knock on your door on the 5th wednesday of the month, asking for a kilo of sugar. You will give her the sugar and she will leave. You will both feel enlightened by the experience.
  • Taurus: You will embark upon a new sexual and emotional experience… By yourself: no-one loves you.
  • Gemini: Love - true love - is just around the corner. This love will be the be-all and end-all of your spiritual journey to personal nirvana, as you enter into a true partnership with this sultry, black mistress: it’s a cat.
  • Cancer: Cancers will all get crabs by the third tuesday of the month. No exceptions.
  • Leo: During this month, the monthly magazine “Horse and Hound” will release a new issue. Buy it.
    [This Horoscope was sponsored by Horse and Hound, your monthly guide to dogging and pony-play.]
  • Virgo: Literally nothing will happen to you.
  • Libra: There is an equal chance of your death via 5-finger-death-punch from an irked rhinoceros as there is of smart people believing in Horoscopes. Fear it.
  • Scorpio: Your emotional stability rests largely on Leo’s third moon trining Uranus, and on Sagittarius’ first moon aspecting Jupiter. Don’t be a moron and you’ll probably survive the month.
  • Sagittarius: You’ll start a new channel for one of your more hipster artistic fancies. No-one will follow you.
  • Capricorn: An old romance will revive. You won’t know what to think, at first. Perhaps there was a reason you left them behind? Perhaps your past was where your passion has remained, and rekindling this romantic affair could rejuvenate your sexual appetite? Since Jupiter is in the 19th house of the Plutonian Estate: you’re going to have intercourse on the first date, you sluts.
  • Aquarius: This month smells of money! This could be your big chance to make some serious dough! However, it comes with a catch - reblog this post every day for a week, and riches await! Should you fail to do this, your entire savings will vanish, and your pets will mutiny against you. Beware Cancer -  it’s always a good idea to get checked. Maybe donate to Macmillan.
  • Pisces: You’ll experience a surging desire for rational thought, and realise Horoscopes are really dumb.

me-long-ago  asked:

Hi okolnir! I'm not the type of person to do fan art, I mainly do personal work, paintings mostly. I went to Comic Con's artist alley last year and it was really hard for me, emotionally... I sold 5 postcards, and only because they were fan art (the only fan art I made). How can someone sell personal work? And also, how can someone be known on the internet? I've tried so much and nothing worked, I've given up... :(

original works are much harder to sell than fanart sometimes, because there is no connection between it and the buyer. Fanart’s connection to the buyer is that common interest of the character, much more so than the execution of the art, and that is what original art lacks because people don’t know the characters. The solution could be, you build your characters and your world into something that people might be interested in and become more familiar to–an IP, like what I’m doing with my comic, or you forget about that and go straight for relatability in theme.

A piece can be made much more relatable to the buyer if there is a theme that is relatable; that’s why a lot of OCs in romantic–or any other emotional–setting are popular despite them being original work, because that aspect of the piece is relatable. That is also why certain themes like the chinese zodiac, astrology, tarot cards, are popular with artists who do their own original interpretations and they are welcomed by fans. That theme is the interest and connection your work has with the viewer, and through the theme the viewer is introduced to your skill, your characters, your ideas. 

becoming known on the internet is hard just by yourself is harder these days because it’s so saturated with good and/or already popular artists. the tried and true easy way up is always doing good, well thought out fanart, to draw people to be interested in your art in general, and then introducing them to your own original work that you build up afterwards. but either way, you have to spend an insane amount of time building things up unless you are lucky or majorly selling out/mooching off the success of already popular individuals and groups. You’re going to be unknown and unappreciated for years probably, while working your hardest to pour your soul out onto the canvas during those same years, before you can build up enough to go anywhere. You have to commit to these failures and underappreciation if you want to go anywhere, and it is really hard on the artist. The healthiest thing you can do I guess is to work on art, for yourself, rather than banking on the success and recognition to make your work worthwhile. Make it enjoyable and make the art’s completion worthwhile for yourself, make it a hobby without reward, and instead be happy if it happens to work out financially. The more benefits you hope to get out of art, the more pressured and disappointed you are going to be with it, and the less genuine your art is going to be.

Happy Lunar New Year!


From your resident Chinese witch.

In honor of this wonderful time of year, I’ve decided to give free readings with the Chinese Tarot by Jui Guoliang.

I have never used this deck in readings but it should be interesting. I’m basically using this festive occasion as an excuse to get to know this deck more :P

Message/Ask me during Lunar New Year with your zodiac animal and you’ll receive your free reading (The animal won’t be used in the reading, it’s just for fun knowing what animal you are) (I’m a tiger btw)