chinese take out box

Concept: I’m laying on your lap while you play with my hair and our puppy snuggles against your leg. Chinese take out boxes are stacked neatly on the coffee table. A rerun of our favorite show is playing in the background. We don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow except in bed with each other. The bad feelings have left and we’ve finally made it.

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#Austin100: whoismitski, “Townie”

Over fuzzy guitars and a doo-wop beat, “I’m not what my daddy wants me to be” was one of the most understated yet resonant lines of 2014, from Mitski’s late-year album Bury Me At Makeout Creek. It’s also the inspiration for director Faye Orlove’s animated video, which features hair clips, text messages, Chinese take-out boxes and a few NSFW images, playfully rendered in thick lines and a pink-and-orange palette.

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Fill this cute takeout favor box with sweets, chocolates, desserts, treats & gifts

  • Measurement : 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 4 inches
  • Description : made of high quality food grade board. Oil and water resistant. With wire handle.
  • Price (per piece) : 
  • <100 RM1.20
  • 100-499 RM1.10
  • >500 RM1.00