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Power Couple

This is a modern redesign of Azula. I was going for a modern version of a cheongsam or was it a qipao (forgot which was which), but then i realised that it suited her better without the collar and when it was completely sleeveless. She is much older than 14 in this drawing. In this scenario, Azula’s no longer crazy. I kind of believe that her craziness was caused and not something she was completely born with. I mean come on, being abandoned by your mom, being raised by a psycho-dad, being betrayed by your friends (and family), that takes a huge toll on a 14 year old. So I believe that she deserves a happy ending, eventually. Like, she deserves to be with her family again, not shamed, and be a princess again, and find love and stuff. Well, generally be happy. But like be strong again and still her but become the best version of herself. (Love and affection from her family definitely helps) Also, this isn’t Zuko. His name is Kazuo. He’s my character. They aren’t related. If you want to know more about him, his character sheet is here


The Master is a wizard in his own mind

So I got my first Hot Toys body today for the Master. Aside from some squeakily tight joints, it far surpasses all other male action figure bodies that I have ever encountered. It can even do a decent fetal position!

I also got my second “Chinese suit,” as the first one’s plastic snaps broke off. I replaced the snaps on the first with some metal snaps, only to discover that the snap position interfered with all that cool HT neck range of motion. Ugh. Fine. I guess he’ll be wearing something less restrictive. Hey, at least the pants are nice.

Now on his new and improved body, the Master is wearing the same pants and shoes as before, but I swapped out the “Chinese suit” jacket for a shirt that I commissioned from @dollsahoy about 16 or so years ago. I requested a sort of poet’s blouse with a black flaming vest so that I could make a doll of me in my Modern Wizard form. Anyway, apparently this shirt also fits HT male figs! Huzzah! Here’s the Master discussing his clothes with the Stylist:   

Panel one: “So…what are you calling that look?” 

Panel two: [thinking]

Panel three: “This is the ‘Everything else is in the wash, and I lost my favorite pair of gloves’ look.” 

Panel four: “I think it needs a pointy hat and a cape.” / “Indeed. Would you believe that I misplaced those too?”

#100days100women Day 58: Qui Jin
Qui Jin was a part of revolutionary groups working for the overthrow of the Quing Dynasty in early 20th -century China. Found out by the authorities she refused to leave her school, and was arrested and publicly executed. Her execution soured public opinion and she was immediately seen as a martyr.
She was also a poet, writer, editor, teacher, martial artist, swords-woman and enjoyer of suits. She was a passionate feminist and advocate of women’s rights, and remains a symbol of women’s independence to this day.


I feel that the most obvious choice for Christmas Classical music would be Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. Why wouldn’t it be? It may be the most iconic piece of music he wrote, with melodies that are well known all over the world. This music has been used in every medium of pop culture, and is unavoidable during the holiday season. Despite how lovable the work is, it can be tiring to once again put on the same orchestral suite every year. That’s why today, I’ve decided to share,

Tchaikovsky - Suite from The Nutcracker [transcribed for piano duo]

I. Miniature Overture

II. Danses caractéristiques

  • a. Marche
  • b. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  • c. Russian Dance (Trepak)
  • d. Arabian Dance
  • e. Chinese Dance
  • f. Reed-Flutes

III. Waltz of the Flowers

While the charm in recognizable melodies remain, the change of color and texture can put a new spin on an otherwise familiar work. Plus, I always find chamber reductions are great for making a larger orchestral work feel more intimate, while also highlighting the complexity of the musical architecture.

Stay tuned, for more Christmas music, this week on Musica in Extenso! 

- Nick O., Editor


((it’s China/Yao this time! :D))

((from left to right:

1. Red Changshan (canon), 2. Chinese suit/tangzhuang, 3. Hanfu, 4. Beach, 5. Black jacket, 6. Formal suit, 7. Military uniform (canon), 8. Training, 9. 2P China, and the rest are the short hair version <3

Sorry for the slight inactivity, I have a really bad internet connection these days and also a job deadline. I probably will answer the questions in friday or saturday ><))