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[Special Features] Royz『Red Desire「LILIA」』in ASIA TOUR Interview at Beijing

After 6 months, Royz had successfully held their 2nd Asia Tour “Royz 2nd ASIA TOUR 2014 SPRING ONEMAN TOUR<Red Desire「LILIA」>in ASIA”. Their new year also started with it. Before opening of the performance in Beijing, musicJAPANplus had a chance to enter the backstage and talked with the members. 

– This time is your second Asia Tour. Compared to the past, had you seen any change or growth in yourself?

Subaru: Through last tour, we got to know what songs Chinese like. So this time we rearranged the set list.

Kazuki: A special set list!

– How you decided your set list when you were arranging it?

Subaru:There is a song titled “Sourenka” is very popular among Chinese fans, so we use this kind of song at each live show…Although I might be wrong but I heard there is this certain type of song Chinese fans love to listen, then we tried to use this for this show. 

– Royz has been well known among Chinese fans since the last tour. So what kind of new Royz do you want to show this time?

Subaru: Since last tour was our first Asia Tour, I felt that there are some places we did not do enough for it. So this time we tried to change and improve on those. We hope Chinese fans would like it.

– How about the live in Shanghai which had just ended the day before yesterday? What is your impression of Chinese fans?

Subaru: It was our first time to visit Shanghai.

Kuina: It was the first time to Shanghai, the feeling and atmosphere were a little different with Japan’s. The feeling of “We are being waited for” was much stronger than in Japan; Fans also expressed their excitement in a very straight forward way. I was so glad and excited to experience different environment outside of Japan. 

Kazuki: I’d privately travelled to Shanghai once, so I had always been looking forward to performing in Shanghai. And fans from Shanghai were waiting for us the whole time. Finally we made it and the performance was great as we expected. I’m very happy.

Koudai: As members said, it was our first time to go to Shanghai as Royz, but atmosphere of performance did not feel like “first time”. Fans has been listening to our music, preparing for the live and waiting for us since the very beginning. Through the live, I could really feel that “we have been waiting for Royz the whole time” everywhere. It was very lively, without “first” feeling and I’m really happy.

Tomoya: I felt the same. Despite it was first time, there Even if they did not know some parts of the movement, they looked at Subaru carefully and enjoyably copied him. So I could really feel that they have been waiting for us. I feel happy and fun.

– For overseas tour, the time spend on travelling is very long. During the travel or rehearsal, any excitement in between?

Subaru:It was hard to move those luggages! Because China is pretty wide, we travel via airplane. Not only luggages, but we also brought equipment as well, carrying them was tough!were some fans already remembered Furitsuke(dance movement). 

– Do you had any difficulties or inconveniences to live outside Japan? 

Subaru: I am fine. Of course I like Japan, but since it’s overseas, food, life and culture are all foreign style. So for us, it’d be better for us to accept and love them. For example, though we want to drink miso soup, eat ochazuke and nikujaga, it is impossible. 

– Among Chinese dishes you had along this tour, which you think it was the best?

Subaru: the one we had yesterday…fried eggplant? What is the name of that? (asking staff)

Staff:Di San Xian.(Fried Potato, Green Pepper & Eggplant)

Subaru:Yeah! Di San Xian!! It was so delicious.

– By the way, how did you decide your hotel room?

Subaru: (laugh) One room!

– All members stayed in that one room?

Subaru:Yeah! We are staying together in one room. The room is very big.

– Did you have time to go sightseeing?

Subaru:Sightseeing? We only had that when we go for lunch/dinner…(laugh)

– If you were free, which sightseeing spots do you want to visit from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Taipei?

Subaru: I do really want to go there! Tiananmen Square.

Members: We have not been there yet!

– Lately did you remember any Chinese words?

Subaru:Love without borders.


Members: (laugh)

Kazuki: Milk tea

Koudai: No problem.

Tomoya: How do you do.

– You have been doing Asia Tour for 2 years continuously. Do you want to go any other countries?

Subaru: I want to go Holland!

Kuina: London.

Kazuki: Germany.

Koudai: India.

–Sorry, I did not ask clearly before. This question is asking about if you have chance to perform outside Asia, which country you want to go?

Koudai: Performance?

Members: (laugh)

Tomoya: I hope to visit Europe.

– Recently you visited Macau as company trip. Except bungee-jumping, anything that left a deep impression in you?

Subaru: We bought beer at convenience store then cheered at garden. It was fun and special.

– New single “LILIA” is going to release soon. Could you introduce the concept of this song?

Subaru: It is Aestheticism. Rose, skull and the cross whoever see them will clearly know it is Visual Kei.

– The year of 2014 has just begun. What did you do during new year holiday?

Subaru: Practiced in the studio with members.(laugh)

Tomoya: After countdown live, we took a rest then went to studio, and took a rest, then came to China.

– What is your goal or what do you want to challenge in 2014?

Subaru:I want to sing better.

Kuina:I want to build muscles.


Koudai:I put more effort on writing songs.

Tomoya: I want to tune the drum well.

– At last please leave a message for your overseas fans.

Subaru:Thanks for coming our second Asia Tour! During the tour, we copied a Chinese song titled “Happy New year”. But next time I want to try to sing our songs in Chinese lyrics. If we have chance come back again I will do it, please listen by then!

Kuina: It is true that we are quite difficult to go or come to see each other. So I really appreciate and cherish the precious opportunity of us meeting each other. It is my pleasure if you came to see me.

Kazuki:That’s true. I think for overseas fans internet is the only way that enjoy our music or connect with us. But our performance also has a lot of fun. I will be much happier if people could feel it.

Koudai:Overseas is not the place where we can frequently visit. For some people, maybe it is the only chance to see Royz performance. So I treasure every performance. I will work hard to come again, please wait for us!

Tomoya:Since overseas ain’t easy to go, I value this very special and precious short time when we could meet… I like happy things; I will try my best to make fans happy in our performance and back home with a big smile face. It is my pleasure if you could enjoy the show. Thank you!

credit : musicjapanplus