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Xie Huang Yu, Shanghai

Urban development continues at a record breaking pace here in Shanghai, and many of the old school mom & pop restaurants are closing up shop as their property is getting bought up by hotel and mall developers. Over the last 12 months since we moved here, I’ve seen two of my favorite noodle shops and two of my favorite dumpling makers shut their doors in Xintiandi. All on the same block! So the affordable, and authentic, lunch options near our office are dwindling. But yesterday, my friend Snowing told me about Xie Huang Yu, a local restaurant only a few blocks away that recently renovated and upgraded (and raised their prices) but still offers classic Shanghainese dishes without breaking the bank…

Xie Huang Yu is a cozy space where communal seating is encouraged. You must order at the counter before finding a table though, where a new picture-filled electronic menu board now offers English translations! Pay, take a number and find a seat. Your food arrives in about five minutes…

The deep-fried pork chop is one of the house specialties here and not to be missed…

Cost: 15 rmb or about $2.00 US.

The spicy pork over noodles was excellent…

Cost: 32 rmb or about $4.50 US.

Chinese cabbage fried in vinegar…

Cost: 18 rmb or about $2.50 US.

And one of Xie Huang Yu’s other house specialties, as they’re known for their seafood, crab and crab roe over noodles…

Cost: Their priciest dish at 58 rmb or about $8.50 US.

Sure, it’s not the two buck bowls of noodles we used to get a few months back, but a tasty local lunch for two like this for under twenty dollars I can still deal with.

Xie Huang Yu just became a weekly stop on my lunch circuit!


(Right next to The Brewer)

202 Taicang Road


  1. 15.09.2015 - YG releases iKON’s Warm-up single “My type”
  2. iKON stays number #1 on national and international charts for more than 10 days (takes place of songs that stayed on #1 for weeks)
  3. 15.09.2015 - iKON hits melon roof for the 18th time leaving bands like exo with 15 hits and beast with 16 hits behind (first ever rookie band to hit melon chart on their debut)
  4. 26.09.2015 - iKON wins on MBC “Music Core” with their warm-up single “My type” (first rookie band to win without promoting)
  5. 27.09.2015 “My type” hits 6 Million views on youtube after only 12 days 
  6. 27.09.2015 - iKON’s first win with “My type” on Inkigayo
  7. 01.10.2015 - YG releases iKON half album + 2 title track MV’s (rythm ta & Airplane)
  8. 01.10.2015 - iKON’s half-album clinches the #1 spot on the iTunes chart of 11 countries
  9. 03.10.2015 - iKON holds debut concert “Showtime” in front of over 13,000 people (tickets were sold out in seconds)
  10. 04.10.2015 - iKON performs their officially debut stage on Inkigayo
  11. 04.10.2015 - iKON’s second win with “My type” on Inkigayo (just 3 days after their official debut)
  12. 05.10.2015 - iKON takes #1 spot on “Melon popularity award” for the first week of october
  13. 8.10.2015 - iKONs #4 win in total after debut. This time on M! Countdown for “Rhythm ta”
  14. 5-10.10.2015 - iKON Half Album is #1 on “Tower Records” Japan’s Top 10 KPOP Albums for 2nd week of October!
  15. 12.10.2015 - iKON wins “Melon weekly choice awards” for the 3rd time
  16. 27.10.2015 - iKON achives a Trophy all-kill for “Melon weekly popularity Award”! 5 weeks = 5 trophies
  17. 28.10.2015 - iKONs half album (with 26.000 copies) on #16 of “Worlds Top 20 most selling albums” (even before artists like Sam Smith)
  18. 30.10.2015 - iKON is nominated for “Best new male artist” for MAMA 2015
  19. 07.11.2015 - iKON wins Melon Music Award for “Best new male artist”
  20. 11.11.2015 - iKON gets #4 on “Top 15 total downloads for male idol groups 2015” with 1,537,095 downloads in total & gets #9 on “Top 15 downloaded songs by male idol groups in 2015” for “my type” with 720,225 downloads right after EXOs “Call me baby” with 728,526 downloads
  21. 16.11.2015 - YG releases “Anthem”“Apology” MV’s at 00:00 KST
  22. 16.11.2015 - “Apology” hits Melon roof for the first time at 00:00 KST
  23. 16.11.2015 - “Apology” & “Anthem” Nr. 1 & Nr. 2 on Naver Music Top 100 (just hours after the release)
  24. 16.11.2015“Apology” ranked #1 in all (8) major music charts & “Anthem#2
  25. 16.11.2015 - IKON creates sensation upon comeback. Third time to sweep Nr. 1 on all major music charts in Korea in a row
  26. 17.11.2015“Apology” MV reaches 1M views on Youtube (just one day after its release)
  27. 18.11.2015 - “Anthem” MV reaches 1M views on Youtube (just two days after its release)
  28. 21.11.2015 - iKON holds fanmeet at „National indoor stadium“ in Bejing (with 18,000 seats)
  29. 23.11.2015 - iKON wins Melon’s “Popular Artist of the week” for the 6th time!
  30. 26.11.2015 - iKON’s new song “APOLOGY” takes No.1 on two of Gaon’s weekly charts
  31. 27.11.2015 - “My Type” MV reaches 15M views on Youtube
  32. 29.11.2015 - IKON’s “Apology” takes Nr. 1 spot on Inkigayo Charts, (5th win) IKON has three Number 1 singles now!
  33. 02.12.2015 - iKON wins the “Rookie of the Year” Award at 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)
  34. 24.12.2015 - iKON releases their debut album 100 days after the release of their first song “My Type”
  35. 24.12. 2015 - iKON releases 2 new MV’s What’s wrong & Dumb & Dumber
  36. 24.12.2015 - iKON takes No.1 on seven music charts with new songs of their debut full album
  37. 24.12. 2015 - “DUMB&DUMBER” takes No.1 on Melon, Korea’s biggest music-streaming website, as well as Soribada and NAVER Music“I MISS YOU SO BAD” is in the top on Bugs, Genie, and Mnet, and “WHAT’S WRONG?“ on Olleh Music
  38. 24.12.2015 - iKON is stays No.1 on iTunes chart of Asian countries including Macao, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
  39. 28.12.2015 - iKON banner is open on iTunes main page of USA, Japan, and Pan Asia countries Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  40. 30.12.2015 - IKON receives the “Best Group Award” at Netease Attitude Awards
  41. 6+7.01.2016 - All tickets for iKONCERT (10,000 seats) sold out in exactly 10 minutes (for both days)
  42. 07.01.2016 - iKON’s first full-length album debuts at Nr. 2 on Billboard’s “World albums chart”
  43. 08.01.2016 - „My type’ ranked #3 place on Music Bank (even 5 month after release)
  44. 13.01.2016 - iKON releases their debut Japanese album, “Welcome Back” (japan debut)
  45. 14.01.2016 - iKON wins #1 on M!Countdown (dumb & dumber)
  46. 14.01.2015 - iKON wins the “Best New Male Artist” Award at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards (4th Music Award win in total)
  47. 14.01.2016 - iKON’s japanese debut album “WELCOME BACK” sales 53,207 units on its first day
  48. 15.01.2016 - iKON takes No. 1 on the Oricon Charts in Japan (at the same time as their japanese debut)
  49. 20.01.2016 - iKON wins “Rookie of the year” at Golden Disk Awards 2016 (5th Music Award win in total // 4th time to win “Rookie of the year”)
  50. 21.01.2016 - iKON wins #1 on M!Countdown (dumb & dumber)
  51. 27.01.2016“My Type” hits 20 M views on Youtube
  52. 28.01.2016 - iKON wins #1 on M!Countdown with “Dumb & Dumber” (3 weeks in a row/triple crown)
  53. 17.02.2016 - iKON wins “Best New Male Artist” at Gaon Chart Awards 2016
  54. 17.02.2016 - iKON wins “Artist of the Year” for September 2015 (digital) at Gaon Chart Awards 2016
  55. 17.02.2016 - iKON reportedly 1st ever group to have a “Rookie Award Grand Slam” since SHINee 8 years ago!
  56. 29.02.2016“Rhythm-Ta” hits 20M views on youtube
  57. 02.03.2016“Airplane” hits 10M views on youtube
  58. 10.03.2016 - “Apology” hits 10M views on youtube
  59. 23.03.2016 - iKON wins “Album of the year by media” at the QQ Music Award
  60. 23.03.2016 - iKON wins “Best new force group” at QQ Music Award
  61. 28.03.2016 - YG releases ‘Welcome Back - Complete Edition’ Album in Japan
  62. 30.03.2016 - iKON Welcome Back - Complete Edition’ #1 on iTUNES Japan Album Chart (KPOP) even before Bigbang
  63. 01.04.2016 - iKON sets a record (among rookie groups) by surpassing 120,000 sales of their albums
  64. 01.04.2016“Dumb & Dumber” hits 10M views on youtube (#200DaysWithiKON)
  65. 15.04.2016 - iKON wins “Asian most popular korean group” at China Music Awards 2016 exactly 7 month after their debut!#7MonthWithiKON
  66. 30.05.2016 - YG releases #WYD MV (no promotion only for fans)
  67. 30.05.2016 - #WYD first genie roof hit 2 hours after it’s release!
  68. 30.05.2016 - #WYD ranked #1 on Melon only 2 hours after it’s release
  69. 30.05.2016 - #WYD is ranked #1 on 7 Music sites only 3 hours after it’s release
  70. 30.05.2016 - iKON ranked #5  “2016 RELEASES WITH THE MOST 1ST HOUR LISTENERS” and #1 in male groups
  71. 01.06.2016 - #WYD hits 1 M views on youtube, only a day after it’s release
  72. 06.06.2016 - iKON wins “Melon popularity award” for the1st week of june
  73. 11.06.2016 - iKON with #WYD at #2 on inkigayo (without any promotions during their asia showtime tour)
  74. 13.06.2016 - iKON wins “Melon popularity award” for the 2nd week of june
  75. 23.06.2016 - iKON ranked #9 (with dumb&dumber) “Top 10 Artists with Highest Scores on MCountdown (All Time)”
  76. 29.06.2016 - iKON wins 1st episode of “Heroes of Remix” with cover of “beijing beijing”
  77. 12.07.2016 - iKON wins 3rd episode of “Heroes of Remix” with “Master chou” x “Rhythm Ta” remix
  78. 24.07.2016 - iKON wins 5th episode of “Heroes of Remix”
  79. 28.09.2016 - iKON releases “Dumb&Dumber” mini Album in Japan / over 38k copies sold on the first day
  80. 28.09.2016 - iKON tops the ‘Oricon daily CD single rankings’ with “Dumb&Dumber” JPN mini album ( placed first on oricon chart twice in less than a year) + tops  ‘Billboard Japan single sales chart’
  81. 18.11.2016 - iKON wins “Best new artist award” at Japan record awards (JPN grammys) second Kpop group to win that award since Bigbang 7 years ago
  82. 21.11.2016 - iKON wins ‘Tencent QQ Music Star Award’ at MMA 2016
  83. 26.12.2016 - iKON ‘Welcome Back’ album wins in rookie category of “Best selling album” at ‘49th ORION annual ranking 2016′
  84. 26.12.2016 - iKON made over 640M Yen ($5.6M USD) from DVD’s, single album & full album. Concerts NOT included (they held 30 concerts alone in Japan for 2016)
  85. 29.12.2016 - iKON’s ‘Welcome Back’ Album on #3 of Orion Best selling K-pop Albums in 2016 with over 90k sold copies
  86. 05.01.2017 - iKON at #2 in Top 10 M!Countdown highest scores for 2016 (boy groups)
  87. 29.01.2017 - iKON at #5 with ‘My Type’ (1,613,177) in Top 40 most downloaded kpop boy group songs 2013-2017 (Right after exo and bigbang)
  88. 10.02.2017 - iKON confirmed to have a Japan Dome Tour in the middle of 2017. Break EXO’s record as the fastest non-Japanese group to make a dome tour after debut (exo = 3 years after debut // iKON = 1 year after debut)
  89. 24.02.2017 - iKON ‘My Type’ at #5 ‘Most downloaded boy group songs(2013-2017)’ with over 1.6M downloads. The only rookie group in top 10 (bigbang on 1/¾ & exo on 2)
  90. 26.02.2017 - iKON receives 2 awards from 'Japan Gold Disc Awards 2017. 'New Artist of the year’ & 'Best 3 New Artists’
  91. 22.05.17 - iKON releases two MV’s ‘BLING BLING’ & ‘B-DAY’ 
  92. 22.05.17‘BLING BLING’ hits 3M views only 24h after its release! ‘B-DAY’ hits 2M views
  93. 22.05.17 - iKON single album at #1 on iTunes World wide charts in 10 Countries
  94. 23.05.17 - iKON ‘BLING BLING’‘B-DAY’ go straight to #1 & #2 spot at Chinese QQ MV charts

 And the “monster rookies” continue to take over the music world.

[NEWS] G-Dragon’s “Untitled, 2014” Grabs Certified All-Kill

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has secured a certified all-kill with his new track!

After the song “Untitled, 2014” off his new album “Kwon Ji Yong” was released on June 8, it quickly took over Korea’s major realtime charts.

Once all the music sites had updated their daily song charts by 2:30 p.m. KST on June 9, “Untitled, 2014” was at No. 1 on both the daily and realtime charts on all six major music sites. Since the track also held the No. 1 spot on iChart’s own realtime chart, the song achieved what’s called a certified all-kill!

For “Untitled, 2014” to grab what is referred to as a “perfect all-kill,” it will need to remain at No. 1 on all these charts as well as take the top spot on iChart’s weekly chart.

G-Dragon’s new song has also been smashing it internationally, and swept worldwide iTunes charts soon after its release. As of June 9 at 11 a.m. KST, G-Dragon was also in the top spot on Chinese music site QQ Music’s charts for new songs, overall music videos, K-Pop music videos, and the trending index. Other songs on his new album have also taken high positions on the site’s charts.

Congratulations, G-Dragon!

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please continue the white boy series!! It's so good!!! whenever you get the time. love ya!

Originally posted by ianmickgallagher

White Girl:

White Boy Part 1

Fucking Gallaghers Part 2

Is She Telling The Truth? Part 3

This Feeling Part 4

Families Are The Best Part 5

A/N: I’m glad you enjoy the series & I hope you like this part of White Boy. I feel like this may be the ending of the “White Boy” series. Thank you darling, I love you too !

You sat on the porch with your phone in your hand, you eyes were beyond blurry all you could see was flashes of your brother smiling, laughing, playing dress up, comforting you, and just being happy. You balled both your fist when you heard footsteps approaching but you released your fist when you felt someone wrap their arms around you “We’ve got you hon.” You heard Fiona say as she held you closely brushing your hair as you began to break down in her arms “Why.. why would he do this..” you said in the midst of your tears.

Fiona turned you so you could face everyone but her arms still wrapped around you “We’re all here for you (Y/N).” V said sitting beside you touching you knee kissing your forehead. You saw everyone’s sad face but you realize the person you needed the most was missing “Where’s Carl?” You said softly now realizing how empty the street was without Carl there.  Everyone looked at each other as if trying to make an excuse for him “After you called him he bolted off, mumbling something about Dominique’s house.” Ian said bluntly with a sad expression still on his face.

“I’m sure it was for a good reason.” Fiona said trying to coo you in your time of need. You nodded but you were breaking inside, he lied to your face, he actually made you believe he wanted to be with you, your brother told you never trust a guy they all end up lying anyway. You got up slowly “Cops told me I had to identify the body and tell them what to do with him..” you said wiping your tears from your face. Everyone nodded as you all began walking, you were in between Lip and Ian who both felt your vibe and wrapped their arms around you “It could be worse, you could be one of us.” Lip said kissing your forehead.

You smiled slightly and shrugged not truly having words at the moment, the walk was quiet and nerve wrecking but once you finally arrived to the station you noticed the person you ruined everything but the only way so did everyone else Kev grabbed you and threw you over his shoulder “You fucking murder! I hope you rot in the worst part of hell!” Was all you got to say before Kev took you outside for a breath.

“I’m not good with all this supportive crap and being one with the higher balance but I’m good with saying this, that dirtbag is going to get what’s coming to him. So try not to kill him yet, Carl needs you in his life too.” Kev said scratching the back of his neck “Fuck him too, I needed him and where the fuck was he Kev? In another girl’s bed.” You said walking to the door of the station when you bumped into someone who wrapped their arms around you tightly.

“Baby, you’re okay.” You heard Carl’s voice in your ear and as much as you didn’t want to be mad at him you were, actually furious. “Before you chew me up and spit me out, I went to Dominiques house for her father, you know Sergeant Winslow. We tracked down that motherfucker baby, we brought him in, he wasn’t going to be free if I had anything to say about it.” Carl kissed your cheek and let you go as he watched the tears fall down your face, wiping them away with his thumbs.

“(Y/N), I want you. Not her. From the beginning it was about getting her back cause I really wanted to get her back but then I got to know you, I learned about you, I began to fall for you and I knew that she was no longer my worry but if I didn’t keep the idea that she was then I would’ve lost you.. and I couldn’t lose you (Y/N). Shit I love you for fuck-” you kissed Carl to shut him up “This Gallagher is the best way to prove yourself to me, I love you too White Boy.” You said kissing him softly.

“As long as I’m your White Boy, you’re Gallagher, your Carl and your boyfriend I’m good.” He said kissing you, deepening your kiss until you both heard something cough which caused you two to break apart “We’ve all been talking about where (Y/N) is going to have to live and since she has no live residents. We, well Kev decided it would be good for you to move with him, V, and Svetlana. Is that alright with you (Y/N)?” Fiona asked while everyone looked at you “Yeah, I love babies, but this whole sex thing, I don’t want to hear that.” You said chuckling softly “Well you’re going to be in my bed most of the time anyway babe, so you’ll be good.” Carl said holding you around you waist tightly moving you closer to him kissing your forehead.

You nodded looking at all these strangers that within a night became family. “FAMILY HUG!” Kev yelled hugging you and Carl which led everyone else to pile on, in that family hug you felt so much love in one place, you always wanted a big family but you never got it. Once everyone let go, you heard a rumbling sound from everyone stomach “Chinese?” Fiona asked which was answered with a lot of “yes” and “hell yeah” you all began walking to the chinese spot but before you could join the rest of the crowd you were held back by Carl.

“Babe, I need to ask you something?” he said looking at you with his sad eyes you brushed his hair away from his face “Okay.. what is it?” you asked slightly nervous to his question “Will be you be my White Girl?” he asked laughing as you playfully punched him rolling your eyes. “Of course, I’ll be your girlfriend, dickface.” you said kissing Carl’s cheek “Now can we go eat.” you said whining pulling on his arms gently “Okay, okay.” he said wrapping his arm around your waist as you began walking with the group. 

As soon as you all reached the Chinese spot you stepped in and felt Carl slap your ass “Ass still fat, and I love it, like I love you baby girl.” he said licking his lips winking at you causing you to roll your eyes and smirk “I love and hate you Carl Gallagher.” you said walking into the Chinese spot feeling warmth. “Thank you everyone..” you said softly smiling at all the amazing people in front of you.

Surprise! I’m Gay

@screaminginternalthoughts requested: Can I have a holtzmann x reader where the reader is into girls but holtz doesn’t realise despite the reader flirting with her and eventually reader suprises her by kissing her

Fandom: Ghostbusters
Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x reader
Word count: 752

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Chinese Grammar: Comparisons

My first grammar post! I hope there will be more to come. =}

Here are ways to compare things whether they be the same, or different, and also how something has improved/changed.

- bǐ: to compare/something is more ___ than something

  • 我弟弟比我高。/ 我弟弟的个子比我的高。 (Wŏ dìdi bĭ wŏ gāo. / Wŏ dìdi de gèzi bĭ wŏ de gāo.) - My little brother is taller than me./ My little brother’s height is taller than mine.
  • 我不比她高。 (Wŏ bùbĭ tā gāo.) - I am not taller than her.

…跟… 一样 - …gēn… yiyang: the same; as… as…

  • 这本书跟那本一样长。(Zhè běn shū gēn nà běn yīyàng cháng.) - This book and that one are both long.
  • 这个故事跟那个不一样好笑。 (Zhè ge gùshi gēn nà ge bù yīyàng hăo xiào.) - This story is not as funny as that one.

越来越 - yue lai yue: more and more

  • 他的个子越来越高。 (Tā de gèzi yuè lái yuè gāo.) - His height gets more and more tall.

Now, with these types of comparisons, you never add 很 (hěn) before the adjective. Usually to really add depth or exaggeration to just how something is much more than something else, add 多了(duō le) after the adjective.

e.g: 他比我高多了。 (Tā bĭ wŏ gāo duō le.) - He’s much taller than me.

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When Yixing returns to Korea, he appears tired and EXO kinda force him to the bedroom to get some rest. They start singing the song as a lullaby and Yixing is singing along because he has listened to it so many times to the point where he has learnt all the words. They try to make a Chinese version on the spot but their Mandarin is very limited and they keep mispronouncing words and they end up keeping Yixing awake instead but Yixing doesn't mind at all.

My sOBBIng asS Is reADY TO figHT YOu

NYPD Hit On Me Once: Interactions with Law Enforcement as a Black Girl

NYPD hit on me. Well, obviously, not the whole department. Just one officer. 

February 2015. It was cold and late but I was hungry. I was fortunate enough to live in an apartment that was near a couple Chinese spots that were open until 4 am. Now. Before you lecture me on the dangers of walking alone at night as a woman, I am very well aware of my limitations. The trip was three blocks and, since it was the wee hours of Sunday morning, the clubs were letting out; there were plenty of people on the street. 

Trigger warnings for police brutality, racism, misogyny, and sexual harassment under the cut.

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related to sawasprout comic 🌼 all the little plants in miyuki’s garden

also please see the amazing daiya plants by @narameval!

534 word drabble of soft Sprace

 Spot and Race weren’t always the nicest to each other. In public, they were constantly throwing insults and mocking each other. Around friends, they play fought and made empty threats with pet names that would be insults if it came from anyone else. They were harsh but never mean and behind closed doors they weren’t all that bad.

The jokes still stood in private, but they were usually followed by rough kisses and gentle touches. Mushy names were thrown around in a lasting competition to see who can make the most embarrassing nickname and cuddle sessions happened more than either boy would admit.

At the end of the day, Spot and Race would do anything for each other. Sure they might make a big deal out of it, but they would get it done with a secret smile. They’ll always be the type of guys to wear vulnerable hearts under an armor of hard looks and sharp tongues and they’ll always be the type of guys who are hopelessly, utterly in love. It was almost disgusting.

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