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Surprise! I’m Gay

@screaminginternalthoughts requested: Can I have a holtzmann x reader where the reader is into girls but holtz doesn’t realise despite the reader flirting with her and eventually reader suprises her by kissing her

Fandom: Ghostbusters
Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x reader
Word count: 752

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Chinese Grammar: Comparisons

My first grammar post! I hope there will be more to come. =}

Here are ways to compare things whether they be the same, or different, and also how something has improved/changed.

- bǐ: to compare/something is more ___ than something

  • 我弟弟比我高。/ 我弟弟的个子比我的高。 (Wŏ dìdi bĭ wŏ gāo. / Wŏ dìdi de gèzi bĭ wŏ de gāo.) - My little brother is taller than me./ My little brother’s height is taller than mine.
  • 我不比她高。 (Wŏ bùbĭ tā gāo.) - I am not taller than her.

…跟… 一样 - …gēn… yiyang: the same; as… as…

  • 这本书跟那本一样长。(Zhè běn shū gēn nà běn yīyàng cháng.) - This book and that one are both long.
  • 这个故事跟那个不一样好笑。 (Zhè ge gùshi gēn nà ge bù yīyàng hăo xiào.) - This story is not as funny as that one.

越来越 - yue lai yue: more and more

  • 他的个子越来越高。 (Tā de gèzi yuè lái yuè gāo.) - His height gets more and more tall.

Now, with these types of comparisons, you never add 很 (hěn) before the adjective. Usually to really add depth or exaggeration to just how something is much more than something else, add 多了(duō le) after the adjective.

e.g: 他比我高多了。 (Tā bĭ wŏ gāo duō le.) - He’s much taller than me.

White Day oneshot: Ladrien/LadyNoir

Happy White Day, everyone!

Please note: this is based on Adrien’s real schedule, which Marinette has in the show.

Marinette had never seen Adrien in his fencing attire. It had always been a dream of hers, because she could just imagine how dashing and handsome he would look. His training was after school on Friday nights, and she didn’t usually have an excuse to hang around- especially because Ayla liked dragging her shopping or to the cinema.

So it was with mixed delight and shock that Marinette bumped straight into Adrien on the 14th of March. She had left her sketchbook in her locker, and she had wanted to do some work on it over the weekend. Besides, it made her anxious not having it. It contained hours of work and ideas that would be impossible to replace.

“Ahh, sorry!” Adrien put his hands on her shoulders, checking she was okay.

“I didn’t see you there. I should really take this mask off before running around.”

Marinette missed the touch of his hands, but couldn’t complain when he removed them to tilt his mask up. He smiled, genuinely happy to see her. She noticed his perfect hair was rather messed up, but it only made him look even more attractive. He really suited the all white suit, she thought. He looked like a super hero.

“I…forget my sketchbook,” Marinette said carefully, trying hard not to stutter. Her face was bright red, but there was no hiding that.

“Oh, do you need help looking for it?” Adrien looked concerned. “I know how much it means to you!”

A fresh flush engulfed Marinette’s face, and she tried not to scream. She struggled against her brain shutting down and the million of tingles in her chest.

“It’s in my locker,” she managed.

“Oh, good,” Adrien sighed, relieved. “I’m going to go change… see you in ten minutes?”

“Sure?” Marinette squeaked, watching as he walked off to the boy’s changing rooms. After he closed the door, she slapped her cheeks, inwardly berating herself for imagining Adrien taking his clothes off. She marched herself to her locker, took out her notebook and put it in her bag.

She felt shaky as they met back in the corridor. The school was eerily quiet. Adrien had changed into black sweats instead of his usual shirt and jeans combo, and he looked like he had walked off a photoshoot, not an hour of fencing. He ran his hands through his hair, mussing it further.

“Do you know what day it is?” he asked Marinette, as they walked towards the door. She knew his chauffeur would be waiting outside, but he didn’t seem to be in any rush.

“Um, March 14th?” Marinette hastily recalled.

“Yeah,” Adrien grinned, and he reached into his bag, pulling out a thin, flat box of chocolates. The box was white, decorated with beautiful watercolour images of a girl with her hair in a bun. “It’s White Day- they celebrate it in Asia. They were selling this chocolate in the station- it’s cute, right? I thought you might like it. Because of the drawings?”

Marinette accepted the chocolate wordlessly. Adrien was smiling at her, and she felt like her heart was going to stop. She knew about White Day a little- she’d heard her mama talk about it, how one month after Valentine’s day, guys were supposed to return the chocolate they had received. It was a popular day for confessions, too.

“Thank you,” Marinette managed, after a few tense seconds. “That’s really kind, Adrien.”

“No problem,” Adrien smiled at her, clapping her on the shoulder. “See you Monday.”


Marinette didn’t want to ever eat the chocolate, despite how cute it looked. Instead, she put it on a shelf, with a little note, saying ‘White Day, from Adrien~’

Ayla was busy, and she felt too excitable to stay indoors, so she told her parents she was going to the cinema for a late showing, and transformed. There was nothing better than Paris at night-time.

Ladybug drew a deep breath, indulging in the fresh air as she yoyo-ed to the Eiffel Tower. It was the symbol of Paris: freedom and love, and it was her favourite place in the whole world.

She reached the 2nd tier, and she grinned to see Chat Noir bouncing along rooftops, heading to the same place. They often met up here accidentally, though for a while she did wonder if he had sneaked a tracking device on her.

“Bonsoir, my lady,” he purred, kissing her hand as they settled down on the metal bar. “I hope you are well this fine evening.”

“It’s been a good day, chaton,” she smiled, scratching him under the chin because she was in a great mood. He leaned into her touch with a sigh, slowly snaking his arm around her waist. He liked to say it was because he was worried she would fall, and she usually rolled her eyes and slapped him away. Tonight, however, Ladybug found she didn’t mind as much. Perhaps the fact her crush had shown her such affection, she felt the need to indulge Chat. She knew how much he cared for her, and although she had always been honest with him, his feelings never wavered.

They talked a little about their week, always in vague terms so as not too give too much away. As always, the black cat entertained her with his puns and jokes, and they spent a few hours enjoying each others company and keeping an eye over Paris.

When it was nearly time to part ways, Chat suddenly pulled her into a hug and whispered, “Wo ai ni,” in her ear. Ladybug froze, the phrase familiar to her but sounding foreign from his tongue.

“Chat?” she pulled back, staring at him. “Why are you speaking to me in Chinese?”

His green eyes widened and panic filled them. “I didn’t think you would know what that meant, my lady…”

Ladybug watched as a blush crept across his face and he bit his lip. She took in his blonde, mussed hair. There was only one other boy she knew with blonde hair that spoke Chinese. And why would he say it, today of all days?

“Adrien?” she asked, shakily.

His eyes shot up to meet hers and realisation dawned. “Marinette?”

She broke into hysterical laughter, covering her eyes. Chat jumped to his feet, thinking she was laughing at him, and was about to launch himself into the night when she grabbed his tail, hauling him back. Tears trembled in his eyes.

“Happy white day, silly kitty,” she said, before tugging him close for a kiss.

{A/N: I have this total headcanon that Chat will give himself away one day by speaking Chinese. Hope you spotted all the puns!)

related to sawasprout comic 🌼 all the little plants in miyuki’s garden

also please see the amazing daiya plants by @narameval!

Ironpanther prompt 17

After dating for some time, they didn’t feel like hiding it anymore, not that they ever had, they just hadn’t cried it out loud to the seven winds. They talked about it while they cuddled on the couch pretending to watch a movie; they both came to the conclusion that they wanted to brag about their love, hold hands in public, hug or even kiss, go out on dates.

They didn’t call for a press conference, instead they just went out on a date -taking advantage of T'Challa’s visit- in a little restaurant Tony had wanted to try for a few weeks now and instead of getting Happy to drive them there, they went themselves, holding hands casually while walking in and by the time they walked out there were already paparazzis outside waiting for them but the next day there was nothing on the tabloids or news -“they seriously think we were discussing business, in a tiny restaurant, with candles and all romantic?” Tony had laughed for ten minutes straight.

The second time they went for some ice cream and take out since T'Challa had insisted on knowing the city a bit more, the rhythm and the people were so different from Wakanda. They held hands all the way to the little Chinese restaurant, spotting a few photographers following them but they ignored them. The next day the media was too busy discussing the fact that Tony was showing T'Challa around the city, showing him the good spots in Nee York -“as if we didn’t have ice cream in Wakanda” T'Challa had chuckled a bit.

Every time they went out and did anything couple-ish like hugging, holding hands or walk way too close to be just two friends walking down the bush streets the media seemed to dismiss it as some friendly bonding.

On Valentine’s Day they went for a walk in the park. T'Challa had given his lover a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, smiling at when Tony rolled his eyes at how cliché it was, surely trying to hide how his face was all red. The very next day there was a blurry photo of them kissing and all the articles seemed to go all no homo on them, assessing that maybe it was a tradition in Wakanda. That made T'Challa arch his eyebrows -because all Wakandan people went around kissing each other on the mouth just because, right- while Tony face palmed so hard he almost spilled his coffee, he laughed for ten minutes straight.

“Is the option of a press conference still up?” T'Challa asked.

AP Exclusive: The sad saga of North Korea's ATMs

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) – No modern airport terminal is complete without an ATM, and Pyongyang’s now has two. But they don’t work — because of new Chinese sanctions, according to bank employees — and it’s not clear when they will.

ATMs are an alien enough concept in North Korea that those in the capital’s shiny new Sunan International Airport have a video screen near the top showing how they work and how to set up an account to use them. The explanatory video is in Korean, but the machines, which are meant primarily for Chinese businesspeople and tourists, don’t give out cash in the North Korean currency.

ATMs are not entirely new to the North.

Years ago, the Ryugyong Commercial Bank installed one in a midrange tourist hotel in central Pyongyang frequented by Chinese. Another ATM was spotted at the airport last year, but it never appeared to be turned on. Additionally, customers who flash the bank’s gold or silver ATM cards at two upscale stores that sell a wide array of imported foods and luxury items qualify for discounts.

How much North Korea’s ATMs have actually been used is a matter of debate.

Booking office employees said the ATMs at the airport’s international terminal were installed a few months ago but are still in a “test phase.” According to tellers at the bank’s small office in the hotel where it has its other ATM, none of the machines are working because of Chinese sanctions that they said kicked in last month.

The Ryugyong Commercial Bank isn’t a very well-known entity outside of North Korea. According to Curtis Melvin, a senior fellow at the U.S.-Korea Institute at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University and a frequent contributor to the North Korea-watching “38 North” website, it is part of a larger conglomerate of entities that includes the Ryugyong Kimchi Factory, the Ryugyong Household Goods Factory and the Ryugyong Electric Appliances Factory, along with a popular fitness center and spa in Pyongyang.

China’s banking regulator did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment on whether China has imposed restrictions on Chinese bank users’ ability to make transactions at the ATMs in Pyongyang.

If sanctions are in fact why the ATMs aren’t working, that could be a sign that Beijing is squeezing Pyongyang over its nuclear weapons and long-range missile programs. China is isolated North Korea’s main economic lifeline and has been under increasing pressure from President Donald Trump to do more to rein in its neighbor. The North’s finance and banking sectors are major targets.

But how much Chinese policy toward North Korea has changed is hard to gauge.

Though China banned coal imports from the North in February, overall trade between the two countries has grown in recent months. Trade in the first quarter was actually up 37 percent from the same period in 2016, reaching $1.2 billion. About $720 million of that were exports from China to North Korea.

In any case, there will likely soon be fewer Chinese tourists for the ATMs to serve.

Several Chinese tourism companies are eliminating or offering fewer North Korea tours because of increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula and sagging demand amid safety fears. Air China also announced this month that it has discontinued its underperforming Beijing-Pyongyang route.

That leaves North Korea’s Air Koryo as the only airline regularly flying into and out of Pyongyang’s international airport.

Most foreigners arriving at the airport are whisked out of the terminal lobby before they have time to notice the ATMs anyway.

But now, at least, they’re plugged in.


Associated Press writer Gillian Wong and researcher Yu Bing in Beijing contributed to this report.

for anyone who doesnt play overwatch, heres essentially whats going on in no particular order

  • symmetra, someone who’s INDIAN and likely practices HINDUISM if anything at all, was given a CHINESE QIPAO skin and the skin is literally called QIPAO and i think that’s great
  • mercy, some WHITE WOMAN, was given a skin based off chinese new year colours and a highlight intro where she, a WHITE WOMAN, writes the CHINESE character for good fortune to celebrate lunar new year
  • tracer, a WHITE WOMAN, was given a highlight intro where she celebrates the CHINESE lion dance
  • zenyatta, winston, reinhardt, and roadhog were given journey to the west themed skins, these four characters are given skins based on the Chinese story
  • ana’s skin, you know, ana, the dark skinned ARAB MUSLIM WOMAN FROM EGYPT gets a korean mask to celebrate that’s apparently pretty spot-on
  • using CHINESE CULTURE for tons of sprays for each character to celebrate lunar new year
  • junkrat, who is NOT chinese, has a voice line where he speaks a CHINESE phrase for good fortune in the new year, and is deckd out in CHINESE fireworks which are actually CULTURALLY SIGNIFICANT and used in CHINESE new year festivals for a reason because he is from AUSTRALIA where there are a lot of CHINESE people and they like to CELEBRATE lunar new year together

in short this event is a fucking celebration of Lunar New Year and the cultures that celebrate it, bringing a lot of culture to people all over the world that might not have experienced it otherwise and i think that’s great

doyoung’s chinese is good according to Kun 🤔 johnny was taking tons of chinese classes 🤔 jisung dyed his hair 🤔 ten is doing somewhat of a solo promotion for his dance (his popularity is gonna rise even more) 🤔 kun is chinese 😁 and yuzhi was spotted outside the SM entrance 🤔 and winwin is chinese 😁 this makes 7 ppl for the chinese unit. What are your thoughts? pls share

Fatal Attraction|03


Tremaine had spent quite some time at the label. It was a little longer than he’d anticipated and that was only because after Trey dismissed Robyn, Chris and him had a long conversation. The exchange undoubtedly still had him a little heated, but he knew he’d get over it, he just needed some time. That still didn’t stop his mind from going into overdrive trying to figure out how Chris had thought to sign Robyn Fenty AKA Spotlight’s Season 3 notorious superstar.


A sigh escaped his parted lips as he got into Chris’ Lamborghini. The leather seats welcomed his tired body as he closed his eyes for the briefest of seconds trying to slow everything down. All he wanted to do was get home and have dinner with his wife. Fishing his iPhone out his pocket he glanced at the time. ’Shit.’ He thought.  Dialing Kelly’s number he was hoping and praying she wasn’t mad since he should have been home quite some time ago.

“Hello.” Her raspy voice sounded through the phone.

“Were you sleeping?” He asked.

“Yeah, I dozed off watching reruns of Spotlight, but I’m glad you called. I can finally get up and start cooking.”

The mention of Spotlight caused Trey to let out a sigh. When he got home he’d be sure to ask Kelly her opinion on the whole Robyn situation since she was more familiar with the girl than he was, but for now it was all about them.

“Actually don’t cook. I’ll bring us something to eat and we can just relax and have a night for ourselves. How does that sound?”


“That actually sounds perfect and before you ask surprise me, I’m starving.”

A chuckle escaped his lips because he was actually getting ready to ask her what she was in the mood for. Sometimes it still amazed him how much they knew each other.

"Alright. I’ll see you soon.”


With that being said they hung up and Trey turned his attention to Chris.

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