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Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations part 17

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Hartbig AU, SFW (please don’t strike me, it’s almost deserving of an ish), 2,100 words. Lies and deception, all of it. But a girl can dream. (So can everyone else. We don’t do gender roles here at haveyouseenmyplot. We just happen to be a girl… with racy Hartbig dreams, apparently.) Previous parts can be found on my FIC PAGE (if you’re lucky.)


Part 17: Never

“We shouldn’t,” Hannah mumbles half-heartedly, even as her body presses forward, and her hands move lower, lower down Grace’s back, and Grace hums back in half-hearted agreement, and nips at Hannah’s soft skin, prompting a gasp and an arch and a tighter grip.

‘Fuck’ is the overriding thought in Grace’s mind, as they frantically stumble to Hannah’s room.


This is it. This is what she wanted. Hannah. Hannah’s lips are kissing her, and Hannah’s hands are touching her, and Grace can taste her and smell her and feel her.

How can this still be getting better? She’d honestly thought that the last time they were on this bed, was the peak, the exception.

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Survey #101 : This or That (very long)

Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi

Myspace or Facebook : Facebook

Chicken or Beef : Chicken

Magazine or Book : Magazine

Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs : Cocoa Puffs

Napkin or Paper Towel : Paper Towel

Chinese or Italian : Italian

Sandals or Shoes : Sandals

Truck or Car : Truck

Alaska or Florida : Florida

Snail Mail or Email : E-mail

Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos : Neither

Teen Mom or 19 Kids and Counting : 19 Kids and Counting

Xbox 360 or Playstation : Playstation

Birthday or Christmas : Christmas

New York or Las Vegas : New York

Burger King or McDonalds : McDonald’s

Disneyland or Six Flags : Disneyland

Root Beer or Cream Soda : Root Beer

Beer or Wine : Wine

Water or Lemonade : Lemonade

Snow or Rain : Rain

Advil or Tylenol : Advil

Dora the Explorer or Bob the Builder : Bob the Builder

Tennessee or Missouri : Tennessee

France or Italy : Italy

Gift card or a gift set : Gift card

Pen or Pencil : Pen

Folder or Binder : Folder

Desktop Computer or Laptop : Laptop

Dog or cat : Dog

Fish or Bird : Fish

Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate

M&M’s or Hershey’s Kisses : M&M’s

Sweet or Sour : Sweet

Hot Dog or Polish sausage Dog : Hot Dog

Soft or hard pretzel : Soft

JC Penny or Sears : JCPenney 

Football or Basketball : Football

Bowling or Tennis : Bowling

Apple or Grape : Grape

Gun or Knife : Knife

iPod or MP3 Player : iPod

Red or Black : Red

Ford or Chevy : Ford

Toyota or Dodge : Dodge

Wal-Mart or Target : Target

Nike or Adidas : Nike

Married or Single : Single

Schoolwork or Homework : Schoolwork

Lethal Virus or Nuclear Explosion : Literally can’t pick

Hamster or Gerbil : Hamster

Spiders or Snakes : Ewewewewew. Snake if I had to pick.

Boat or Plane : Plane

Fishing or Shrimping : Fishing

Walk or Run : Walk

Dentist or Doctor : Dentist

Coffee or Cappuccino : Cappuccino

Vampire or Werewolf : Werewolf

Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia : Harry Potter

Star Wars or Star Trek : Star Wars

Spiderman or Batman : Batman

Elmo or Cookie Monster : Cookie Monster

Disney Princess or Disney Villain : Disney Princess

Valentine’s Day or Halloween : Valentine’s Day

Freddy or Jason : Neither

Jetsons or the Flintstones : Jetsons

Comedy or Drama : Comedy

Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee : Idc

Noise or Silence : Noise

Train or Bus : Bus

Blind or Deaf : Deaf

The Walking Dead or Hell on Wheels : The Walking Dead

Storage Wars or Pawn Stars : Pawn Stars

Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook : Jack Sparrow

Yoga or Pilates : Yoga

Zumba or Just Dance : Zumba

Light or Dark : Light

Crab or Lobster : Lobster

Spaghetti or Lasagna : Spaghetti

Milk or Orange Juice : Milk


Shaken or Stirred : Shaken

Cake or Pie : Cake

Jello or Pudding : Pudding

Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks : Nicholas Sparks

Ann Rice or Stephen King : Neither

Ice Cream or Sherbet : Ice Cream

Swimming Pool or Lake : Swimming Pool

Cabin or Hotel : Hotel

Snow Globe or Music Box : Snow Globe

Piano or Guitar : Piano

Ice Skating or Roller skating : Ice Skating

Fantasy or Reality : Reality

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck : Mickey Mouse

Couch or Recliner : Couch

Call or Text : Text

State Fair or Circus : State Fair

Peanuts or Popcorn : Peanuts

Chocolate Milk or Hot Chocolate : Chocolate milk

Pancakes or Waffles : Waffles

All or Nothing : All?

MTV or VH1 : MTV

Madonna or Michael Jackson : Madonna

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones The Beatles

Mother or Father : Both

Sister or Brother : Well I’m a sister?

Grandma or Grandpa : Both

Baked or Fried : Fried

Turkey or Ham : Turkey

Aquarium or The Zoo : Aquarium

State Capitol or The Nation’s Capital : The Nation’s Capital

Taco or Burrito : Taco

N*SYNC or the Backstreet Boys : N*SYNC

Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer : Neither

Water or Land : Land

Math or Science : Math

History or English : English

China or Japan : China