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春节快乐│恭喜发财,红包拿来 │Chúc Mừng Năm Mới’

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! I’m super excited to see my family after weeks and weeks of nonstop work. I’m probably going to stuff my face with food and listen to rock music with my dad. Hopefully, I don’t die from eating all of the food lol.

Okay, so since I run a Disney/Dreamworks/animated roleplay where I try to appropriately cast POC characters, I have scoured this site for just about every Chinese faceclaim that has resources. I’m making this masterlist of the faceclaims I’ve found so that no one can make any excuses for not properly casting Chinese characters or not including Chinese faceclaims in their roleplays because there are, in fact, a decent amount of them. In order to prevent anyone out there from claiming these faceclaims don’t have resources, I’ve included links to hunts that have plenty of gifs for them as well. The faceclaims will be divided into four sections: female, male, Taiwanese, and multiracial. The multiracial section is really just for faceclaims who have Chinese ancestry but aren’t purely Chinese and the Taiwanese section is there because I’m unsure if they would technically be considered Chinese or not. If you have any more Chinese faceclaims I’ve failed to include in this masterlist and these faceclaims have resources, please message me and I’ll add them right away. Overall, there are 30 faceclaims beneath the cut, so there’s really no excuse for not including Chinese characters/faceclaims in your roleplays! Be sure to like/reblog if you found this useful or are an RP/RPH blog, y'all.

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  Hey guys! So, in the honour of Chinese new year, @torihelps and I are hosting this Chinese New Year event for the roleplay community!

  For the CNY weekend, Jan 27 - 29, different helpers and creators will be sharing their resources with all of you! This event’s main purpose is to bring focus onto the lack of Chinese face claims used, and of course, to celebrate Chinese new year!

This is how it works:

  ANYONE can join the event as a creator, as a receiver, or both! There is no signing up required or anything like that.

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Each of us had moments in which they felt like no one is there for them, moments in which the times stops and you look around feeling lonely though you’re surrounded by people. We’re all searching for a place where we can be ourselves and get away from the stress of the every day life. A place where warm people take care of us and makes us feel important. A haven.

Safe Haven is a general rp directory meant to make everyone feel welcomed and loved. It’s an escape from every day worries. A sanctuary where your mind soul and heart can find peace but also a friendly place having the purpose of making a loving and caring community in which everyone feels welcomed. 

We accept everyone : Idols, OC, AU, twins in order to making everyone feel like home.

ABOUT   |   RULES    |     APPLY    |    MASTERLIST |   The directory officially opens on 7th January.