chinese river dolphin

Baiji Chinese River Dolphin – EX (?)

Remaining Population: none confirmed since 2002.
Range: Yangtze River, China
Primary Threats: Pollution, illegal fishing practices, habitat loss, hunting

  • Approximately 12% of the world’s human population lives/works on the banks of the Yangtze River.
  • Relied on Sonar Navigation
  • The dolphins had on average 1 calf per 2-3 years and a 30% fertility rate, making population recovery close to impossible.
  • While conservation efforts began in the early 1978 with a Baiji dolphin research center; though only 1 was successfully captured and who lived more than a few months. Breeding proved unsuccessful, and the center was flooded and destroyed.
  • The Chinese government implemented various conservation zones along the river, but was ineffective as the population plummeted to under 100.

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