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DVA and Mercy in their New Year skins, commission for a co-worker from a previous job. 😊 I was very happy to draw some more characters from the game - by the way, one slot is left on my current commissions if you are interested. ( Commission information can be found here ! )

mandarin & cantonese: useful verbs

made with lots of help and advice from @language-obsession​ and his two posts on cantonese, which can be found here and here :D 

some notes and further resources: 

  • although 是 and 係 mean to be in mandarin and cantonese, respectively, to indicate one’s location (i.e. “i am here”), you’d use 在 (zài) in mandarin and 喺 (hai2) in cantonese 
  • 有 in mandarin (pronounced yǒu) and in cantonese (pronounced jau5) can both mean there is as well as to have
  • while most verbs in mandarin negate by placing 不 () in front of the verb, 有 takes 没 (méi) instead 
  • similarly, in cantonese, most verbs negate by placing 唔 (m4) in front of the verb, but 有 is preceded by 冇 (mou5) instead
  • for the verb to want, 想 (xiǎng in mandarin and seong2 in cantonese) is used with a verb, while 想要 (xiǎng yào in mandarin and seong2 jiu3 in cantonese) is used with a noun
  • for the verb to know, 知道 (zhī dào) in mandarin and 知 (zi1) in cantonese mean to know facts, while 认识 (rèn shí) in mandarin and 識 (sik1) in cantonese mean to know people — it’s a distinction similar to savoir/connaître in french or saber/conocer in spanish
  • 明 (ming4) on its own can also mean to understand in cantonese (it’s a shorter form of 明白)

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Zodiac-sona (fusion version)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy this is some of the first digital line art I have done in a while (not including my shitty doodle comics)
So this is my Zodiac sona of my Chinese and star constellation zodiacs. The star constellation zodiac is Pisces (hence the symbol on the tail) and the Chinese zodiac is the Snake. Sooooooooooooooooooo I decided to fuse the two together so its like a humaniod fish snake with two tails.So like a fish lady with snake like parts and shit.  XD
I’m still figuring things out here with the pressure techniques and how to properly draw with lines using this fucking thing, but I’ll get the hang of it soon :3
So this while be the newest post for a while so I probably won’t post anything for a while, I will still comment and shit but posting things is a bit complicated since I always have a shit ton of school work to do, I never seem to have a fucking break XD
Enjoy ;3