chinese people eating cats

So I work in a Chinese restaurant

and today, I had one of the most racist and culturally insensitive customers I have ever had the misfortune of pretending to be nice to.

I must clarify when I say this that I am an East Asian Studies major. I study Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language, culture, history, politics, etc. So some of what this woman said may not make sense to some…

So this woman walks in with her husband, her maybe late 20s, early 30s son, and said son’s girlfriend or wife. The girlfriend/wife is Hispanic, and speaks broken English. The son is very patient with her throughout the meal, and helps her communicate what she wants from the menu.

Now, when customers sit down, the first thing I have to do is bring them fried noodles and duck sauce. And those of you who have never had fried noodles, the stuff is addicting and people eat it like it’s mana from heaven. We go through at least a trash-can full every couple days.

So I walk up, introduce myself, set the fried noodles and duck sauce down. The first thing the woman tells me when she sits down is that she has never been to this restaurant before. Which is fine, okay, welcome, I hope you enjoy it, blah blah blah. 

She asks what the noodles are, and I tell her, and she’s like, “this is the only restaurant I’ve been to that gives us these. Other places don’t give us anything!”

I smile and tell her that we give out fried noodles to all customers, and we have bags that you can take home if you want. So, what can I get you to drink?

Before I finish asking, she asks me, in a Southern accent sing-song laugh, “Wait, there’s no dog or cat on the menu? I thought the only thing Chinese people eat was dog and cat.”

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samanthamorgan999  asked:

This #stopYuLin2015 makes me so mad bc most of the people who are tweeting it eat cows/chicken/pigs 😒 no life is more important than another, and it's just so annoying that people think like that

Just as frustrated with this as you are … people need to start making the connection. So many people are saying that the Chinese are horrible for eating cats and dogs but eat pigs, cows, chickens themselves when some people have those animals as pets as well ( pigs are actually more intelligent and aware than dogs ). Who gives them the right to choose what animals to protect and which ones to slaughter ? 

wisemotherseal  asked:

Hello,i just wanted to draw your attention,every year in South China there is a festival called yulin in which dogs and cats are brutally killed,i know this is an astrology blog but just the photo of a cat or dog with #stopyulin2015 helps thanks😊

No offence but we literally eat chicken and lambs and cows all the time. Why are y'all flipping about Chinese people eating cats and dogs every year