chinese national team


Considering their lack of experience + super long journey to Rio (about 30 hours), Zhang Jin and Gong Kangyi did okay ^^

Coach Zhang and the girls were really sad when they knew that Ponor will not make it to Rio. They saw Cata crying :( and Zhang Jin wanted to go up to comfort her but didn’t dare to. So Coach Zhang encouraged them and both Zhang Jin and Kangyi approached Cata and told her “You are so pretty, we love you!”. Cata was emotional but still took a photo with them.

Basically the whole chinese gymternet + the national team coaches are shocked too…

So keeping up with the siqi thing

Apparently Lingjie (former gymnast, current coach on the Hunan Team) confirmed to someone privately that Siqi retired. So at least we have a name attached to the info now.

Okay time to cry gais.

(also apparently they are planning on cutting the National Team from 30something people to 25 depending on how they do, so there might be even more cuts coming up over this year)