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“Faraway” (千里之外) by Jay Chou (周杰倫), ft. Fei Yu Ching (費玉清). 2006.

Taiwanese producer and singer-songwriter Jay Chou is one of the most influential musicians in the contemporary Sinophone music world, known for blending elements of pop, R&B, rock, and hip-hop into his compositions. “Faraway”, one of Chou’s most well-known singles, is a poetic love song that fuses a mellow, contemporary sound with traditional Chinese musical elements, often referred to as “Zhongguo feng” (中國風), or “Chinese style”. 

The chorus of “Faraway” features well-known Taiwanese singer Fei Yu Ching, whose singing career began in the late 1970s. Fei and Chou’s duet produces a melding of Fei’s classical singing style with Chou’s rawer sound. The music video is set in 1930s Shanghai, and dramatizes the emotional falling out between a young actress and her lover, played by Chou himself. Chou’s cross-genre, time period-spanning single became one of, if not the most popular, Chinese songs of 2006, and its soaring melody and poignant lyrics remain instantly recognizable to Chinese people around the world.


Me if I were a cartoon clarinetist.

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Former members of EXO: Luhan

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Birth name: Lu Han

Position: lead vocalist, Face of EXO-M

Hometown:  Haidian District, Beijing, China

Nickname: Little Deer, LuLu

Birthday:  April 20, 1990

Height: 178 cm

Power: Telekinesis 

Number: 7

Social media: Instagram

Random Facts:

  • auditioned for JYP before joining SM entertainment
  • In 2014 he became the Guinness World Record holder for the “Most Comments on a Weibo Post 
  • Filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment October, 2014
  • his fans wear deer antlers
  • Is a chinese actor and musician
  • Has been in films such as  20 Once Again, The Witness, Time Raiders, The Great Wall, See You Tomorrow, The Founding of an Army, 5 Centimeters Per Second
  • Has 1 studio album, Reloaded, and a number of solo singles
  • Has won 18 solo awards
    • 2014:  Most Valuable Male Star, Asia Popular Idol Award, Person of the Year, Most Popular Male Artist
    • 2015:  Weibo Male God of the Year,  Weibo King,  Newcomer of the Year,  Most Popular Actor Award,  Most Popular Actor Award
    • 2016:  Best Digital Album of the Year,  Best Male Singer of the Year,  Media Recommended Album of the Year,  All-round Artist of the Year,  Top 20 Songs of the Year,  The Best Album of the Year,  Top Male Artist-Mainland,  Asia All-Rounded Artist,  Asia All-Round Artist Award

Not the shadow on a man on the deserted hill -

And yet one hears voices speaking;

Deep in the seclusion of the woods,

Stray shafts of the sun pick out the green moss.

~Wáng Wéi, Deer Park 

tr. H.C. Chang

Image:  Poet on a Mountaintop,  Shěn Zhōu  

From Wiki:  "Wang Wei (simplified Chinese: 王维; traditional Chinese: 王維; pinyin: Wáng Wéi; Wade–Giles: Wang Wei) (699-759 and also known by other names such as Wang Youcheng, was a Tang Dynasty Chinese poet, musician, painter, and statesman. He was one of the most famous men of arts and letters of his time. Many of his poems are preserved, and twenty-nine were included in the highly influential 18th century anthology Three Hundred Tang Poems.“

Artemis: the poem Deer Park is also known as The Empty Mountain.

A rather rough? simple translation of Hirasawa’s interview featured on the Chinese edition of 『The Road to Millennium Actress』, Satoshi Kon’s autograph

                                        English // 한국어 // 日本語

I won’t provide the original texts. Should you want it, learn Chinese or listen to his songs and deal with it!

Q: How did you get to know Satoshi Kon?

A: Long before I’ve heard about my works being credited in animes. The title of books in bookshelf or an advertisement in a street, for example. At that time I hadn’t seen any of his work, but I kept hearing that he indirectly credits me. After finished recording a new album, a staff working for my recording label sent a slow mail to Kon. It was asking him to write testimonial for the new album. That’s the first time ever he and I met. Later he contacted me to compose soundtracks for his upcoming movie. That movie was Millennium Actress. In fact, turned out I met him before then. So a magazine was about to interview me and some tall man looking like an expert of Chinese kung fu was next to the interviewer. He was Kon. I didn’t know who he was at that time.

Q: When you were composing soundtracks for Millennium Actress, did Kon ask you to set the theme as blooming lotus?

A: He initially requested me to write the main theme, similar with Lotus from Sim City. That was all. No other details and the rest was up to me.

Q: When you were collaborating with other work, had other directors asked you for any different things?

A: Aside Kon’s works, I’ve did with Berserk. Things were pretty much the same. No strong restrictions, but the music had to be ready before drawing scenes. So I wrote the music without the idea of what scene would require this track. It was completely different from the general process of making movies. Usually storyboards come first then music comes later, setting how long the music should be. Contrary to that, Kon made the concept when music is ready.

Q: How do you feel about how much [his] movies and music go altogether?

A: Music takes a lot of room in his works. It is just my opinion but, the way scenes make transitions and camera turns is like music with high quality. Sometimes he leads the audiences to concentrate on music in some scenes, especially when the tempo of the music alters. So what I feel is, that his videos and music harmonize really well. It shows that he puts value in music. I think he’s better at letting the audience listen to the music more than any other directors. 

Q: What is your deepest impression of Kon?

A: He loves to drink but I don’t. So we rarely met in person. But when he was suffering from cancer, I visited him several times. He used to talk humorously. Like, he passed away from pancreas cancer, but he said like “i’m healthy except cancer symptoms.” Even after cancer cells spread to all over his body including bones, it must be really hurt to move but he was like “Don’t mention it. It’s just me laughing aloud every time our conversation being funny.” He was the person who sublimates his pain to humor.

Q: You often feature foreign languages in your lyrics such as Thai, Russian, and Korean. Is there a reason to do that? And why are some Chinese words, such as Yinyang, included?

A: In Japan, regardless of listener’s thoughts, music creators often consider the western as the root of modern music. Most foreign languages used in music are westerners’. But my take is different. Since I’m active in Japan, no wonder why I’m influenced by eastern culture. I took those languages because I present my music as ‘one kind among Asian music.’

Speaking of Yinyang (阴阳), Japanese also has that vocabulary[陰陽]. When I sing, I pronounce some words originated from China, such as Tao and Zen, in Chinese. Many Japanese musicians trick listeners to believe pronouncing Japanese in English way sounds cooler. It’s not pleasant that it is nothing more than copycatting western culture, which is dreadfully out-of-date. [It’s sad that] Japanese still has long way to get over it. I’m a Japanese musician, so it’s perfectly natural to write lyrics in Japanese and pronounce the lyrics in correct Japanese. 

Japanese culture had been influenced by Chinese culture since the ancient era, what came from China shows even in modern Japanese culture like the word ‘yinyang.’ I pay tribute to that by pronouncing in Chinese way. It is a lot cooler than doing in English way.

Q: What do you want to say to Chinese fans?

A: My music sounds tons of different from Japanese popular music, so even Japaneses find it hard to accept my music. I’m really impressed that you Chinese fans discover and enjoy my music even though China and Japan lack of proper interaction despite their geographical closeness. Thank you very much.

As requested by anonymous, here is a list of suggested asian male fcs who are between the ages of 25 to 45. I tried my best to provide my favorite fcs in a variety of different ethnicities, but as I am more familiar with certain industries over another, the numbers provided vary. If there are mistakes, please do correct me! I worked hard to research their origins, but I am human so I may have made a mistake here or there.

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Cover: Not too long ago, the new drama series <Best Couple> officially finished filming for broadcast. From an idol with a refreshing image who gradually grew into the roles of being an actor, he is even eye-catching in variety shows like <Be the Idol> and <Star Escape Room>. Zhou Mi takes on the world as an all-round outstanding celebrity, proving an
equally gorgeous and exciting solo.

Q: In the new drama with Lee DaHae, your character “Yan XiCheng” was a person who worked hard to fulfill his “celebrity dream”, is the similarity between the character and yourself high? Zhou Mi: My character in the drama is quite lucky, because he was discovered while herding sheep. I was scouted on my way to university, The way we debuted was the same, but only that he debuted as an actor and I debuted as a singer.
Q: Thinking back, what’s the thing you miss most before debut? Zhou Mi: The competition days. Because during university, I went to Zhuhai to compete. That time, I thought about quickly coming out with an album. I was by myself during those times, so it was hard work. But I could sing the songs I liked during that time. Thinking back, that time was the most unstressed and happy.
Q: Through the exposed on-set pictures, a lot of netizens think you and Lee DaHae are really compatible. As an acting senior, did she teach you any acting techniques? Zhou Mi: Actually this drama was shot really rushed. Before filming, we didn’t have a lot of time to communicate on the script. But after filming started, when we rehearsed together, she really took care of me. Since it was my first time filming in Korea, there was a lot of things I’m not use to, she would tell me what I should do. We have a good understanding of each other.
Q: In real life, what kind of girl do you think is your “best couple”?Zhou Mi: I think a considerate girl has the most charm. Girls all like considerate boys, we are the same (smile)
Q: Even though this is an inspirational drama, it is also a romantic comedy, in real life, do you think you have a high humour index? Zhou Mi: I think it’s quite high. But my humour is best displayed while interacting with familiar friends in a relaxed environment.
Q: You also take on jobs as an MC, are you normally a “chatter box”? Zhou Mi: I don’t think so. Even though I am an MC, in private, I usually warm up slowly. If it’s meeting for the first time, I don’t talk a lot. But if it’s with good friends, I will let myself go more.

Q: On Weibo, fans also gave you fan support. What are their existence to you? Zhou Mi: They are my “warming pad”. Because we were filming at Gangwon before, it was really cold there, it’s quite hard filming int he winter. But because of their fan support, my heart felt really warm.
Q: If you were in a relationship, would you mind wearing couple clothes with your girlfriend? Zhou Mi: Probably not when we are out, then it will be too conspicuous. But I would probably be alright to try in private.
Q: Up until now, which part of life do you think you are at? Are you already met with your parents rushing you to get married? Zhou Mi: Probably not rushing to get married, but because my parents can’t take care of me, so they want me to get a girlfriend. The entire last year, I met everyone as a solo artist. Right now, my focus is still on my career.
Q: Before your performance was really eye-catching in Stars Escape Room, what was your most memorable segment? Zhou Mi: This show has a segment called “Speed Quiz” to test reaction time. I realized that a lot of questions were from elementary school textbooks, this brought up a lot of memories from going to school back then. I thought it was really amusing and resonating.

Q: In a certain interview with you in the past, you mentioned you wanted to “learn to be alone”, it seems like you can manage yourself pretty well? Are you good at cooking as well?Zhou Mi: I am quite good at managing myself, in terms of cooking, I recently just found out I have a talent in it too. (laughs) Sometimes I would go to Jia and Fei’s place and they would be the ones cooking for me. But most of the time when I return from work, I really feel like having some Chinese cuisine, so I thought of trying to cook for myself. Then I went online to look for recipes, the first time I tried, I succeeded right after, thereafter I got more confident in my cooking skills. Tomato egg, fried mollusks, pepper beef and flavoured pork are some of the dishes I’ve ever cooked and they were tasty. (laughs)
Q: Jia, Fei and yourself were hosts for <Idol True Colours> that is really popular. As an MC, what kinds of guests left an impression on you?Zhou Mi: When we are recording shows, two kinds of guests are usually the most memorable for us. The frst being guests who are more reserved, while the other are guests that never stop talking. (laughs) I think being an MC means having to be able to accept every guest as they are and be really prepared.
Q: Your first album <Rewind> got a lot of attention, are there any plans for a second album? Do you have any plans to hold a Fan Meeting (FM)?Zhou Mi: The new album is already in the making. When I released <Rewind> I already thought of holding an FM but subsequently due to the ways my schedules were arranged, I really had limited time left and could not do that.I have always wanted to do those unplugged LIVE SHOW, so I hope that for the next album I could go onto more promotional activities back at home in mainland China.
Q: You had stunning renditions when you did the variety show <Be the Idol>, who do you wish to have music collaborations with?Zhou Mi: I hope that I can more opportunities to work with Chinese musicians. Previously on the set of <Be the Idol> I worked with Khalil Fong. I think he is someone who has a lot of ideas. I hope to have more chances to work with him.

Interesting Q&A:01 If you could change a weakness into a strength?I love shopping way too much, there are too many items at home that I have no space for new ones anymore. But I don’t stay in bed and refuse to get up, usually my manager doesn’t have to worry about this, but I kind of wish my manager would come and wake me up. These two things should be exchanged.
02 Describe who Zhou Mi is with an adjective?Diligent
03 If Jia and Fei both fall into the water?I will first watch how far they can last. But maybe they would say, you jump in too, let’s all die together (laughs)
04 If tomorrow is Doomsday?I will go home and be with my family
05 If you receive a call from fans?In the past I really received and answered calls from fans. Because I don’t really know how to refuse (laughs)

Magazine scans by 傾聽周覓_Listen_For_Mi
Translated by @Vanet9 and @TsweetYumi for @SunshineZhouMi


It’s 9:30 on a Thursday night and Chinese and foreign jazz fans descend on the JZ Club in Shanghai’s former French Concession. Glasses clink and the splashing sound of cymbals ripple through a cabaret setting bathed in soft red light.

Andrew Field, an American historian, says clubs like JZ represent a return to Shanghai’s cosmopolitan past.

“You will see Chinese musicians playing with Western musicians or African musicians,” says Field, who works at nearby Duke Kunshan University. “Jazz really became the soundtrack of the modern city, not just in Shanghai, but worldwide in the ‘20s and '30s. It was the musical language of the city. It was about speed.”

'Shanghai Nightscapes’: Dancing, Drinking And All That Jazz

Photos: Frank Langfitt/NPR, JZ Club and Courtesy of Andrew Field

  • —The sub-group of Super Junior, Super Junior M, has confirmed their attendance for ‘Music King Award’ in Guangzhou, China on January 31.
  • The group which consists of member Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, as well as Chinese members Zhoumi and Henry, will attend the 10th annual award ceremony which will invite not only Chinese musicians but also artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and other Asian countries.
  • Judges of this award will include acknowledged song writers, producers, composers and other music experts who will give the songs a fair review. Apart from Super Junior M, famous actors and actresses like Andy Lau, Vaness Wu and Nicholas Tse will also attend the ceremony.
  • Meanwhile, Super Junior M has just wrapped up their variety show ‘Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse’ on January 18.
  • source: ttwigo v:sujuk