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mom : who is oppa?

mom : why are you crying?

mom : they all look the same.

mom : what do you mean he’s 22, he looks 15

mom : what does he need to stop?


mom : oh god…


mom : deja de escuchar esa música de chinos


  • 悟空Wukong
  • 戴荃Dai Quan

悟空Wukong ( character song of Sun Wukong) | Composer/Singer: 戴荃Dai Quan  | lyrics translation by fychinesefashion

月溅星河 Moonlight splash upon the milky way
长路漫漫 Its a long way towards the horizon
风烟残尽 Wind brings smoke spiraling into the sky
独影阑珊 My solitary figure is waning  
谁叫我身手不凡 Who made me the consummate hero
谁让我爱恨两难 Who trapped me in the ambivalence of love and hate
到后来 肝肠寸断 Until finally, I am torn inside

幻世当空 Mirage high above the sky
恩怨休怀 feelings of gratitude and resentment fade away within
舍悟离迷 I find insight and have no fears of losing
六尘不改 the six gunas remain the same【the six gunas (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and thought)】

且怒且悲且狂哉 Wrath and grief run wild as they please
是人是鬼是妖怪 whether human, ghost, or monster
不过是心有魔债  they are all the devil inside you

叫一声佛祖 回头无岸 Call the name of Buddha, the shore is nowhere in sight
跪一人为师 生死无关 Kneel down to the master,  so that life and death becomes irrelevant
善恶浮世真假界 good and evil, true and false, coexist in this mortal world
尘缘散去不分明 carnal thoughts drift away, leaving obscurity behind
难断 it’s hard to find the answer

我要这铁棒有何用 What do I do with this golden cudgel?
我有这变化又如何 What then with all my transformations?
还是不安还是氐惆 still anxious, still down
金箍当头 欲说还休 golden cudgel right overhead, the weight on my mind nearly said

我要这铁棒醉舞魔 I want this golden cudgel to break all evil
我有这变化乱迷浊 I have the transformation to fight chaos
踏碎凌霄 放肆桀骜 Step onto the clouds, with heaven broken under my feet, I rebel and run wild
世恶道险 终究难逃 In this crisis-ridden world, no one can hide from fate

这一棒 This golden cudgel
叫你灰飞烟灭 will dispel your devil to ashes and smouldering smoke

  • 落花
  • 孙艳

落花 【古风】

Luo Hua / Fallen Flowers (Traditional Version)



in this life, how many times we should cry to stop the tears


in this life, how much tears should be cried to avoid broken heart



my withering eyebrows, no one could see it


at that time the promise was so beautiful, as if the flowers were floating and falling from the sky


in a cold night where northern wind blows, can’t find someone to console


at that time the promise was so beautiful, let the affection turned into ashes



in this life, how many glasses need to be emptied to avoid being drunken


in this life, how many drunkenness should be taken so wouldn’t afraid of darkness anymore



The most precious time is when flowers bloom, when fall they withered


missed the spring-time, to whom should the flowers put a blame to, even the flowers need someone to console

CPOP Versionby Ruby Lin

卷珠帘 (Pearl Curtains)
  • 卷珠帘 (Pearl Curtains)
  • 霍尊 (Huo Zun)

This song is composed and sung by Huo Zun, a 23 year old student from Shanghai. The song is written in poetic form (using ancient Chinese), and is about the story of a girl who longs to see her lover again. 

I literally feel like crying, he’s so talented and his voice is so beautiful it’s ethereal, this song is a prime example of good ethnic Chinese music! I really hope Chinese styled music becomes appreciated all over the world because it’s so beautiful TT

  • 帝女花-香夭
  • 童丽

Cantonese folk music 粤曲

香夭 “Gone of the Fragrance” from Cantonese opera “Princess Changping” 《帝女花》Di Nü Hua (lit. Princess Flower). Same melody and lyrics with the opera but using a more relaxed vocal instead of opera singing style. 


“Princess Changping” is a Chinese fictional story. Late Ming Dynasty, Princess Changping met Zhou Shixian. They fell in love with each other and got engaged. On her way to the wedding, Qing Dynasty troops attacked and took over Beijing. Changping became a Buddhist nun. After searching for a long time, Shixian found Changping then tried many ways to persuade her to leave the temple and complete their wedding. Changping was moved by Shixian and left the temple with him. But her identity as a former dynasty’s princess soon got exposed. Some people started to support her as a political power because of her intelligence. The new regime realized Changping’s show up to the public and it knew well that this princess is a threat. The court announced if Changping go back to the palace, they would hold a grand funeral for the former Emperor and release Changping’s younger brother. 

Changping was back to her “old home”. After her father’s funeral she decided to drink poison with Shixian and this couple finally got married.

Their last conversation goes: