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“永远有我 就算世界都冷漠”
You’ll always have me, even if the world turns cold
― Angel, EXO-K

“在心痛 如果能回到 那段幸福 “
If hurting more means we can return to that piece of happiness
―  Breath, Chen and Zhang LiYin

“只要在你身边 生命变得光彩”
As long as I’m by your side, life becomes dazzling
― What is Love, EXO-K

“我望眼欲穿   看我看不到的你”
I gaze longingly at the you whom I cannot see
― Miracles in December, EXO-K

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every time we part ways

i am deeply defeated by you

every time i give up your tenderness

it is so painful that i cannot resolve the feeling

every time we part ways

every time i kiss you goodbye

at that moment i finally understood the taste of love

Kiss Goodbye - Wang Leehom

i cried when i heard tao singing this ㅠ.ㅠ