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“永远有我 就算世界都冷漠”
You’ll always have me, even if the world turns cold
― Angel, EXO-K

“在心痛 如果能回到 那段幸福 “
If hurting more means we can return to that piece of happiness
―  Breath, Chen and Zhang LiYin

“只要在你身边 生命变得光彩”
As long as I’m by your side, life becomes dazzling
― What is Love, EXO-K

“我望眼欲穿   看我看不到的你”
I gaze longingly at the you whom I cannot see
― Miracles in December, EXO-K

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so this is a translation of the backstreet boy’s “i want it that way” sung by dawen, jane lui, and gerald ko

the lyrics are in traditional on the video so i’ll put the simplified beneath the cut if you want to read along

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牵挂[牽掛](qiān guà) — to worry

驶[駛](shǐ) — to go fast, move

坚强[堅強](jiān qiáng) — staunch, strong-willed

曲折 (qū zhé) — tortuous, complicated

蜿蜒 (wān yán) — wriggling, zigzagging

体验[體驗](tǐ yàn) — to learn through personal experience

宽容[寬容](kuān róng) — lenient

艰辛[艱辛](jiān xīn) — hard

放逐 (fàng zhú) — exile

光芒 (guāng máng) — radiance



温暖 wēnnuǎn warm

臂 bì arm

窝 wō nest, to bend

走向 zǒuxiàng direction, to move towards

容颜 róngyán mien, complexion

淋雨 lín yǔ to get wet in the rain

拦住 lánzhùto stop, to bar the way

以为 yǐwéi to believe, to think, to consider

没戏 méixì not a chance, no way, hopeless

玩笑 wánxiào to joke, joke, jest

难受 nánshòu to be difficult to bear

固执 gùzhí obstinate, stubborn

坏蛋 huàidàn bad egg, scoundrel, bastard

感动 gǎndòng to move (sb.), to touch (sb. emotionally)

闪烁 shǎnshuò flickering, twinkling

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