chinese historical society of america


HOLY CRAP!!! My art is in a museum!!!!!!! At the New York Historical Society opening reception for their “Chinese America: Inclusion/Exclusion” exhibit tonight. Bottom pic is Larry Hama, our amazing editor and my comics mentor; Janice Chiang, our letterer and me, the penciler

I felt like I was gonna pass out when I saw the art lmao I was like THIS IS BANANASSSSSSS


WGUISFCT Presents Winterblast 2013: Jest Jammin’ Performs HEAVENLY (Temptations)

Jest Jammin’ sings HEAVENLY by the Temptations from the early 1970’s @ WGUISFCT Winterblast 2013. Held at the Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA), 965 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94108.