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“Top Hat Troubles” (Villainous Drabbles)

“Top Hat troubles” Drabble 1

Dr. Flug was sweating more than usual as he stood above the sleeping demon known as Black Hat. His lab coat was already stained with wet sweat, and the stressful situation was made worse by Dementia poking him in the sides. 5.0.5, the lovable blue bear, was shaking behind the two with his paws over his head. He already knew the outcome if they were to ever wake the dreadful villain Black Hat.

Black Hat was sleeping in his red chair from his private office and had made it very clear to never be disturb him under any circumstances. He was sleeping peacefully, which was a surprise and a honor to see from their cruel boss, who always wore a devilish grin or scowl. His gloved hands were over his stomach, as if he were thinking, but his slow breathing made it obvious he was in a deep slumber. Dr. Flug’s fingers twitched in nervousness over his Boss’s black top hat and flinched when Dementia poked Dr. Flug’s side again. He whirled around at her and stomped his foot silently on the carpet.

“Dementia!” He whispered harshly. “Would you stop that? D-do you want to wake him up?!”

Dementia put her hands behind her back, giving him an innocent smile. “I’m not doing anything and besides, if you’re too chicken to do the dare you can always show me what’s underneath your paper bag?” She grinned, gently stroking the bottom of his paper bag. He swiftly pulled down his bag, his eyes widening behind his goggles.

“N-no way! I’ll do the dumb dare.” He turned around and raised his hands up towards Black Hat, ignoring Dementia’s quiet giggles and 5.0.5’s whimpering. Dr. Flug had been dared to take off their boss’s hat due to Dementia’s curiosity. Black Hat always wore his hat no matter where they went, and even when he went to bed. Dr. Flug also found it curious that the hat seemed to stay in place when Black Hat slept or whenever he walked upside down on the ceiling. When Black Hat did remove his top hat, usually another small hat sat underneath. Even though Dr. Flug was frightened to attempt this suicidal dare, he also wanted to relieve his own curiosity to see what exactly was underneath Black Hat’s prize hat.

With a small breath underneath his bag, Dr. Flug gently grabbed the rim of the hat. Dementia and 5.0.5 leaned forward, their breath right on the doctor’s neck. With shaking hands, he slowly lifted up the hat. He watched in anticipation, as the rim was now above Black Hat’s forehead and in a moment the trio would see the secret Black Hat had been hiding underneath.

Unfortunately, due to Dr. Flug’s sweating problem, a drop of liquid seeped through the fabric of his lab coat and onto Black Hat’s monocle.

Black Hat’s eye slowly opened, his right pupil glancing at his monocle and seeing the liquid fall off the glass and onto his cheek. His eye quickly narrowed when he saw the trio in his peripheral vision and the young doctor invading his personal space.

“What…is…going…on…HERE?!” Black Hat growled, his voice switching to his demonic voice. Dr. Flug immediately dropped his hat, making it fall over his Boss’s eyes. Black Hat snarled, his sharp teeth snapping like a shark when he stood up, his claws extending out of his gloves. Another pair ruined.

Dr. Flug let out a pitiful scream when he fell backwards. He desperately began to crawl backwards away from his furious and advancing Boss. Dementia and 5.0.5 raced towards the door but one extension of Black Hat’s hand made the doors immediately slam shut. Dementia and 5.0.5 clawed at the mahogany door, their nails carving into the wood before they turned around and embraced each other as they fell to their knees. Usually begging for forgiveness would help appease Black Hat’s anger, which is what they did once Dr. Flug made it toward them. The trio fell face first onto the carpet, their arms extended out over their heads in a dramatic bow when Black Hat’s eye and monocle glowed red.

“Forgive us! Forgive us!” Dr. Flug cried out, the tears already running down his paper bag. “We didn’t mean to disturb you, Sir Black Hat! Boss! Master!” He clasped his hands together, silently praying for a miracle. He hoped this time Black Hat wouldn’t send them to the torture chambers.

“Didn’t I told you all that I did not want to be disturbed!?” He shouted, before letting out a terrifying, almost godzilla-like, roar. Dr. Flug and the others embraced each other, all of them crying out fearfully.

Dr. Flug did the only thing he thought off, which was to come up with an outrageous excuse. “We just wanted to tell you that your dinner is ready!” Black Hat’s demeanor swiftly changed into an unimpressed scowl, glaring right at Dr. Flug, who slowly made eye contact with him while also hiding behind his own shaking arms. Black Hat turned to Dementia and 5.0.5 with the same scowl. The two flinched when they heard Black Hat’s growl.

“Is this true?”

The two nodded feverishly, going along with the Doctor’s excuse. Black Hat narrowed his eyes, making the trio gulp before their Boss, then he straightened his back and adjusted his black tie.

“Oh, well, why didn’t you idiots say so in the beginning?” His claws disappeared back into his gloves and with a wave of his wrist, the doors opened. The trio fell backwards and became the foot stools of their Boss as he walked right over their backs. “It better be Chinese!” Black Hat grumbled, making his way to the dining room.

The trio got up and breathed a sigh of relief for having escaped with their lives. Dementia and Dr. Flug soon made the agreement to never dare each other if it involved Black Hat. From then on, they kept their games inside the lab and away from the demon.


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anonymous asked:

Um if you don't mind me asking, what is the hat disk with the veil called? Thanks for your time! (I hope I'm not a bother)

Hello! Of course it’s not a bother, I like to help! :)

The veiled hat is called “wéimào/帷帽”. I wrote a little on it in this post, and I also have a weimao tag. Below: historical weimao.

The original form of the weimao was the “mìlí/幂蓠”, a hat with a body-long veil that originated from the foreign cultures of the northwest. The mili became popular during the Sui dynasty (581-618), especially among ladies of the nobility who rode horses on public roads. The fancier veils were adorned with jade and kingfisher feathers. Below: mili in a historical drama.  

The mili’s veil shortened toward the end of the Sui, and the new wide-brimmed hat with shoulder-length veil was known as a weimao. During the Tang dynasty (618-907), the weimao became so popular that edicts to wear the more modest mili were ignored. It was popular not just among palace women, but also among commoners who followed their lead. Below: weimao in historical dramas.

Hope this helps! :)