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When walking in Huangling, known as the most beautiful village in Wuyuan county, central #China’s Jiangxi province, you will see the beautiful ancient Huizhou style houses scattered in the mountains. The sophisticate carved beams of the houses were put a layer of patina by the time. They are the witness of history and also the recorder of the changes of the times in Huangling.


The recent protection and development actions implemented in Huangling have attracted some professional woodcarving craftsmen to the place, who used their dexterous hands to show once again the legacy of Huizhou architecture to the public.


Taoist Day marked in Hong Kong, #China

A series of activities, marking the Taoist Day, are held in Hong Kong on Mar. 9 2014. Sanctioned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the second Sunday of March is named Taoist Day from 2013. [Photo: China News Service / Sha Shaokui]

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Chen Baoyu, who was born in 1980, is the 4th generation of craftsmen to make tin pots, in Mengcheng county, Anhui province and mastered the skill at an early age.

He says that the tin pots are entirely handmade and that the heating and other skills are important in the work process. They depend heavily on experience and hand power and there are no fixed standards really.

It usually takes about seven days to make one pot and, over the last 10 years, Chen has made more than 1,000 tin pots in various styles, which are now of the property of collectors from Jiangsu, Henan and Shandong provinces.

In Anhui, the tin pot craft can only be found in this county, and there are a very limited number of artists who have inherited the tradition.