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“Well if goldfish aren’t supposed to live in bowls then why did the ancient chinese keep them in there for thousands of years?” is a question people give me as a “Gotcha!” when I try to explain this concept to them, and it grinds my gears and here’s why.

The ancient Chinese did not keep goldfish in bowls.

They were kept in ponds. With flowing water. And moved to small bowls for display purposes for a short time when guests were expected to view them. They did not live in the bowls. Because the bowls would cloud and the fish would die of poisoning from their own feces. This is why your pet goldfish when you were 6 died in 3 days.

I love fish, and I hate people enacting animal cruelty on them because “they’re just fish!”. Imagine making your dog live in its kennel all it’s life and never cleaning it? That’s the life you’re dooming that fish to live. Just because it’s a fish doesn’t mean it deserves this kind of treatment.

And don’t even get me started on bettas and the disgusting conditions they’re put in. Hint: rice paddies may have been shallow but they still had open, flowing water. Your betta needs at least 5 gallons and a filter.


Chinese White Lotus and Brazilian Agate Goldfish Hair Stick Hair Pin with Magnolia Bud.

Captivating Chinese hair stick in glorious shades of gold, red and orange accented by amber beads features a plump goldfish and magnolia bud cunningly carved out of natural variegated orange and white agate.

Materials:brass, copper wire, agate, crystal, pressed amber

Hairstick length: Approx 16 cm            

Dangle length: Approx 8cm               Usable Length: Approx 11.5 cm


Available for sale:

cutiecreations  asked:

Omg those tea fish are adorable! I'm trying to see if I can purchase a box but like the link you posted says, language barrier is really tough. Do you know any more information on them? Are they for sale?

The article says that there are Oolong and rose tea options available. I believe the site is in Mandarin Chinese?

Dear followers, if anyone can help, please let this nice blog about baking and stuff know.

cutiecreations, keep an eye on the notes!