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Q: is Luhan satisfied with the album? 

I’m glad he said that it was him that picked the songs for his album and that he was the one decided on the genre and style of his album, not his music company deciding for him or the two “white producers” making him sing songs he doesn’t understand. “Reloaded” as an album might not be everyone’s style or some may not like every songs on it and that’s completely fine. But considering how it is Luhan’s first album and how he was the one that had the biggest say in how it turned out, the most important thing is that he’s satisfied with it.


[ENG][1080P] 160403 Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards - Luhan performed Medals  《勋章》


Luhan practicing for his performance backstage at the Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards…..

A little bit more background: he’s been sick for the last few days, been rehearsing for his concert and held his second concert in Guangzhou, he took the train back to Beijing the next day to attend the award show and fanaccounts said that he was constantly singing <<Medals>> over and over again for two hours–rehearsing–wanting to put on a good performance.

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Between the three members who left EXO, who do you think is the most successful or the most popular in China? Abroad?

In short: Luhan is the most popular in mainland China and Kris is the most successful abroad. Forbes China 2015 said that Luhan earned .3 million dollars more than Kris did, but that isn’t the only measure of success or popularity. I’ve read several times that Tao has the fewest fans of the three, but Hailangs are always willing to go to the mat for him.

Luhan has landed roles in four different films, one of which starred Matt Damon. He’s released three EPs and one full studio album. He also hosted his own concert series called Reloaded. He’s won awards for the Music Radio Global Chinese Golden Chart All-round Artist of the Year and the iQiyi Asia Popular Idol Award. Two of his singles topped the Chinese billboard charts.

Kris has had roles in nine films, two of which are international, and released four singles. He won the 3rd China International Film Festival London Best New Actor award and the GMIC X Annual Awards Mainland China Actor of the Year Award. Apart from that, he walked in the Burberry Fall 2016 show at London Fashion week and played in the NBA All-star celebrity game.

Tao has released two EPs and has a physical album coming out soon. Two of his songs have also topped Chinese music charts. He held two concerts within the past year. He landed roles in four mainland movies and has had recurring appearances in Chinese Laws of the Jungle. He won the Most Influential Male Singer award at the Miopai Awards.

All three of them have been in magazine spreads and covers. For now, they seem to be focusing on different areas: Luhan on music and Kris on acting. Tao’s solo career has a while to go because he left SM after the other two.

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