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Great video with all the arrivals and the press conference (with a long of waiting time in between, but hang in there, it is worth it to get to the press conference) from Wonder Woman’s Chinese premiere in Shanghai on May 15th, 2017. 

Big thank you to whomever posted it! 

For lots of material from this premiere check out the following:


So I made a new art friend recently and we both found that we shared a passion for shipping characters together. SO what better way for us to kick things off then to ship a bunch of our OCs!

Most of mine however are usually tied to stories and other concepts/ideas so they’re not really the well that I dip into to sorta do this thing with. So I opted to create some new ones to pair up with his! The first one I sorta brainstormed was this easy-going Swiss-German guy named Rocco who I paired up with his snarky stoner Chinese gal Ju-Lee.  

They live together I imagine, and they do cute day-to-day stuff and then also smoke weed a lot (among other “adult” recreations). I dunno what Rocco does as a job yet but I imagine he co-owns some shop or small restaurant maybe? Just a tall hairy Swiss sausage dating a chubby Chinese dumpling. We’re both busy people, but more art will probably follow from him and me intermittently going forward. 

Rocco belongs to me, and Ju-Lee belongs to [Feathers-Ruffled] 


Wonder Woman Greetings to Chinese fans


VIDEO: WONDER WOMAN - Official Chinese Trailer (SD)