chinese fur farms

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The thing that you just reblogged about the animals not being skinned alive. I have seen videos where it is done, so you can't really say NOBODY does it. Not saying it's certain companies or anything but it happens.

you mean the peta video they staged in china? not the best evidence: a video that was taken to court with evidence of people having been paid to skin the animals alive. it’s not the first time they’ve been caught paying people off to abuse an animal for the sake of their movement, it won’t be the last.

struggling and breathing would be a huge concern for a fur farm that wanted to be successful. skinning alive is simply not something that 99.9999% of people working with fresh fur would even consider doing unless they specifically had a goal of torturing the animal. so, does it happen? I’m sure some sick individuals will do it because they care not for the quality and only for whatever feeling they get from abusing an animal; people can be horrible. but is it common, typical, advised, or logical? nope. and that’s what is important. farms are not going to screw up their revenue to torture an animal for no reason or gain.

the actions of some people that have sickened minds in regards to animals are not a reflection of the entire industry, or even the vast majority, and skinning alive is heavily condemned by fur commissions and farms. tigerskinsandotherthings said the main points regarding why live skinning simply is not logical. the only evidence it happens at all, the video in question produced by Germany’s branch of PeTA, is not only a video that was taken to a high court because of evidence of staging, but is not even compelling evidence against the entire industry. and pay attention to that video’s results…PeTA never even released the name of the alleged fur farm they were “exposing”. they kept all information regarding identities under wraps despite being asked to release it; the only information given was that it was a Chinese farm (and everyone is, of course, well within their rights to research the source of their fur if they do not want to support Chinese fur farms for any reason). something to think about. PeTA also backtracked later and admitted that skinning alive is not typical of the fur industry.

I suggest just don’t spread that video around. given the evidence, it is literally a shock snuff film of animal abuse, that’s it. it’s not revealing anything, no matter what Olivia Munn wants to repeat. if PeTA were being truthful and cared, and didn’t stage anything, they would reveal that fur farm so that the authorities could go into action against them, which they refused to do. showing it to people, giving them the information that skinning alive is something that fur farms do (though why they allegedly do it is another reason nobody ever gives…) is spreading misinformation and literally just telling people “hey watch this animal abuse so these images are burned into your head forever”. I wish I had known more about the video before I watched it years ago, because I think about that skinless raccoon dog’s skull twitching all the time and I shouldn’t have to. I shouldn’t have to think about the abuse someone was paid to commit, or about the fact that they are freely walking around right now because they are being protected by the same organization that claims to care so much. same goes for that seal clubbing video that was staged, too. these people should be ashamed of themselves for taking the money to do those things and every damn one of them should be prosecuted. as should any other person in this world going around torturing animals, be it by skinning them alive or slowly beating them to death, and perhaps just ago ahead and lock them away forever because people like this are in need of removal from society as far as I’m concerned.

also, the discussion about what to do about activists that do find legitimate abuse concerns is also heated. these videos are usually from poorly-run factory farm operations, and gained by AR activists pushing vegan agendas getting a job at a facility and eventually submitting an amalgam of video clips either to the media or to law enforcement. the problem is that they often fail to report the abuse in a timely manner, and are more concerned with the image of the industry as a whole being tainted based on what they’ve seen at that location. instead of helping the animals, they build a smear campaign against the industry while watching the animals be abused by people that are already breaking animal welfare laws and are ultimately shunned by the rest of the [legitimate] industry for their actions and, in good outcomes, prosecuted successfully. they’ll probably walk away with a curse put on them by Temple Grandin, too.

take animal rights smear campaigns with a grain of salt. do your due diligence in reviewing the information from an organization based on animal rights (and animal welfare, as there are extremists in both camps) and compare it to facts from trusted sources and just use good ol critical thinking skills (critical thinking can wipe out 90% of what these people spew to the public as fact). remember, just because it’s on a video doesn’t mean it’s the truth, that it happens regularly, or that it is tolerated by the rest of ‘us’.

I hope this helps. just wanted to be thorough here for any new followers that aren’t aware of my personal views.