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Types of Chinese Dragon

Chinese literature and myths refer to many dragons besides the famous long. The linguist Michael Carr analyzed over 100 ancient dragon names attested in Chinese classic texts. Many such Chinese names derive from the suffix -long:

Fewer Chinese dragon names derive from the prefix long-:

Some additional Chinese dragons are not named with long 龍, for instance,

Chinese scholars have classified dragons in diverse systems. For instance, Emperor Huizong of the Song dynasty canonized five colored dragons as “kings”.

  • The Azure Dragon [Qinglong 青龍] spirits, most compassionate kings.
  • The Vermillion Dragon [Zhulong 朱龍] spirits, kings that bestow blessings on lakes.
  • The Yellow Dragon [Huanglong 黃龍] spirits, kings that favorably hear all petitions.
  • The White Dragon [Bailong 白龍] spirits, virtuous and pure kings.
  • The Black Dragon [Xuanlong 玄龍] spirits, kings dwelling in the depths of the mystic waters.
Black Butterfly

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Jungkook x reader


Word count: 3.9k

Collab with Bubbletaesty who’s doing the Jimin in this story!! Check hers out

The phone blared throughout the shop, buzzing with the same ringtone at the constant tempo. It was only until it was clicked against the stand, held by the owner of the shop to answer the phone call.

“Y-elllllooo? Sin on Skin, the Tattoo Parlor, Jeon Jungkook speaking,” he spoke with a vibrant and friendly tone. Jungkook crossed his arm under the one that was holding the telephone and leaned towards the wall, awaiting the responding voice of the caller.

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