chinese food and netflix night

What the hell Robbie? Kay Imagine

“What ya doin, love?”

 Robbie asked resting his chin on my shoulder, looking at my desktop.

 “Checking emails, I have like 57 unread ones and there starting to annoy me.” 

I said looking at each one. 

“Randy sent me a link to a YouTube Video, oh no.” I said, and Robbie laughed.

 I clicked on the link, and laughed. “Yas.” I said then danced.

 I turned around and saw Robbie,

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“What?” I asked. “What indeed.” He said.

 “C’mon it’s a song, just dance to it.” I said, 

“How do you even?” “Twerk!” then I started Twerking badly and singing to the words.

 “(Y/n) that’s not how you twerk, THIS is how you twerk.” He said then,

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“What the hell Robbie?”  amost died from laughing. He stopped and my pouted at me. 

“What?” He asked out of breath. 

“Nothing, Tired?” “Yeah I think I’m Twerked-out.” 

He said, earning another laugh from me. “Me too, dinner?”

 I asked. “Sure.” 

So we spent the night eating Chinese food and watching Netflix.

(The song was PussyGoodPussySweet lol)