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Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D, mov. 1 [arr. for erhu]

Had to break my “don’t sign in on Tumblr at work” promise to share this find


What does Erhu+Clarinet sound like? Here is Teacher Ka and me playing for our upcoming collaboration with the Indianapolis Chinese Orchestra! Like this? I took a longer video, let me know if you want to hear more!

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An Explorer’s Playlist; 

Whether it’s at home reading about the ancient world or out there exploring cities that are centuries old, this instrumental playlist will do it for you.

I uploaded this a while back but since it recently hit gold, here is an updated tracklist:

 ± Terra Firma - Bazaar Brawl -  Azeem O Shah Shahenshah - Up is Down -    Tomb Raider Legend - Chinese Erhu Dreams - Dandini - African Drums -      Mission Impossible Mood India - Flight Over Venice - The Caravan -            Night at the Caravanserai - Coastal Thailand - the Prince of Persia - Autumn Night - Cradle of Life - Florence Tarantella - AC3 Naval - Fascination - Parkour Creed - Native American Flute - Persia Theme - Master and Mentor - Blue Little Flower - Beer and Friends - Sen Rei - Lakshmi - Mu Min Xe Ge - Fight Club - Abrege - Kopano Part 3 - Charu Keshu Rain - Beats Antique - Eternal Root - the English Renaissance - Dreamcatcher of Africa - Deos Erotas - Ibelin - A Historic Love - Cherry Blossoms in Winter - I Was Born For This - Trap Bhangra - Singapore - Cradle of Life - Arrival in China - Tortuga - Rameses II - Persian Game of Thrones Theme - The Mummy’s Caravan ±

Open playlist.  Listen here.

Thanks for getting me to gold!